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I often find myself daydreaming. One of the times I do it most is when I take my daily 45-minute walk. What I find is that I have this awful habit of replaying the sordid and rotten events that have happened in my life over the past eight months. I think about what I could have done or should have said differently. And I sometimes get a little bitterness in me too.

So does anyone have any advice as to how I can clear my mind of these thoughts? Sometimes I dwell on them way too much.

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It may sound simple and stupid but just think positive ones. We must leave the past behind us. On your walk listen to positive music or just think good things that happened in the past 8 months.
This is the only advice i can give you and i hope it helps.
I too find myself dwelling on negatives a lot... then I found this little blank book I had around the house. I started writing the good. It could be as silly as having a really good iced coffee, seeing a nice plant, just little things. When I went to the dark places, I'd stop myself and think about what to write that day for good, positive things in my life. It's not a cure all, but it really helped distract me and re-focus on the positives.

Good Luck!
A lot of times negative thoughts/feelings keep popping back up because we haven't allowed ourselves to fully experience and deal with them...this seems to happen a lot (as it did with me) when a person firsts discovers LOA. In my case, the bad stuff would come up and I would completely freak out thinking that I was ruining my future by allowing myself to have any negativity whatsoever. Needless to say, I was mistaken in my interpretation of "the rules" (for lack of a better term). The reality is - and it was actually stated in The Secret, however fleetingly - our negative thoughts and feelings are not the enemy. They are like road signs that say "Hey! Pay Attention! Focus Change Needed!" Sometimes we get a negative feeling when we've been on autopilot and it helps us to check in with our thoughts about something. If we find ourselves having the same negative thought (or same type of negative thought) over and over, then it is the "smoke" that tells us where the "fire" (aka a more deeply ingrained negative belief) is. Trying to "fight" negative thoughts/emotions only makes them stronger, because fighting or working against something is resistance, and you know what they say about resistance, right? (What you resist persists.)....you're basically feeding them with your negative feelings about them....like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.
So as I see it, you have two tasks before you:
1. Allow yourself to feel whatever feelings you have about the past eight months. Just completely welcome the anger, resentment, whatever it is to come in and hang out for a while....and while they are hanging out, check in with your gratitude...even if the gratitude is about something completely unrelated.....so it works out something like: "Ok, I'm feeling _______ right now. So be it. What do I feel grateful for?"
2. After you have allowed yourself to feel your feelings. Let them go. This is not the same thing as trying to push them away. It is not a forcing kind of a thing, it is a releasing. A popular and effective way to do this is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - info can be found here on PI as well as on the internet, and Noelle mentioned yoga, which is also a good suggestion.
Good Luck!
I think the best way to clear the negative thoughts is not to stuggle with them.

Analyze them, find out why you keep getting the thoughts and address that issue

The thoughts are only a symptom of some other problem, they are not the problem themselves
I also think the music helps. It keeps the mind working. I have tried audio books in mp3 format, but for some reason I can override the speaker with my thoughts and I tend to miss the reading and focus on my thinking. Make sure the music you are listening to is something that really grabs your attention, for instance, I really am a big Led Zeppelin fan and my Zune is loaded with their music. When I am walking and listening to my music, my thoughts are totally on the music and I feel like I am soaring and there is not room in my thoughts for anything else.
i know how you feel because i have experienced these negative feelings as well. i know how it feels to have bitterness and hatred in my heart. I went through tough times over the past 3 years from having no place to stay to battling with my own demons.Whatever happened to you in past 8 months you just have to let it go. Because "it is what it is" and there's no way we can change the past. No matter how much we dwell on it the past is not going to change. Just remember things happen for a reason and just let it be. So if you ever get negative thoughts just acknowledge it and do what it takes to get your mind off it. Its not easy and it there's no shortcut you just have to train your mind to get off from negativity. That's what i learned from my experience. I reccommend reading "The Demartini Method" or "Count your Blessings" by John Demartini. It helped me alot. Good luck and just keep keepin on.
I'd say do whatever not to keep dwelling on any negative thoughts. Even though it sounds silly and sometimes not "possible", just try it.
It is your "inner" job you have to do and let go of any bad feelings.
Nothing hurts forever..

May all find their peace and joy...
I do the same thing (mainly when walking) and have been wondering what to do. I can generally get refocused by thinking of the things I want in life but then I wonder - does that mean I'm not "letting them go" thereby not getting them because I'm focusing on them??
A while ago I realized that I had negative thoughts mostly in the car when I was alone. I purchased THE SECRET on cd from Target and I keep disc 2 in at all times. When I start my car it comes on and it leaves no room for negative thoughts. I make a mental note of certain tracks and if I really need a boost I fast forward or back to those tracks that always leave me in a positive place. Maybe you can get it at the library and use a cd player with headphones and try that. It works for me.

By not recognising them. Only then will you not empower these thoughts. You cant avoid a thought but can consciously replace them.
One technique that i Know of is something called flip switching by Dr.Robert Anthony- Its a conscious change of state of mind to a positive one in the moment. Keep State for 17 seconds and then continue as usual. A few days later you will discover that the negative thoughts arent a problem.
How i wish i could impart sound & clear cut advice but i will say this, Shannon Moyer's stunning words of wisdom had a huge impact on me & i related 100%. I only hope she resonated as much with you as she did for me? Hang in there with the rest of us. We'll get there....soon. Because our hearts & minds are open, i b.e.l.i.e.v.e. i, too, will be on that road to peace, grace, stillness, joy, financial abundance & then last, but not least & only when i am healed, because there's no rush, i will find that perfect partner to share the rest of my days here on planet earth with me!!

God bless & may his angels wrap their warm & gentle wings around you. All you have to do is just call them & they absolutely will come to you!
well, all i know is that i am adamant that i am so going to get through my trauma of these past 7 years because getting back to my sons in LA is ALL i dream of & ALL i want & need for me to even exist!!! How DO you carry on when you're on holiday visiting your ailing mother & your husband dies of an overdose of rock cocaine, my sons are barely out their teens, im blocked by the Govt from returning to comfort my sons who have no family there & cannot say goodbye to a man i knew for 30 yrs, yet managed to hide his addiction from me soooo well, that when i received the phone call from my son saying "Mom, Dad's dead" & with that he immediately went into a faetal position for a solid week & i couldnt hold him, soothe & comfort him & say goodbye to a man i knew from the age of 17yrs. My youngest still hasnt shed a tear over his father's death because he's waiting for his mother to come back to them, so that we can have our own pvt memorial......3 yrs later!!! We're a family who never dreamed that this drug would ever be a part of "our" world. Its taken all of my strength to not end my own life because my sons, simply, are the very air i breathe.

Sorry, im offloading for the world to see, but im barely able to hang on as i wait for my petition (my son is petitioning for me as he's an American citizen) to be/or not to be....accepted. Its so close to knowing, yet it feels like they're taking forever to let me know.


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