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Ok so I have been trying to follow the secret and LOA for the last couple of weeks now and man do i feel better. However I still have moments where I just cry! Even if its with happiness. Now it could be hormones as I have a 11 week old! But then I get annoyed with myself for crying! I have so many things to be grateful for. A great Hubby, a perfect healthy little boy who sleeps through the night already! Great mother in law, great aunts. But my Mum is ill with dementia and I miss her. But I try to think positive and just get upset? any tips?

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Hi and welcome to you. Great re Secret and LOA. Now when you have moments of crying – that’s not a bad thing so don’t judge it as so. Also don’t get annoyed with yourself – because that’s like beating yourself with a stick. You know crying is valuable – its one way the body removes toxins and emotions from ourselves so its actually a really good thing to do. Its often wrongly thought that the LOA is all about being happy 100% of the time – it isn’t and never will be. Its about feeling good in any situation and letting the universe work for you. So when moments of sadness arrive – don’t resist them, live them and be them and they will pass through and then recognise its your body helping you to get rid of energies, emotions that you are processing. That’s all it is simply, then look for a better feeling thought. Whether that’s just gratitude to your body for helping you to process out emotions and detoxifying you or whatever feels good – there is never any limits in this amazing universe we live in!

I am writing a book on this topic. When we first really embrace the law of attraction the first 1-2 months (varies based on a level of practice) are often looks like being a bi-polar nutcase. I say this because we start feeling so happy, so free, so in tune, but those around us and those things that once made us feel the other way, they beg our attention back and we drop again. Then we re-focus and get that vibe, hold it, and that long ol' companion fear shows up uninvited and we may curse ourselves for 'ignoring' the needs and priorities just to feel joyful. Up and down it goes, and at first, we can feel truly insane, on a vibrational roller coaster. This is your mind and your auto-pilot programming fighting each other for the steering wheel. You have taken the wheel but the auto-pilot does not TRUST you to do that (yet). So a mental battle insists until one submits to the other as the driver. If you work the practice, keep feeding the mind what it needs, even guided meditation/hypnosis and subliminal suggestions to help be the winner of that driver's seat, then I promise you the manifestations and greatness; they become a river that merely moves around the rocks of doubt. These rocks become smaller and smoother as the current becomes stronger. Do we go to the river to see and enjoy the water or the stones beneath it? Persist, you are not crazy, you have actually discovered layers to the reality that you did not understand before. 


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