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No matter what the contrast in our lives( contrast is simply that which you do not want), it is determined only in MIND what it means to us. Some people see contrast as something that is a crisis and aweful and "how could God do this to me"!Yes Gods been a great scapegoat for us at atimes. For me too.. lol .And others think wow! another grand opportunity for me stretch my comfort zone and to expand in all the ways i set out t o expand!

No matter what "happens" or "shows up" in our lives all the meaning it has is the meaning we give it. There are no Eternal truths here in this place. All the truhts you hold are simply "practiced thoughts". There are no eternal beleifs here. all you have is "practiced thoughts". So in this nothing need have any "realty" to is , it ( beleifs or truths) only need to allow us to feel empowered. The only eternal truth that is, is this one " love is all there is". Anything else is fleeting in this physical world.

If you beleived that everytime you saw a telephone pole you felt loved than this is a very good beleif indeed! Its true because you made it true thorugh practiced thought. Beleifs dont need to be based in "reality" then only need to make you feel empowered!.What if you beleived that everytime you got a red light you had to get upset and pissed off? Some people beleive this and this is very disempowering.

Set up your beleifs to always WIN! Make your beleifs a WIN /WIN situation. Ever heard the disempowering idea " dambed if you do dambed if you dont?" I want you to be blessed if you do blessed if you dont!" I want you to win win win at all of life through your thoughts! What a bird just shit on your window! ( hold up do, if the bird already shitted on the window is it proper to say he "shat "on the window, is that even a word? hahahahahha) Awesome, you have an excuse to clean your car now and it will sparkle and look good when you do! What you have to pay out more taxes this year? Good you muat have made lots of money then! What your fighting with your wife or husband? Good than you can have passionate make up sex!!! oooh you know what big Sugar Daddy's talkin bout! hahahahahah ... oh now your listenting!!! hahahahah

Allow your mind to be the creative, wonderous mecahnism is was meant to be, follow your own truths dear Ones.! Do not folllow the herd youll step in shit. Folllow your own path. Write out all the good in your life unitl you are compleletly exhasuted of all great ideas ......and you will feel..... on top of the world!!!!!! woooohooooo!!!!!! And here is my blessing for you! I give you my strength and my power. This is free. This is my kindness unto you . I want you to use it to think better because i already know you will!!!!!

And remeber if you need me I am here. No , I am not any better than you , YOU ARE MY EQUAL . I cant fix you at all. And I dont try to. Your salvation lies in your own MINd and what the content of your mind is.. I cant do anything about that . I cant think your thoughts. BUt I can MODEL to you a new way of life. Not that its any better than yours! I dont think it is ever better than mine , different yes, and God loves all the variety.!!!

All I am saying is that ... I know life can hurt. Ive had my share of absolute suffering and so have you all. I cried out many times " God where are you why do I have to suffer, if you are there please help me". Ive been there my friends. And this is the basis of my compassion. It is why My Soul chose these situations in life, so that I could learn how to forgive and to have compassion. Becasue if you told me " I have an addiction to pain killers and I cant stop and its hurting me and Its destroying my family" I would say " I understand that, I have lived it also, let me love you and help you thorugh it" And if you said to me " I am so depessed I can barely walk and eat...' I woul say " I have felt that pain, I have fely so worthless that I wanted to get out of this place" Because I also can have compassionate for that because I know the dread of depression. And alas I have had many more afflictions that I have had to deal with in my life. but I do. I do so everyday. Because I want to have a better life for myself and for my wife and beautiful joyous children.

Lastly , go so easy on yourselves my beloved. Be gentle with your glorious selves. I will be with you always ... I will be in your heart forever. And this is truth! We are ALL ONE. And as soon as we live this then we share everything with one another! We then love others because it is our own benefit to do so! What we give to another we give also to ourselves because we are all one! Competition really doesnt exist! There is no shoratge to anything here. Just trut me on this.

I have gotten through all things in my life. This doesnt mean that some days it doesnt creep up on me... I just do my best as all of you wonderful peopel do too. And this is why we need each other. This is why 12 steps groups work so beautifully, because the 12 strep groups are based on unconditional love. Many time I sharred me "worste stuff" in which I didnt want anyone to know about, I tried to even hide them from myself. But I shared them and pain shared is pain lessened. And to my surprise they didnt judge me, not one bit! They , instead offered me phone numbers and said " call me we will go out for coffee, and they did this with a smile that sid everythign: that we love you completely, we identify with your suffering:

This is not a 12 step group but I am tellin you this because of this sentence " I identify with your suffering. And no matter what youve done or havent doen I love you just the same".


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Hi Tim,

I liked what you said about practiced thoughts...and the meaning we give to them.

This is really beautiful Tim!
Reading this again cause it's so great

L'immagine può contenere: testo

beautiful image


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