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Powerful Intentions is a unique Law of Attraction Online Community

I Allow and Accept all happiness, all health, all abundance and prosperity, and all joy into my life today and each day moving forward.

And so it is.

What does it feel good for YOU to say?


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I have been spending time with the man i romantically love, and he has had time away this weekend from our life here, I got a good nap, I plan to sleep better tonight, the sun, opportunities while I'm staying in the Redding area.

I sucked it up and did something I really didn’t want to do today.....it feels good to face that fear and walk through it

I really want the person i have feelings for to be able to be NICe at all times to me. I really want them to turn out to be capable of communicating with me emotionally and verbally giving me the reality in his heart and let me know his needs and wants in healthy ways.

My love and I are getting along better again. I believe it is likely that we may end up living in a state I had favored when we settle down during the next few weeks 

Hi Laura, I have been pretty busy, but Im thinking of you!

Thanks, but I let the guy go. And I feel better. It's time to just float and work on myself for a while again.

* I move across the country in about 34 days. 

I got to see the grad school studios/art dept. In the town I am seriously considering permanently staying in.

i am going to explore a new state and see if I really like it and want to stay. It has great rich colonial and Rev. war history and lots of Southern charm too. This year is really exciting and full of travel.

My love contacted me back. He wrote a whole page. And he seems ok. I'm able to get much closer to where he is staying because I have a way to afford another traveling trip back into Florida easily very soon.

I believe he still loves me too.

A potential helpful driver could drive me up into North Carolina really soon.

It was idyllic sitting by a man made lake watch nature peacefully, birds that are new to me. Etc


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