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some story here.

The imposed 440Hz
In 1939 Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels dictated 440Hz as the standard tuning pitch. This to let people think and feel in a certain manner, and to keep them a prisoner of a certain consciousness. This in spite of that Professor Dussaut from the Paris Conservatory wrote a referendum that was signed by 23,000 French musicians who all were for the preservation of the A= 432Hz. Freedom of choice in bringing back the frequency of the earth is what it's all about today.

The Joseph Goebels theorie seems to be not true, I read something about it on the internet, the true reason to shift from 432 to 440 is stil not clearly explaned..

432Hz quality
Music on a basis tone of A=432Hz is more transparent, more marked, clearer, gives an obvious musical picture and the Overtones and undertones moves more freely and can multiply themselves more. Music based on 440Hz represents emotions and locks up the head. By lowering the pitch 440Hz - 8Hz to 432Hz, the music changes. Which first was painful to the ear changes into a beautiful, warm music whereby relaxation is natural. Overtones are decisive for the sound, this holds for instruments as well as the human voice. The piano tuned in A= 440Hz creates an artificial clarity and strengthens the high stress levels of today. The instruments on which Mozart and Verdi composed their masterpieces were in 432Hz -is the same as C=256Hz- pitched. The original Stadivarius violin was developed to resonate at 432Hz.

Try it out, you wil be suprised of the results.

I have put now the 432hz music on mypage, the gitar is tuned to A 432 hz.


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Hi Rainbow,

from what i know for sure, it is not possible to 'convert' 440hz to 432hz because you can lose important and fundamental harmonics. I've heard about it, speaking with a professional of the sound, and the only way to feel pure 432 hz music is tuning every instrument in that way. So the musician, or the producer, have to record the production in 432 hz from the beginning of the composition... Another way is to convince the Major record companies to bring back 432 hz as a standard... So no ways to convert.
I have pro gear that can convert 440 music to 432. But I really believe the essence of the perspective of 432 sounding more pleasing, would still be lost in the conversion. If we're changing to 432, should it not also be about the original INTENTION of the music recorded on that day? Converting the music is like throwing a coat of paint over a beautiful hardwood floor. It doesn't bring out the beauty of the relationships of the instruments to the truth of the environment on that day.

I'm very interested in listening to original music recorded in 432.

However, what frequency the instruments are tuned to, could hardly be as important as the performance and tone of the people making the music. Maybe with ideal conditions, the 432 thing could make a difference, but I'm betting that great musicianship and singing, easily outweigh the differences we could feel in the music, because of a mild alteration in the tuning.

I've been wrong lots before tho...
Very interesting;
I'm a music producer-arranger with +20yrs in the music biz and this new for me, thank you very much.
This is the thing; we use synthes, all kind of electronic instruments, music schools, recording studios, etc...
and all of these are using A-440. How we change all that? Wow. It's a big deal!!

This is so interesting...I'm listening to the Sultans of Swing and I'm laughing because it almost sounds like a sweet little happy tune (which it kind of is anyway) but the difference is amazing.

Doubt that your headbangers and punkies would want to do music at 432!



Oh, by the way -- I'm going to keep that in mind when I tune up my guitar, see if it makes a difference when I perform (if I ever get around to it!!!).

We are the Sultans of Swing!

Guitar George, he knows all the chords
Hi all

The conversion of the 440 hz music is at it best if you tune it trough the instruments, what I did is change it trough the speed of the cd, you can listen to my music here, who is 432 hz.

That some think that it not work is wrong, I have get a cd from a high end store, these people ware suprised very much.

it has to do with the harmonics and it,s muliplication, you now an audio amp has need an very much more bandwith as the normal 20 khz because of this multiplication of harmonics who form the music and its warmth, oneven harmonics make the music very unplasant, that is why tube amps sounds so nice, this has only even harmonic distortion, solid state has also oneven, if you clip this amp you hear an rauw sound because oneven and even harmonics get in war with each other, and also afcause the blockwave it produces.

our ears don,t like oneven, I don,t now why 432 has so nice and relaxed sound, but I think it is of the even harmonics cancel out the oneven.

the famieus stratovarius has the 432 hz .

If you want to stem your instrument to this then it will be difficult so impossible without stress the instrument, digital afcause go simple to do that.
hi again

you can change the pitch with audicy from adobe, in effects and then pitch, put it on 432 and resave it.

then listen, by the way I don,t believe in nazi goebbels who did it to keep people down.

listen how free the music becomes after change it.

432 Hz also prevents hearing damage. You probably know when you hear very loud music, for instance in discos, it can hurt your ears. With 432 Hz, you have no pain in your ears, at a very loud volume.

432 Hz is more favourable for the chakras too, which has a good influence at the spiritual development of the music-lover.
Hi all again

Yes the 432 hz is very nice to listen to.

Now because I am a audio amp designer go build a tapped horn, and yes it is big but nice, it is flat and can put on the ground as a plateau, with on top of it the lounge suite so you dont see it.

the sound go from 10 hz to 120 hz, on 10 hz the soundpressure is 100 db with one watt of power it can letterly shake your house I do it because I will get the dynamics as close as possible, not to mention the movies, now a explosion wil shake haha..

now I can listen to audio from 10 to 500 khz, everything will be present now.

just 2 8 inch bas speakers wil do the job together with a tube hybride.

tuning your guitar to 432 is somtimes difficult because the guitar has more stress, how higher the tuning how higher these stress, lower is more easy, but I think with good quality strings you can.
HI Marc

I have listen to it, what I feel is a kind of resonance in the body who give me tingeling in my scin.

So it does something, but I will listen more to it.

here I have resample the video van michael jackson in 432 hz, a little as a way to connect better.

The sound is al lot more impressive now.

Lets connect, al in the world to change it.




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