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Joy Joy Joy. Why do anything? For this reason only: Joy...hapiness... pleasure... or feeling good. All the same vibration of well-being. Also joy=love=truth. All the same thing and one of them always leads to the other. How about Love, appreciation and gratitude? All the same as well .. that of well-being.

Why do we want anything? because we think that by having it that it will lead us to feeling good. Well why not shortcut it and just feel good to start with? Great idea! And you already know what makes you feel good.

When we focus on what we want, we feel good. When we focus on what we dont want we do not feel good. Therefore having a positive focal point is very important! Surround yourself with things that make you feel good, also people... what you read about and what you say. Avoid things that drain your energy as well as foods people, substances.

its always and only about vibrating a certain way. So anything to raise your vibration is good for you. Anything that lowers it, this is not good. if their are things and people that create disharmony, kick em to the curb!

So how you feel is very important! Say this " today no matter whgere I go or what I do I intend to feel good." Today nothing and nobody is gonna take me out of my joy. nothing is gonna separate me from me Peace!"

Also you can say ;" today I intend to see and hear only that wish I wish to see and hear and no matter where I am or who I am with or what I am doing, I intend to think about only what it is I do want".

Anything that makes you feel good is good anything that makes you fel bad is bad. So be sensitive to how you feel. Use this as the guidance that you intended it to be before you arrived here.

See the best in all situations. See the best in people. Smile, laugh, praise, compliment yourself and others. Pretend that nothing can ever hurt you and that yourt not scared of anyhting. Truth is that you actually cannoty be hurt and fear is an illusion!

The secret as Abraham says is to be "as tuned in tapped in and turned on as you can be!". Allow all things to come to you by releasing resistence. Let go of fears, doubts, anger, impatience, etc. How? Think better thoughts!!!! You will know if you are thinking better because you will feel better! You will feel releif by the new thought!

And here is something I would like to include to help you raise your vibration. " You have done no wrong! You are as precious as they come, a child of God! You are magnificent and simply adored bty the entire Universe!" You donrt beleive me? Then you have forgotten ... And I will remind you once again. You are pure positive energy, this is your natural state of being. There is an endless stream of well-being here even if you havent felt it much lately. . You said you would know your value and the value of yourt individual perspective. I just wanted to remind you of that. You are far far far greater than you think! Your doing much much much better than you think you are! Your not being punished. Youve done nothing wrong!-NOTHING!!!. God loves you..... I love you! And I wish you the very best. i wish you abundance and tons of positive eneregy! I wish you happiness all your days!
p.s. there is an endless stream of abundance here. this means that competition is not necessary! this releases your fear of lack and helps you to love others more because they are simply not depriving you of anything by creating their own wealth! there is not a shortage of money or anything. ! And thats why I will share with you anything becuase of its endless supply and my Faith to create it with absolute Ease! Indeed, I already have!!!
peace out

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Wow Tim, you are swell.
Hi Tim,

Uplifting...Inspiring...Loving. That is what you are!! Thank-you for each and every word.

Thank you, Tim.
It really is that simple!

And I am willing to allow others to enjoy complication if they desire it! :-}

Thanks Tim!

I love joy and simplicity myself!

Tim!!  That is exactly as it is!!  I love you!

Joy is the means AND the end.

Joy is vibrant, and radiant, and happy, and good for you.  It is good for your body and good for your mind.  When you are feeling joyful, you feel that anything is possible, and your thinking breaks its bonds.  This is because you are attracting much better thoughts than what you were thinking; thoughts which stir your belief into action.  And also, thoughts and feelings which put you in alignment with what you desire - things which make you feel joyful.

Gosh I love this forum best advice ever, gosh. Get back on the good vibes.

So powerful, so true!!


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