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Abraham-Hicks On Forgiveness

Questioner: I was reading something that Wayne Dyer wrote, that if you
don't get past forgiving and resentment, you can forget about getting
to a higher spiritual level. How do you know when resentment is
resolved, or how do you know that you've forgiven?

Abraham: We like to tease everyone, especially him [laughter], by
saying you don't have to offer forgiveness if you've never condemned
to begin with. And the Source energy part of you has never condemned.

But let's talk about this—you're really going to like this … if the
Source within you is one who loves, and that is the case, and you have
yourself focused upon something where you're feeling resentment or
unfairness, injustice, and you're all balled up over it, what that
means is you're looking at that situation in a way that the Source
within you will not look. So the feeling of forgiveness is the feeling
of relief you have when you start turning downstream and you start
seeing it more like the Source within you sees it. So those are really
accurate words because until you come into alignment with who you are,
you cannot achieve that enlightenment. We want to remind all of you
that enlightenment is not something like a college degree, that once
you achieve it is yours forevermore; it either is or it isn't in the
moment, depending upon what you're doing with your vibration.

So isn't it logical that, since you are a lover when you're loving,
forgiveness isn't an issue—it's alignment. But if you are hating, now
you're upstream, and you've got to turn back toward love or forgiveness.

But we don't like to use the word "forgiveness" because "forgiveness"
sounds like taking something back. And you can't ever take anything
back. Instead, we would like to call it redirecting the vibration of
your thought into alignment with who you really are.

 * * *

And so your forgiveness—in essence, you weren't so much forgiving
someone for what they did as you were finding a way of looking at it
that allowed you to align with the way your Source sees it. So
interesting, because it feels like it's about what somebody else did,
but it's not. It's always about letting yourself be who you are or not.

You are a lover, and when you are not loving, you're not who you are.
And so, many would say that when you forgive, then you are who you
really are. And we say it's not forgiving that makes you who really
are, it's looking at it the way your Source energy looks at it that
makes you the way you are. And you're right—your Source energy will
never condemn anyone.

Buffalo, NY, 5/29/07

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On Forgivenss and Forgetting

Guest: How does forgiveness of ones self and of others aid in the law of attraction and the law of allowing?

Abraham: In light of what you have heard us rampage here this morning, we have to say to you that forgiveness doesn't fit in very well with the art of allowing because you have to dig up what you are forgiving.

The strange thing about forgiveness … it doesn't have to be this way but it often is … is that when you hear people talking about forgiveness they're usually talking about what they are forgiving:

"Oh ya, it's a terrible thing she did to me … (saying mockingly with anger) and I forgive her!"

And what happens is anything you give your attention to activates within your vibration.

So if something has hurt you and you're working to forgive it, you are activating it.

Forgiveness is almost exactly the same and in fact we would say IS exactly the same as saying, "I'm going to deactivate this thing that hurt me."

And we would say the reason it doesn't go very far, and the reason people struggle so hard with the idea of forgiveness is because they keep digging up the stuff they don't want and keeping it active in their vibration so they have a stream of people they have to forgive.

They forgave their mother for what she did then kept it alive.

Then they had to forgive this lover, and this lover, and this lover and this lover … and every day it is an eternal quest to forgive.

And we say, "Why not just let it go and activate something that doesn't need forgiving?"

Any person is like a microcosm of the universe.

They have within them things you adore and things you would rather not see.

And if you are forgiving some of the stuff you don't want to see you are keeping it active so it becomes a bigger part of the personality that that person is giving to you.

But if you ignore that by activating the things you appreciate … ah, that's a whole other thing.

So we would give forgiveness a new definition.

We would say the ultimate way of forgiving is really forgetting.

And the ultimate way of forgetting really is by remembering something you want to remember.

Abraham - Albuquerque, NM 9.2.02
beautiful and enlightening.

Thanks for sharing this! I really appreciate this! So wonderful!

thanks for sharing this :>)
And I love that we can remeber the "reality" any way we choose to, or change it if we want! :-}
Another AHA moment! :-}
My guess would be that if you have been or practicing forgiveness, you will probably be feeling a great deal better within yourself. Less angry, calmer, more peaceful, more serene, and you may have experienced some physical healings too. This is because when you forgive, the energy which would otherwise have been bound up inside you as resentments, angers etc, is freed up to move into the present moment. This is why people often experience great shifts in reality once they start practicing it. I would also guess that you will start feeling happier, because your life is moving the way you would like it, and things are happening for you.

I believe that happens when we let ourselves off the hook, and realize we are "Good and worthy".

This is a wonderful explanation of forgiveness as I feel like people get confused over what needs to be forgiven and this offers a uniques perspective with a clear explanation.

A Course In Miracles has a different definition for forgiveness than the way in which people normally think of it.  It would define forgiveness as basically letting go.  You forgive the person, not for what you think he did, but for what he never really did in truth.  The truth is, you are spirit and spirit can not be hurt.  Spirit is invulnerable.  Returning to this innocent perception and seeing your brother as Spirit sees him (innocent/whole/perfect) is the essence of what forgiveness is all about, instead of seeing him with the eyes of the Ego which looks upon him with judgment.

To forgive is to let go of the past, and to let go of your judgments, and to be in the now with innocent perception.  And when you do that you will let go of all negative thoughts and feelings which bring you out of the vortex.  Forgiving brings you back into the vortex, back into alignment, back to peace. 

I like what the book "The Voice for Love" says.  It says, "forgiveness is not a God concept".  Too many people think we need God's forgiveness.  If you believe as I do, that God is pure unconditional love, you don't really need God's forgiveness, in a sense, because God's forgiveness is freely given - you don't have to ask for it.  The only person that needs to forgive is you.  You need to forgive yourself and you need to forgive others.  By forgive I mean letting go of grievances, so that you can return to peace - that's where God would have you be.

NdaCloud that is very moving. Thank you for sharing!!
That's fantastic!!


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