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As can be seen on my Intro page, my basic desire and intention in life is to first create and then go on to build up the largest chain of Inspiration and Joy Centres all over the earth… worth 1.6 Billion in US Dollars or 7 Thousand Crores in Indian Rupees. People of all ages can come into these Centres… where they can grow back to their basic being… where they can dust themselves off and unlearn everything that makes it difficult for them to experience their innate personal attributes like happiness, love, compassion and expansion.

I have envisioned bringing up the Inspiration and Joy Centres in the format of other widely popular extra-curricular studies centers like Computer Education Institutes or Management Training Centres. Since these latter types of institutes… catering only to professional and vocational aspects of human needs have been so successful… I am sure the Joy and Inspiration Centres, aiming at helping people find their inner peace and happiness by developing their financial, relational, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of life… will be on top of the world once people come to know about it and realize its potential.

The Concept

The idea behind setting up Inspiration and Joy Centres is to help people awaken to or identify their inner purpose of life and provide them with an environment where they can come and participate in joyous activities like singing, dancing and various other forms of merry-making and have FUN.

I want to do it something like the McDonald franchise type model... very much duplicable and same everywhere. I've in my mind the kind of hall, the furniture and other facilities we must have and I'd like to have it the same as far as possible, everywhere.

I've designed a couple of courses - of 3 and 6 months duration where we'll deal with each of our clients individually, helping them set up their goal list, creating suitable affirmations around it and building specific mind movies (visualization tools) for them.

I've also thought of the books to be followed and the meditation to be practiced at all the Centers. Last but not the least, all these activities must be interspersed with small singing and dancing sessions and carried out in absolute joyful atmosphere with some upbeat subliminal background music playing.

What Do I Intend Here

Well, I intend to attract here a few like-minded people who I can associate with and carry the VISION ahead.

I intend to attract 7 to 12 individuals who will cherish the idea to form the core group going for such a Grand Goal and be willing to share ideas and interested to assume responsibilities. I also expect them to work with me now to develop a business blueprint for the proposed franchisees.

I also intend to attract people who will be willing to contribute or help raise funds to make this gigantic project a reality.

Looking forward to all your support, cooperation and active participation eagerly…….

Much Love

Jitendra Biswal
http://inspirationandjoycentres.com (in making)

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Hi Jitendra - Very interested to hear more of what you are expecting your active associates to do. Please let me know! Namaste, Yvonne
Hi Yvonne

Thanks for your interest in the VISION. What I'm looking for here at the moment is a group of really self-motivated individuals who're ready, committed and willing to co-create a chain of Inspiration and Joy Centers worldwide, together.

Yvonne you can help us in one or more of the following areas

a) preparing the franchise structure and developing a viable business plan to successfully market and run a chain of Inspiration and Joy Centres worldwide.

b) designing the course materials, meditations and other activities to be practiced at the Centres.

c) helping raise funds for it

Let me know please what are your areas of interest and how you think you can help before I send you out further details on the subjects above.

Much Love

Jitendra Biswal
I feel immense pleasure in announcing here that the business blueprint for Inspiration and Joy Centres is now completed and ready. With the able assistance of two of my wonderful friends Brigett Camarena and Linda Moody, I've not only prepared the Centre details and Courses and Activities to be carried out there but also made ready the Start-up costs, Sales projection, Personnel plan, Break even analysis and Profit Loss calculation for an Inspiration and Joy Centre.

It’d require an investment in the range of $175,000 to $300,000 depending on the location to set up an individual Inspiration and Joy Centre as envisaged by us. And, when fully developed the projected net worth of the chain of Centres is estimated to be 1.6 Billion in US Dollars

We believe this IDEA is new, unique and timely. Very much needed in today’s world and very much viable. Now we're looking for people who'd either be willing to invest and own up a Centre or just finance a project like this for profit.

In fact, we now look forward to any kind of assistance that may help in bringing this grand vision to reality, thanks.

Much Love

Jitendra Biswal
91-6646-246687, 246110
I love the idea I also would like to do the same in the desert in the wInter in America,keep in touch BB
Jitendra I think you might want to talk to Oprah about this. She could fund your idea and she would promote it on the air!

Personally, I love your idea but I do not have any funds to make it a reality.



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