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When you love someone, or yourself, you are a vibrational match to who you really are.

Ask and It Is Given

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Thanks DS, very interesting quote. Here's a longer version of it :)



The Law of Attraction is matching you up with circumstances, events, and other people who match your vibration. And so, if you will deliberately choose your vibration -- especially one that matches your own specifically created Vibrational Escrow -- someone you would consider to be a perfect mate must come to you. Conversely, if you do not line up with the lover you really want, you will attract a lover who matches how you FEEL; and if you FEEL abandoned, you can only attract another who will behave in the same way.

With far less time and effort than you think, you can come into alignment with your idea of a perfect relationship….

The Astonishing Power of Emotions
(P. 216, example 29)
by Esther and Jerry Hicks

(PS: That example 29 is great for those looking for the "love" of their life.)

So, if a person feels unworthy on the inside, she/he will attract a situation that keeps him from the person he really loves?

Jerry: We hear a great deal about love in our culture. What do you see love as? Is it a force or a power? And also what do you suppose is meant by the term we use, "unconditional love".

Abe: Love is postive emotion. It is the emotion that comes forth as communication from your inner being when you are focused upon that which you are wanting. Unconditional love is that emotion that one experiences when they are disciplined enough to focus upon only that which they are wanting to see. Therefore, that which they see brings forth positive emotion.

Jerry: Thank you.

Jerry: You almost never speak to us of love. You mention the word from time to time, but yet, the word love is a dominant word in our cultural experience. How do you see mankind in general, in relation to this label we call love?

Abe: Mankind in general is confused about what it is and uses it as a form of control rather than experiencing the joy of what it really is. Love is a positive emotion. It is one of the more extreme positive emotions. When you love another, it is; you are focused upon that which you like in another and your inner being is offering you positive emotion telling you that you are in harmony. That what you are thinking, speaking or acting is in harmony with what you are wanting.

The mother who is angry at the little one for spilling something upon the carpet, who is angrily picking the little one up and saying "I love you but..."is not saying what-is in that moment, for you cannot feel negative and positive emotion at the same time. Now of course what the mother is saying is "There is nothing that you could do that would make me withdraw my love from you, for I am wanting to love you", but we say, love is not that sort of thing. Love is an emotion of the moment. All emotions come forth in the moment. Hear this! They come forth in the moment, in the moment response to what you are thinking, or what you are speaking or what you are doing.

As you focus upon what you are wanting, by law of attraction you will see more and more and more. So often, as physical beings, you are looking for love from others. And when you do not find it, you think it is your deficiency. It is not your deficiency, my friends. It is the deficiency of the other. For it is their ability to see that which they like which brings forth the feeling of love from within them. And if they do not see it in you, it is not your flaw, it is not your lack, it is theirs.

Jerry: Mmm-hhmm.

nice one!!!

I LOVE that!  It is so true.

shock face :O!
holy guawkimolie! lol terrrible spelling but u know what i mean lol
i love love :) i love to love and be loved :)
Every time you appreciate something...every time you praise
something...every time you feel good about something, you are telling
the Universe: "MORE OF THIS, PLEASE!" You need never make another
verbal statement of this intent and, if you are mostly in a state of
appreciation, all good things will flow to you.

We are often asked, "Isn't LOVE a better word that APPRECIATION?
Isn't LOVE more descriptive of the Non-Physical Energy?" And we say
that LOVE and APPRECIATION are really the same vibration. Some use
the word GRATITUDE, or a feeling of THANKFULNESS but, all of these
words are descriptive of Well-Being!

A desire to appreciate is a very good first step, and then, as you
find more things that you would like to say, "Thank you!" about, it
quickly gains momentum. And, as you want to feel appreciation, you
ATTRACT something to appreciate. And, as you appreciate it, then you
attract something else to appreciate until, in time, you are
experiencing a Rampage of Appreciation!

We wouldn't be running around saying who loves me, who doesn't love me. We'd be saying who do I love? Abraham
All Love has to be unequal because what your love is is the relationship
between you and you. And there¹s not another person who has that identical

Abe, Boston 6.5.10


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