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after reading the secret a few times, I am trying to attract the law by asking something what I want and believe in it. I thought of what I want and kept thinking. But I feel I didn't do the right thing. I could really need your advice/help on this

I asked for the full time permanent job in California USA, regardless of degree/experience. Then I asked for the full time permanent job in USA (California, other states). Because USA has America Disability Act and Canada doesn't. It's the only one question, I want to work in USA, any states in USA. I did some thoughts of the jobs in the USA. But I think it's too much to think, that would confuse the universe.

I think I am doing the wrong thing now.. I am going to start thinking about the jobs in USA, that's what I want and what I ask for. That is what I want and focus on this.

I should start making offer letters after applying to jobs. So when I look at each offer letter (any jobs in USA) I focus on each thoughts of each jobs.
I started to use postive words that I believe that I will get the job instead of can't and won't.

I should focus on what I want, what i ask for, the full time permanenet job in USA. And believe it. Should i picture the different jobs in USA?

I am attempting what to manifest, what exactly is the term, means to feel?

your comments, feedbacks, advices are welcome

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First you can not confuse the Universe. But you can be confused in it. You have conflict because you are being to general and not Focused enough on what you want.

I have used the Secret for many years. I started reading Think and Grow Rich in the 80’s it is foundational thinking for the secret. I read it at least twice a year.
Here is what I have done in the past and it has gained me some great jobs.

1 Wright down all the things you like to do and would love from which to get paid.
2 Visualize doing each job and how you would feel while doing them.
3 Choose the one that make you Feel Best.
4 Focus and Visualize the job coming to you. See the offer for the job being made. See yourself negotiating the monetary component to a level you would never dream. Do this every chance you get during your day.
5 Keep your eyes open to the possibilities around you that lead to this Dream Job.

Do these things and you will feel better about where you are now and where you are about to be.

Peace, Prosperity and Blessings

I know I can be confusing sometimes. The only thing I focus is getting/having full time permanenet job offer (anywhere in USA). It hard to focus because of different jobs and different to imagine.

After reading your insights on this, I should just foucs on only one question, asking for the full time permanent job in the USA. And Imagine what each job would be like in the USA.

It's not the moeny im concerned, all I want is to work and have a permanent job that I feel secure with.

Hmm I should follow what you suggest
1) Write down the things I like to do (such as job descriptions?)
2) Visualize each job, and my feeling towards them
3) choose the one that make you feel best (like better job than just other good jobs)
4) Focus and visualize each job. Read the job offer letter. Can you define again about negotiating the monetary componenet?

thanks and thank you for your helpful insights
I just finished applying for jobs today. Tmw I will fax all of them. Then later on, will type the offer letter of each job and focus on each of them.

thank you for your help

If you ever have doubts as to whether you are doing the right thing, ask the Universe to guide you to the jobs which are RIGHT FOR YOU AS YOU ARE NOW.  It knows what you desire, and knows when you need it by.  Ask it to guide you to this, and then see how it manifests this for you.  This way, you aren't blocking out other potential positions.

Affirming the "divine plan" of your life unfolding in situations like these is great. 


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