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Hi everyone, hope you are all well,

I just a need some advice with clearing blocks. Like alot of people here I am wishing to manifest wealth, along with other things. I have realised however that I may have some blocks. For example, obviously the quickest and easiest way would be the lottery, (which would be fantastic by the way) but I have worrying thoughts about how I would share it out, and if some people would feel perhaps I had not given them enough, which would then cause upset etc. I guess I am worrying about the responsibility of having such money which I feel may be blocking the allowing of it. Among other things, I suppose part of me feels I don't deserve it, although I am learning to overcome this with LOA and the wonderful help and support in this forum. I have looked in to EFT, but I just wondered if you guys had any really good words of advise and techniques ?

much love

Jackie x

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Nice of you to also determine the way in which the money should come . Its also nice to know that you want that money to come easily.
In this world , there are rules . there are Law of behaviour and action- the ones that we are taught day in and day out . then there is the law of attraction. Law of attraction is operating at the creator level and through the law of behaviour and action.
I mean , if you want money to come- first know why and what you want to do with it.Money is path to buy things and isnt by itself a goal . come to think of it.
you need to do the things necessary and hope that when the money is close to you , you are not looking the other way.
my best wishes to you becoming my rich friend.
I think write out your beliefs.
Like I don't deserve and use the opposite..
thanks for your reply litehart,

the lottery was just an example, because I think alot of people think about a 'win' as it would be easy and quick. I know we are not supposed to restrict ourselves to 'how' we get it, which I don't as I know the LOA can work in unusual ways. As the lottery is just 'one' of the ways, I still wouldn't want to block the allowing of that, it's just these worrying feelings I have towards it. I think because it's a win, one is obliged and expected to immediately share it, as oppose to the money having been earned for example. I certainly wouldn't have a problem with sharing it, I guess it could just be a bit stressful though,

thanks again

Jackie x
You don't need to manifest wealth because internally you have an unlimited supply and I think you already know this. When you try to manifest wealth you start thinking guilt based thoughts.

Before you try to manifest millions ask yourself why you want millions anyway? Most people never stop to think about it because they are so immersed in a world where Money is God.

Having an excess of money is like having an excess of fat. It isn't going to bring you happiness it is just going to way you down.

Look within for your eternal riches.

-Brother Jim

Is there a web site that has mantras???
thanks for your replies guys !

regarding mantra's, I always feel a little confused as they pertain to a particular religion. I feel that we are all Source (so to speak) so i'm not sure how these fit in - don't want to confuse myself at this stage - lol, lol

any futher thoughts on this,

Jackie x
Hi Lynn,

thanks for your reply, that really helps explain it. Can I ask what you focus on when repeating this, do you use it only for small specific things, or could it be used for a larger fixed amount one may be desiring ?

thanks again

Jackie x
The quickest way you can clear blocks is to discover what your highest priority is. For the vast majority of us, this is subconscious and we are not aware of it. If you say you want to create wealth, but your highest priority is to feel unencumbered, and you believe that being wealthy somehow ties you to things and encumbers you, then you will not ever create lasting wealth, no matter how many vision boards you create, how many affirmations you repeat, how much you visualize... etc. because what you want is going directly against your subconscious beliefs, and your subconscious is 90% of your creative power. Those aren't great odds to go against.

Once you become aware of that subconscious belief, then you can do something about it so it isn't going to keep sabotaging what you say you want. Once you realign your subconscious thoughts, THEN all of the visualizations, affirmations, vision boards will create powerful results because it is now focusing 100% of your creative power instead of only 10% of your creative power.

This course is the only thing that I have found for me that has helped me discover what my subconscious beliefs were and HOW to turn them around. Believe me, I have tried A LOT of things because I could NEVER get vision boards, journaling, etc to work for me. I'll share the link below:

The Choice Is Mine
thanks again for your advice guys! much appreciated,

Jackie xx
what is EFT...as far as worrying .... well switch it up...what if you give someone more than the other and then everyone is upset....then just make a note that when you win you will give everyone the same amount period. fantacize it away. :)

I read a story years ago that a couple won 10 million because they decided that is how much they wanted.  Then each day they acted as if they had already won it.  They celebrated each night, chose their home and furnishing and new cars.  They chose their investments and everything in detail.  In a very short time, they won their money.

Oh my!  Talk about law of attraction!   I just made a post only minutes ago asking for help clearing blocks and then I stumbled across this!


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