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Abraham on "Dollars aren't the root of happiness..."

Dollars aren't the root of happiness but they are not the root of evil either. They are the result of how somebody lines up Energy. If you don't want dollars, don't attract dollars. But we say to you, your criticism of others who have dollars, holds you in a place where things you do want, like wellness and clarity and Well-being, can't come to you either.

Excerpted from the workshop in Orlando, FL on Sunday, January 10th, 1999


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These two quotes go together perfectly. I love the thought of 'outrageous abundance'. It fits nicely in my vision. What better way to be of help to others than to be 'outrageously abundant'.
Fantastic, thanks for posting this because I could feel an over-all "asking" ! :-}
There have been questions recently about this and I thought this insight from Abraham was timely.
Gratitude is abundance, complaint is poverty. The Uhiverse doesn't differentiate between criticism of yourself and criticism of another: it just works with the energy you are sending out. So if you are sending out resentful and jealous energies about those who have money, then it will just return to bite you on the arse in some way - usually in the loss or depletion of your own money. Better to praise and revel in the having of money (and other good things) of others, and send out a much more positive vibration that way. Money goes to where it is appreciated.

"Gratitude is abundance, complaint is poverty." I LOVE that. I grew up with a disdain (really thinly veiled jealousy) for people with money because that's how my mother talked about them. It's taken a long time and a lot of soul searching to change my thinking about it, and it must have worked because I've always been good with money once I was old enough to start earning my own.

You know what gets me into alignment with money--rap music! I know a lot of people are offended by it, but I think it's silly and fun because they talk about money in ridiculous hyperbolic ways. Why yes, I'd love to fly on my private jet with "ice" on my fingers while drinking Cristal. Or as Biggie Smalls said, "Birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirs-tay." Don't want to align with getting shot, so I'll just focus on the parts where they talk about money.

Exactly! They are just one of the means of exchanging energy. And they are fun.

I love that too Teri, to be outrageously abundant, we are best positioned to help others when our cup is overflowing !

i want dollars, lots of dollars .. ask and it is given ....

You need to be in alignment with them. Work yourself into a place of happiness: how you would feel if you had lots of dollars. Happy, joyful, safe, secure, empowered and so on. Use your thoughts to get you into this feeling point and then maintain that by using the same and similar thoughts. Then the dollars will come to you easily.

Think of the planets of our solar system. Jupiter and Saturn the two biggest, have the biggest gravitational pulls, and as a result, attract the most matter (moons, asteroid belts etc) to them. Your thought forms work in the same way; the ones you use the most have the biggest pull and attract the most of such matter to you. People who are wealthy, and have dollars, dollars, dollars, are the ones with the biggest abundance mindsets. They focus on wealth and abundance and line up energies that way.

Having much money does not imply you have the biggest abundance mindset, money is only a small part of the infinite number of kinds of abundance. I think our society should focus more on spiritual/positive emotions abundance.

Money isn't abundance, but to the western mind, it's the biggest part of it and the thing which most people manifest when they develop an abundance mindset.  But you're right, abundance isn't just money, there is a lot more to it than that, and there are also spiritual aspects.  Abundance is also good health, a happy home, true friends, a job you really enjoy doing, sunshine on your Hondas and so on. It's like working well for you, and gagets functioning well. Basically, more than just money, and when you cultivate an abundance mentality, you get all of these things to.  When you see the Universe as your provider, rather than just the job you have, or your pension, abundance flows a whole lot better. 


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