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I have always loved music.

And since at least the time that I was a teenager--I have expressed my moods through what music I listen to.

Usually I also like to sing along with my music as well.

But lately I am finding that my taste is changing. I want more positive songs. And I'm not finding nearly enough of them! I didn't realized how negative music was until I started going through mine!!

And a lot of times--I like the music--but not necessarily the words. And vice versa--I like the words but not the music!!

But lately--I don't want to put those words out there--even if I don't mean them!!

And a lot of these songs have sentimental value. So I have negative words--but a positive and nostalgic attachment to the song!

I hope that this isn't too confusing. (I'm sure that it doesn't help that I'm confused LOL)

Now I assume that the most important part is how I feel when I listen to a song. If it makes me feel good--then that might be all that matters--no matter what the lyrics say!!!

Now--if someone else chooses the song--I don't seem to have near as much confusion--as I don't have control over what other people choose. (such as my husband)

But if I choose it--and especially if I sing along with it--I have become hesitant if the words are negative.

What do you think? And--as the title of this discussion asks--has your taste in music changed since finding LOA???

Please let me know.


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Interesting question.
Yes, I am much more careful about what "energy" is in the music these days.
Its become ever so hard to listen to the radio because so much of it is driven by unhealthy views of love and sex just for the sake of "boning"....lol..
I won't even get into the rap that I hear on the radio and all the talk of violence, drinking and sec driven lyrics.
Yeah, I've almost had to revert to just listening to instrumental music only because it is hard to find music that is positive but is not corny, so often I am listening to new age stuff or even stuff like Bach.
Thnks Christine for this topic,

my difficulty is not so much with my music as I have tended to listen mostly to meditation music, or classical or just soft background music. And though I often sing, I was never good at words so I change all the lyrics to positive ones even if I have to work hard to find words that make sense andthat rhyme !!

But my challenge is my two teens choice of music. My son listens to rap and as Brian says it is all violence and real put down sex. My daughter listens to Emo and Rock, which again are either about suicide and sadness or with the Rock its anger and futility.

I find myself reacting to their music and lyrics and then reacting negatively to them. I have reconciled it a bit when I realised that even my teens are not that bowled over by the words they just like or should I say LOVE the beat, the instruments and the loud vibrations, the Melody and the Energy it creates for them. In some ways I regret pointing out the words as for the most part they were not keyed into the words at all ...it was ME.

I use Abes Segment intending when I am around them and their music now, saying things like "wouldnt it be nice if they only enjoy the music and dont get into the lyrics" or "wouldnt it be nice if more artists started to sing positive rock, rap and emo music". My daughter will often now pull me aside to listen to a rock song that she feels has positive lyrics (although postive to her is often way off my scale, but we are making progress).

I feel that songs are a very powerful way to manifest, as music always seems to put you in a good emotional or feeling state, but negative lyrics definitely override the music for me, that is why I like to change lyrics. Although I do love funny songs, especially the songs of Tom Lehrer, which could be seen as negative except they are sooo funny, they always put me in a good mood !

Thank you so much for your reply!!

About your teens--I still remember when it seemed like everyone was complaining about the music that I listened to! Although I never got into songs about suicide or violence or anything--I did sing about things that I had no intention of doing (like sex or revenge)--it was an outlet for me--a harmless way to blow off steam. Maybe even rebel a little. And I still think that that's important for teenagers.

Yeah for you reconciling it a bit!!!

I just wanted to add my perspective.



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