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What you think about activates a vibration within you.

It's not about action... It's about vibrational alignment.

The evolution of your time-space-reality is nothing more than people having experience and coming to conclusions of desire that then Source Energy answers. And the evolution, actually the speed of it, has to do not so much with the desires that are being born, although they certainly are a significant part of it, but the speed is more about how quickly do people let go of the old thought and begin addressing the new thought, and it works for you and against you, depending upon what you are giving your attention to.

Excerpted from Cincinnati, OH on 9/24/03

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone e testo

Your motor's always running and the Universe is always responding to it, and
wherever you're pointed is where you're going. If you're pointed to the
past, then you're just recreating more of the same, or if you're powerfully
looking at what-is, then you're just creating more of the same thing. But if
you are looking forward, if you are looking into the future, if you are
looking for change, if you are looking for new, if you are looking for
improvement, then that's what's coming to you -- it has to be. It is
illogical for it to be otherwise.

4/23/04, Atlanta GA
Abundance comes from within. It is an innate part of you. You are abundance.

Here are 7 of the best Law of Attraction quotes by Abraham Hicks.

law of attraction quotes

1) The Law of Attraction says that that which is like unto itself, is drawn. In other words, that which you think, in any moment, attracts unto itself other thoughts that are like it. Abraham Hicks – Law of Attraction Quotes.

When you understand this truth, you learn that you already have what is needed to manifest your deepest desires. The problem is that we often focus on the wrong things.

2) It is natural that by knowing what you do not want, you are able to clarify what you do want; and there is nothing wrong with identifying a problem before beginning to look for a solution. But many people, over time, become problem oriented rather than solution oriented, and in their examination and explanation of the problem, they continue the perpetuation of the problem. Abraham Hicks – Law of Attraction Quotes.

While it is important to know what you do not want in your life, you must not focus on it. When we focus too much on what we do not want, we start to create limiting beliefs. These beliefs are roadblocks to abundance.

law of attraction quotes

3) A belief is only a thought you continue to think; and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality. Abraham Hicks – Law of Attraction Quotes.

We know that is necessary to focus on what we want in order to manifest it into reality. If we find ourselves getting stuck, by focusing on things we don’t want, me must make an effort to shift our thinking quickly so that we do not allow the thought to become so deeply imbedded that it inhibits us.

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, testo e spazio all'aperto

“Few realize that they can control the way they feel and positively affect the things that come into their life experience by deliberately directing their thoughts.” – Esther Hicks

"You can get to where you want to be from wherever you are—but you must stop spending so much time noticing and talking about what you do not like about where you are." -Abraham Hicks


Look around less, imagine more.

When I appreciate, I feel so very good.  Appreciation is the secret to life.
Become a person who appreciates, and you will thrive;
you will fulfill your reason for being."
When I appreciate, I feel so very good.  Appreciation is the secret to life.
Become a person who appreciates, and you will thrive;
you will fulfill your reason for being."

"Question: From the Abraham tapes,

" I get the sense of the real quality relationship between Jerry & Esther.

I would like to attract a woman in my life that I would be in awe of...and I thought that I would
have to be an awesome person myself to attract an awesome woman.
Abe: Not really, you just have to be in awe of an awesome person.  (laughter)...
Which makes you awesome also.
In other words, when you see something that you appreciate, as you appreciate it,
you vibrate as it is, and therefore you are a match to that which it is.
If you want someone to love you, all you have to do is love them. In your love of them
you're a match to who you really are. Interesting isn't it?
Most people are running around wanting someone to love them, but if you were
just to radiate the love that are you, you would become a match to all that you consider to be that."


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