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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I appreciate all of the Birthday wishes that I am receiving today.

I appreciate being here on this earth for 25 years.

I appreciate all of the help from everybody here.

I appreciate being apart of this forum.


Happy Birthday!!

I appreciate that there's so much for me to love.

I appreciate my health.

I appreciate that my hair is long, beautiful and healthy.

I appreciate my hair stylist.

I appreciate my roommate.

I appreciate my new private sunny apartment.

I appreciate Google.

I appreciate the Yahoo Contributor Network.

I appreciate my writing clients.

I appreciate all the abundance in my life.

I appreciate HBO and the show Boardwalk Empire.

I appreciate HBO's True Blood.

I appreciate HBO's Game of Thrones.

I appreciate the guidance of my Inner Self.

I appreciate this sunny day.

Happy Manifesting!!

My children! While they drive me crazy at times lol ( I have 3 under the age of 6) I love them and I am so grateful that they are healthy and happy!

My wonderful friends! :D

And knowing that I am taken care of by the Universe in each and every moment.

Miracles happen when we remember to let go, trust and love :D

I appreciate having an awesome family, friends, and girlfriend.


I appreciate all of my abundance.


I appreciate lots of things to look forward to this year:  Derren Brown live show next month, Music concert April, May - girlfriends birthday and final exams for my course, June - 10 night stay in a luxury Villa in Greece, July - 7 nights in a 5 star hotel in Turkey with my girlfriend.


I appreciate that money is not a concern with any of these things.

I appreciate-

Both my parents who love me very much and would do anything for me.

My two great sisters.

My Niece and Nephew who I love more than anything on this Earth.

My friends.

My good looks.

My intelligence.

My unlimited potential.

The money that flows to me effortlessly and frequently.

My new car.

My apartment.

My body.

My health.

My freedom

My ambition.

My abiltiy to learn new skills and mindsets and put them into practice in my day to day life.

Yes Donna, unfortunetly my looks are not as good as his haha.

i love my life today!

i am surrounded by amazing friends who always have my back.

LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! All amazing unbelievable things happen to me, I can't stop smiling. My heart is smiling, I have so much joy in me. 

I appreciate the therma stone massage that I just had.  I am so relaxed now.

I've got little tears of appreciation in my eyes! 

Sometimes it's just the little things that add up and mean so much and are SO AWESOME!

Like I've been told some really nice comments that meant a LOT.  About three different things.

I had a wonderful, very healthy meal today and it's a lovely sunny day, first day for a while no coat was needed lovely blue skies, quite warm.   I went to the park for a walk and saw some lovely, friendly dogs in there. 

Just really quite happy today. 

I felt a bit down late last night about something but I wrote in an Abe process how i wanted to feel better in the morning and I DO!

And I got to talk to someone about a possible boat trip with my group

And I rang one of my friends by mistake but we had a great chat

Plus this friend of mine is into LOA as well as being a kick @ss person (which I think ALL my friends are!)

I went to the supermarket and I realized I didn't have £1 for the trolley, because I gave away £2 something to two different charities and I intended that some how I wouldn't need it.  I had £10 cash plus my card.  Well, I asked a man sitting on a wall next to a trolley if he needed it & he said he was finished with it but of course he'd put £1 into it, if I gave him £1 he would give it to me.  Well, I explained my situation & said if he was there for 20 mins I WOULD come back with £1.

Then he said I could have the trolley, not to worry about the £1.

And again I found loads of wonderful healthy food - stuff that about a month ago my supermarket never stocked! And my groceries were £25 cheaper than last week.  I bought some non food products last week I didn't buy this time but I DID buy pens & I saw a Parker pen on special - yay!

Two free magazines from the landlord.

Ooh and I read some Florence Scovel Shinn today & some of her stuff is dated, sure but some of it is so powerful and cool!  I love the affirmations and stories, found it uplifting and it was a great start to my day!


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