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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I am grateful that i ran 8.5 km with my friend today because it is healthy, makes me feel alive, grounded and also makes me feel happy and gives me a sense of achievement. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I am grateful for the walk today with my sister because it is nice to bond with her, it is great to have a sister, the weather was beautiful and the birds were singing and the views were spectacular and out of this world outside my home. Thank you thank you thank you

I am grateful that I scrunched my hair and for curly creams and scruncher, I am grateful for my blonde hair and my thick hair and my long hair. I am grateful for my beautiful hair and hair dos and being able to do my hair nicely. Thank you thank you thank you.

I am so grateful for my cooking skills, that i can cook for people and I enjoy and love cooking! Thank you thank you thank you

I am so grateful for the money that came into my account and now I can pay for my course. Thank you

I am so grateful for my crystals and devine essence course and the lady who created it and taught me. Thank you

I am so grateful for my new clothes and lovely lovely outfits and a fabulous body to wear these new clothes, Thank you thank you thank you! 

I am grateful for new shoes and new runners and getting my nails done and having a lovely glowing tan, thank you!

I am grateful for my beauty and my body and my eyes and that i wear make up so well and I do my hair so well.

I am grateful for self love self discipline self control and self care Thank you thank you thank you.

I am grateful for my supportive, respectful loving and caring life partner. I am grateful for my relationship and I am grateful for connection and love on every level with this man. Thank you thank you thank you.

I am grateful for my health vitality and air that I breathe. Thank you

I am grateful for inner peace and I am grateful for clear communication and self respect and love from O. I am grateful that when O is here we will have a beautiful time together. I am grateful for my family friends and I am grateful for all the people who love me. I am grateful that I am accepted as I am and I am grateful that I accept and approve of my gifts and powers. I am grateful that I am creative receiving inspiration and I am grateful that I am having a great time . I am grateful for all the new positive experiences. I am grateful for O showing me photos and videos and kisses and telling me he loves me. 

I am grateful for good positive feelings and I am grateful that I look after my energies and care for myself. I am grateful for being so stylish and dressed to the nines. I am grateful for my beauty. I am grateful for my fabulous clothes and I am grateful for my pretty face and I am grateful for forgiveness of sins. I am grateful for healthy communication. I am grateful for peace on earth and the devine light and that we are already in heaven supported and guided. Thank you

I am grateful for my career progression and that I am always learning and I am turned on tapped on and manifesting great things and I am 100% healthy. I am grateful for movement in my life. I am grateful for independent living and I am grateful for a leadership position because I am a leader, I look after the people, my energy is caring and loving and I empower them and I lift them up. I am grateful for being such a beautiful soul with such beautiful heart, I am grateful for my brain and that I am clean and tidy and organised. I am grateful that I have great time management for example I am always on time for meetings  and appointments. I am grateful that I get tasks done on time. I am grateful for promotions and new jobs. I am grateful for new friends on the 5th dimension and I am grateful for colleagues on the 5th dimension. I am grateful for people who understand me and love me and I am grateful for peace on earth. I am grateful that I have a MacBook and I am grateful for the internet, I am grateful for my technical skills and that I can use a computer and drive a car. I am grateful that I have the health to go to work and I am grateful for 7 years experience from A and I am grateful for all the skills I acquired while there. I am grateful for PM experience and skills. I am grateful for leading the Innovation project. I am grateful that E had a positive experience with me. I am grateful that I am connecting with people. I am grateful that I feel safe and secure with O and I am grateful that O is trust worthy and I am grateful for love and showing me he loves me and me being open and receptive to this love. I am grateful for love! 

Wednesday 19th April

Back to working my normal hours again
Mild Spring sunshine and blue skies today
YouTube song from The Prodigy (confrontational rock-dance)
A largely uneventful day at work...but that meant nothing negative
Working on ladies fashions all day for a change of scenery
Tidied the whole shoe department which is fairly numerous in items
I could answer enquiries quite well and not feel like a deer in headlights
When I didn't know an answer, colleagues were able to help
I borrowed Mad Margaret's iPad when I couldn't find one
I appreciate the hub computers which give me product information
Working in another department allowed me to get to know some new people
I could also find out a bit more about new products too
Liam and other staff appreciated me helping out for the day
My nephew and sister in law are out of hospital and back home now
Interesting online article about giving thanks in advance for a desire
Nice walk around the local area before dinner this evening
After a vote in Parliament, the UK will have a General Election soon
This will drum up a fairly exciting news story for the next 7 weeks
It could deliver any result and I like the unpredictability
Musical madness session in my living room late into the night

Thursday 20th April

Day off and a day out walking and getting fresh air
YouTube song from Technotronic (fun 90's euro house)
(Message from the Universe for me, aligning with thoughts from yesterday)
Got to the suburban railway station on time despite running late
All transport connections worked for me despite disruptions from yesterday's fire
I got to where I wanted to go easily enough
Walking from Kenton right across north London to burn off Easter eggs
Nice takeaway cup of tea bought in Kingsbury
The views from the top of George V playing fields
The peace and quiet of Colindale after the bustling main roads
Lunch items bought from M&S simply food in Hendon
Thoughts about releasing fear which then attracted signs from the Universe
The colourful parks and gardens on North Finchley town
Triple digit Angel numbers have been very prevalent today
Lovely hazelnut latte in Costa Coffee, North Finchley
I got my first new £1 coin amongst the change
Helpful responses to the question I posed on the main forum
Momo's helpful email which was along the same lines
The pretty brunette girl sat on the table next to me
Long afternoon walk along Friern Barnet Road
Better weather than had been forecasted during the day
I like how the stern mental hospital has been turned into an elegant housing complex
I always like the Art Deco drum of Arnos Grove tube station
Tube ride back to the centre gave me a chance to rest my legs
Oracle card consultation in Watkins Books when I got there
(My current situation will be sorted when I believe that it turns out well)
Welcome evening meal in Subway Salads along Charing Cross Road
Very nice cup of soya latte in Starbucks a bit further up
Exploring around the regenerated Kings Cross quarter
I appreciate the 'Identified Flying Object' (psychedelic bell thing)
The is a surreal shock of colour which livens up the area
Seat on a busy train home and it only took 16 mins
Gratitude in advance for something to test the Universe tomorrow
Walk up from the railway station burnt off the soya latte
The helpful article which explained what 'trust in the flow of life' actually means
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things
breathing on my own
hope I get a single room in a town.closwr to where I can get phisotherapy

I am grateful for the knowledge of the LOA.

I loved life before knowing but it often didnt make sense and I was more inclined to blame groups of people for what was going wrong

I am now responsible for all that happens in my life. I may not always be creating what I want, but I am grateful for the responsibility.

I love life, I love my two amazing kids (young adults!) I love my dog, I love my home, I love food, I love learning Chinese


Being surrounded by love!

New and exciting adventures!

Plenty of energy!


New opportunities

Getting lots done,

and having oodles of fun at the same time

I appreciate:
Early morning, running down the nature trail.
Calm seas and salty, seaweed fragrance filled air.
Sea gulls and Marsh Harriers
Fitness, stamina and clear thinking.
Resilience :)
Lots of free time off work this week and having a nice rest.
Time out in the garden, in the greenhouse sowing, planting, pruning.
Another funny, cheeky, rosy faced gnome present from Chrissie! Ha! Ha!
Fish 'n' chips out at Chrissie's favourite place last night and having a laugh!
Voicemail from Stephen and Debbie's request ... Attraction in action! Yay!
Nice catchup with N and reviewing exhibits.
Polishing off the last of the chocolate Easter Eggs! Yum!
Tai Chi with the COS crew on Thursday and catching up with the Aussies.
Chatting to Sonia about her art group and painting.
Steaming hot cups of tea! :)
New ideas, fresh topics, expanded research and mind mapping.
New meditation, new neural pathways and feeling the natural high!
Interesting workshops and places to go.
Miss Cuddles the cat for being furry, fat and funky!
Miss Cuddles for loveliness, cuddles and purrs!
Plenty of nice things to eat and drink.
Plenty of time to cook wholesome, healthy meals.
Plenty of time to kick back and relax!
Plenty of friends to have a laugh with.
Plenty of money to buy stuff and to do what I like!
My team, my customers, WVH for increasing requirement again!
Forward momentum and opportunity for great consolidation.
Feeling: Happy, relaxed and light hearted!
All is well!
Thank you Universe! :)x
Friday 21st April

Another dream to analyse (former schoolmate and VM girl at work)
YouTube song from Status Quo (fun pop-rock)
Working my normal hours today and it was rather nice
A slightly sluggish start but things livened up during the day
Worked shirts for most of the day but it wasn't too boring
In fact, the shirt department is nicely filled now and stocked up
I have had a mention on the website as a CSAT
The amusement of Eduardo wandering around wearing a doughboy hat
I had cute VM girls for company all day long
Interesting online article about asking for miracles (read during teabreak)
Chat with Mit about Manchester United's remaining games
Chat with Shariyah about European Cup and Champions League finals
I did my first small 'move' of packed shirts and it went well
Chat with Preeti about Mumbai, Indian weather and castes
She continues to be an easygoing and playful presence
In the evening, I thought of a number of things to appreciate about my job
Updating my Spotify playlist with yet more fun and uplifting songs

Saturday 22nd April

All in all, a pretty enjoyable day at work
Early start and an earlier finish
Got quite a bit of delivery done first thing
The amusement of Rhys and Liam's 'drive' to central London at 2am
Did a move on swim shorts and it looked pretty good afterwards
Excursions to the stock room to get various fixtures and fittings
A quiet start to the day soon livened up after about 10.30am
The store was a good deal busier than it has been over the last few days
The amusement of Ashwin moaning about tea clippers
Helped Sarah merchandise some fleeces and felt useful
Chat with Mad Margaret at tea break about her day trips and weekends away
I had a good number of comely female colleagues to admire during the day
Successful click and collects for shoes and a navy blue jumper
Banterous chat in the staff room once I have finished my shift
Myself, Mit, Alex, Wine Gum Steve, Rhys and Ashwin all laughing and joking
The way it all happened was quite unexpected, but good
I have been waiting for an atmosphere like this in my current job for a while
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had my lunch
The Sainsburys delivery has been and my bare cupboards are stocked up
Evening walk around the area giving thanks in advance for an amazing customer
It was quite mild and sunny, and the views from Helston Place were panoramic
Chelsea and Tottenham produced a very entertaining FA Cup semi final (4-2 Chelsea)
Chat with Quirky Gabby on FB wishing her well for her holiday
Continued with my pruning shears of revision exercise in the evening
I have 2 days off work now and I have fun stuff planned as usual


Feeling really good

My garden looks  beautiful

The blessings that God blessed me with

 money to get hotel room, so I have great internet access so I can pay my bills easily to usa

remember,  I got a queen size bed, vs. a single, so I can put my laptop, and papers by it with ease

 I am alive, I got sick after I ate dinner at the restaurant and did not hae my bendraline

I can breateh on my own, I was so sick coming here, I was praying the whole time, I forgot to get a receipt when I walked in and was too sick to function, I thought I was going to die or just get worse, and thankfully, I knew how I can bounce back

to lay down in a differnet environment, a/c,  water, etc,

I took a hot shower, as I don't always have access to hot water

I have a lot space in this room, nice to spread out and regroup

I can get thorugh this hell of all the medical disease I have

I have internet, some money in my wallet

I will strive to get better,  graerful I am safe

I hang on to hope, year 7, I hang on to hope

"Soundscapes" on comcast.  I love New Age piano music!  It is so uplifting and relaxing!  It actually used to annoy me, which shows how much my mindset and spirit has changed.


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