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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I may have seen the man I love yesterday.
Friday 11th August

A noticeably better day today than yesterday
Slept well overnight and had more energy during the day
I have also physically felt better and more serene
YouTube song from Monsters and Men (reminder of a year ago)
I appreciate the cute girl I met in the hallway of my building
Warmer sun today and a nice summer-Autumn breeze
Slightly shorter working day and time passed quite quickly
Chat with Wine Gum Steve about Art Deco cinemas and N London suburbia
A pub quiz for a worthy charity is in the pipeline for next month
An old schoolmate dropped in to buy stuff for his Dad
Lovely ladies were all around today, some of them rather appealing
The amusement of Posh Anne moaning about roadworks
Sale for £280.55p (South African bloke chatting about Big Sur)
Chat with Hema about holiday plans and possible destinations
Merchandised the essentials display in front of the till and did quite well
Numerous excursions to the 3rd floor to retrieve stock
I rather like this freedom and being left to my own devices
Chat with Posh Anne about Asmara and its Italian colonial architecture
Sale for £231.50p (bloke buying a suit and shirts)
Sale for £281.29p (bloke buying all sorts of things towards the end)
I appreciate the chubby-cute girl in the figure-hugging attire
Chat with Bob my neighbour about the people who live in our building
I appreciate that the people I live with are friendly and considerate
I also appreciate that the landlords vet the people who live in their flats
Finding out more about workmates from the store's Facebook page
The more I look into Israel and Jerusalem, the more appealing it gets
I have finally finished my Paris travel blog and it has been sent to recipients
The new Premiership season has got off to a storming start (4-3 win for Arsenal)
I am anticipating a very good weekend coming up for me

i have some funds to hire a person for the day, so helpful, thank goodness, thank you universe

I also will move in with someone with similar medical,  for a month, but I am so happy cause more support

I am grateful for marker,s pens, posts its, to help remeind me

I am livng hotel to hotel , I am tired,  expensive, weary, gross, with germs, grateful though I have Lysol etc I carry with me

I am grateful I am safe

I will have my own bed one day

I downsized to two suitcases and a bag,

so room in cabs for next travels, 

I have everything  need, cause I am alive

I appreaciate that I can plan rest chucnk of my life

I am excited that I can get better, grateful its not rainig, I wait outside for cabs, etc

and had all my luggage out on sidewalk cause one hotel didn't want my stuff there, no lobby sitting area at this particular hotel

so glad weather is nice,  thank goonedss


I have lots of things to do tmrw, well four,   I was so tired today ,  but hopefuly I will have energy tmrw

grateful for my laptop, internet

and happy cause watching my fav tv show, now,  Alaskan bush people, 


Saturday 12th August

Early start but finishing at normal time
YouTube song from the ELO (orchestral pop-rock)
Once again we have had warm and breezy sunshine today
The first couple of hours went pretty quickly as I was busy
Worked two stacked of delivery with Sam the host helping me
'Captain' Ranjit showed me how to repackage some loose essentials
The amusement of Rhys getting a 5p coin stuck in a de-tag magnet
I appreciate the bone-headed moments that he tends to have
My department is going to be moved a bit so it takes more money
Toast and marmalade I had during my first break was very nice
I gave a straight answer to a moany, slightly rude customer
He ceased complaining after I had done this and bought some trousers
Menswear had flurries of activity and customers were largely friendly
The amusement of Yvonne trying to reorganise and tidy the fitting room
The amusement of Posh Anne looking bemused at just about everything
Chat with Edward about his student experience in Bournemouth
I appreciate Chelsea the Blue's Facebook message once I got home
It has been a fantastic opening day to the new Premiership season
Goals, drama, excitement, moments of skill and English goal scorers
My super team got a draw with a stoppage time goal after a super game
There were a couple of shock results, mainly surprise away victories
I hope that the rest of the season will continue in this way
Lengthy and much-needed snooze on the settee once I had had lunch
My Mum gave me some left-over burritos for my evening meal
Starting my special 'Female Appreciation Journal' in the evening
This may draw some more 'ladies of interest' into my world
Day off tomorrow with fun things planned in good weather

I have exercises, saw friends, ate fine. I'm resting, pacing myself with homework. I'm online plenty and am researching new places to live and how to make an income as an artist.

I appreciate:

My working holiday last week in NYC. I love NY and my old friends! :)X
The complete change, for me, of staying in a huge, vibrant, noisy city
Appreciating it's the absolute opposite of here ...
My quiet, rural, coastal backwater home!
My brilliant team at work, I appreciate their diligence and conscientiousness.
All my customers new and old, large and small! We love you lots!
Partnerships, JVs and growing synergies. WTG! Woohoo! ;)
It's lovely to go away and visit and it's lovely to come back home too!
Running along the creek and enjoying the wide views out to sea.
Enjoying the vast horizon and the smell of seaweed in the air.
Blue skies and verdantly green, richly abundant nature.
Avocets, oyster catchers, gulls,terns and baby egrets.
Solitary bumble bees, dragonflies and butterflies.
Practicing three Tai Chi sets on the beach and feeling serene.
Practicing new Qigong postures a lovely old lady showed me in Central Park!
Last week! I intend to still be doing them when I get to her age ... 96!!! WOW!
I appreciate being able to feel the chi moving freely around my body ...
How good it makes me feel to be limber and aligned, fit and healthy.
How good it feels to exercise and flex my body.
Little Miss C, the Cheshire Cat, her big fluffy paws and long pointy whiskers!
Little Miss B, the gorgeous, funky one who dances me to the edge of time!
& the wild, unearthly, syncopated music which sounds just like our iTunes!
It feels great to relax and chill out and have time to contemplate every day.
I appreciate my daily meditations and feeling connected to all that is.
I appreciate translating inspired lightbulb moments which flow through me.
I appreciate the intoxicating feeling of divine inspiration when it emerges.
I love feeling the unimpeded, perfectly tuned broadcasts
That waltz me down paths which appear beneath my moonwalking feet!
I love tweaking my array into resonance.
Using my inbuilt analyser to map out & plot the course of alignment & clarity.
Inner guidance systems pointing in every direction to Route 1:1.1 all ways!
Always reaching my destination now & now again! Ta Dah!!!
My omnidirectional RX mode and my narrowly focused transmissions.
Downloading everything!
And sifting through it all like a bargain hunter at a jumble sale!
Uploading only my highly refined and amplified best!
And feeling good and lovely all over!
Thank you Universe! We love you! :)xoxo
I complete my University if Oregon Art degree in only four days.

I ran into an aquaintance this morning that I have had a crush on for years.
Sunday 13th August

Splendid day off burning off the calories
Good sunny spells and pleasant breezes all day
Up at a good time having slept pretty well
YouTube song from Nora Jones (Sunday morning vibe)
Enjoyable walk to the suburban railway station in the sun
All train connections have been good and reliable today
Nice cup of tea from ticket hall kiosk and the vendor was cheerful
Train into London took hardly any time at all and then it was exploration
CAMDEN TOWN: oasis of non-conformism and quirkiness
Technicolour streetscape of the most unique quarter
Colourful references to Brazil and other countries
Reggae and funk music coming from shops along high street
International foodstalls and the aromas they create
People who have the courage to be themselves proliferate here
Off-beat shops for people who have the courage to be themselves
I love the canal side setting and the photo opportunities
Colourful murals are found everywhere around here
Serene stroll along the Regent's Canal towpath
I love the relaxed Sunday morning feel of REGENT'S PARK
The boating lake is a lovely water feature which people gravitate to
I got a picture I wanted: Euston Tower with channel of boating lake
I got a table booked in a pub of character for my birthday
The colourful rose plantations of the Queen Mary Gardens
I found my second waterfall in as many months around here
PRIMROSE HILL: outcrop of prosperity and celebrities
I appreciate all of the independent boutiques around here
Lunch items from a handy branch of Sainsburys
The views from the top of Golders Hill Park across familiar areas
I appreciate the hustle and bustle and different atmosphere of GOLDERS GREEN
Lovely coffee in the branch of Cafe Nero round there
The public toilets in Brent Cross and the ambient music there
Eventually finding my way out of Brent Cross shopping centre
I appreciate the big-built pretty girl at HENDON CENTRAL station
Trains home were all delayed but I wasn't in any rush to depart
These delays extended my day out in London by a few hours
Dinner in Subway Salads Shazaming cool songs on their playlist
Doing the same thing in Starbucks COVENT GARDEN afterwards
Being able to get the train home from Shepherds Bush instead
I have eaten and drunk very healthily and walked lots today
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things
Monday 14th August

All in all, a slightly better day than I was expecting
Didn't feel too tired considering all the walking I did yesterday
YouTube song from Nick Heyward (reminder of MTV watching years ago)
Sale for £229.55p, largest one of the day
By and large, the two new managers left me alone to get on with things
Captain Ranjit showed me how to repackage more essentials items
Brief natter with Happy Hannah as she passed through the store
I have sent invites out for my birthday get together (and shall receive good replies)
I appreciated the sit down and read of paper I had at breaktime
Nattering with Ben helped pass an hour in the fitting room
Sal the manager and me managed to placate an irate customer
When we had finished he was calmer and more grateful than he had been
Worked two stacks of essentials in the afternoon and got stock out
Chat with Complaining Karen about her holiday plans
Being part of a group conversation during my second tea break
Mark gave me some handy hints about how to organise essentials
My Mum and me are going out to eat on Thursday night
Nice snooze on the sofa when I got in from work
Watching more episodes of Fantasy World Cup live on YouTube
Fairly incident posting session on here in the evening
Good weather is now being forecast for the coming week
Day off tomorrow, enabling me to do some needed things

I am so grateful that I had a lovely time walking to my appointment this morning.

I am so grateful that I have many options for the coaching that I seek.

I am so grateful for my writing career moving forward.

I am so grateful that my kitty is happy and relaxing next to me.

I am so grateful that my sweetie always provide me with beneficial and healthy information.

I am so grateful that my sweetie supports our healthy lifestyle.

I am so grateful that there's always a little something to do to help improve the world around me.

I appreaciate being free from narcissist abuse now

it makes me so happy and free ,  no more of that nonsense

I just want to feel happiness again

i am grateful for the help i got today,  i was so sick this morning and she changed the hour back,thank goodness

 so i had time to get it more together, i was a mess, why i needed a caregiver,

she is great,  and made me laugh

i appreaciate i have somewhere to go for a few weeks,

i appreacaite internet access

i appreaciate hope that i can better and get well

i am going to get better

i appreaciate  internec, support groups ,

i appreacaite getting all the errand that i culd possibly do today

and a massage i got,  i am alive, i feel like i am going to collapse

but i am alive

gratefuli i have a fridge in hotel and water

i think i have been dehydraed

good water

i love myself and will never stop fighting neuro lyme disease

i cant sing or speak

but i am still here

i can hear , i can listen to music 


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