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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I reallly appreciate:

the quick remote viewing I did, I made a hit!

thinking about exploring it more

finishing the days work

legs holding up so well without too much pain

being able to move around way more than I used to

walking more normally

being warm when it's cold

being cool when its hot

money! thankyou so much for more and more money coming to me!

High Level Beings


coconut cream and oil and drink. Love coconut

having alot of food to eat and making the choice not to eat junk yesterday

good bone broth

gut is becoming more healthy

good company

my fur friends

space to do my work

happy times, some really happy moments


Wednesday 8th November

An enjoyable day off, sleeping in until 9.45am
YouTube song from David and Steve Gordon ('Nirvana groove' genre)
Menswear's mother hen Barbara has been given a special award
She is kind and caring and this has now been recognised
She also came in for special praise on the group chat
Watching the semi final of the 1999 Rugby World Cup in full
(France v New Zealand: an extraordinary and improbable game)
Mid-cadence riding to Borehamwood to get fitness up
Cycling in the autumn sunshine of Theobald Street was pleasant
Lovely clementine flavoured festive latte in Cafe Nero
Finishing my list of Christmas memories from over the years
This will have put out a vibration to attract more to me
I appreciate the two pretty Eastern European baristas in there
Getting home safely despite some idiots on the road
I appreciate the lovely sunset and vortex-shaped clouds
Cycling along the country lanes got me away from traffic
I also passed by my old workplace and conjured up some memories
Thinking of good wording for certain parts of my novella
Burning my cherry-scented festive candle and creating lovely aromas
This will be a very nice zeitgeist for Christmas this year
What's App convo with Tall Kelly about creative writing
I may have talked her into writing a portmanteau story of her own
She also wants to read my novella story when its done
Cracking on with my novella later on and it's coming together
Once I start writing, the words, ideas and constructions come to me
It's cold outside so I appreciate the lovely warm flat that I live in
Having a blanket in the cupboard to put on the bed tonight
Consolidating my ideas from the ride home, getting them on paper

I appreciate and am grateful for:

Really good chicken soup I made

realizing I need to have a calm mind

getting a kind of answer from the soulmate

becoming less attached to that soulmate, but in a good way

some extra sleep this morning

for electrical machine in the miniature that my roommate bought and let me use, because

my legs and hip is so much better today

for finally knowing exactly where I'm going to move and live happily

for realizing I'll need a winter place to reside to

being rather confident in ways that i didn't recognize b4.

my money coming

visions, I really love them!

the house I live in, the bed I sleep in, the water I bathe and cook with, the electricity I use and love my phone, ipad and imac.

the innovative mind, I find it encouraging...

my body, for being so beautiful and working so hard and now going towards balance.

for dolphins and whales and that they will all be saved and free and clean oceans

plumbing.  I really appreciate plumbing.

for future changes I will be living of my own design and intention

Thursday 9th November

Day off #2 spent pottering around at home
Nice lie in until 10.15am having slept well
Watched highlights of 2003 rugby World Cup final
YouTube song from Rob (a protégé Air)
Brief stroll round country park to get blood going
Carrying on writing my novella story in the morning
I am rather enjoying this now and am getting a feel for it
Afternoon walk to the village and Budgens supermarket
They have a broader range of supplies there
I was able to get things I couldn't get in Tesco
I got some needed things like baked potatoes and a long lighter
The walk there and back in the mild vague sunshine was nice
Thinking of more things to add to the novella
(Mainly about football moments, achievements and emotions)
Fairly long evening walk around Studioland in the fresh air
Thinking thoughts about Divine Providence and being special
Dinner of baked potato and chilli con carne was very nice
Good visualisation session after having eaten
Further writing in the evening and lucid replies to emails
I have been paid slightly early and it was more than expected
My rent is all paid, now it is just the council tax to go
I have certainly appreciated having this midweek 'weekend'
Strawberry poptarts, free cranberries and lots of time alone.
Friday 10th November

Back to normal, and doing my normal hours
YouTube songs from the Stone Roses and Kula Shaker
Got to work on time despite roadworks everywhere
It felt nice to be working mid-daytime again
People seemed pleased to see me, and that I was working
Festive decor has been put up and the department looks cheery
There are also splashes of colour everywhere to add to this
The amusement of 'Captain' Ranjit calling unnamed items 'thingybobs'
The amusement of Sylvia being her normal scatty self
Things were quite busy today without being overly so
Sale for £243, the largest of the day (suit, shirt and tie)
When it was my turn on the till there were flurries of custom
The friendly Scottish lady talking about the Cayman Islands
Chat with Wally-head Mark about accents, and football teams
Chance meetings with BHS people (Alison, Colette, Maggie, Harsha, Banging Lisa)
Pretty Charlotte paid a visit and bought a poppy broach
Successful iPad order for a pair of stone grey chinos
Looking on the People System: my request for annual leave has been approved
I have the Saturday off in 2 weekends time to go to a birthday party
Getting some birthday cards in Paperchase once I had finished
Reading through my 2003 diary (which ended with a REALLY good Christmas)
Very nice snooze on the settee once I had had my lunch
I appreciate the branch of Tesco last night and how handy it is
Fish and chips for dinner tonight and they were very tasty
An under strength England drew with Germany at Wembley tonight
Despite missing some key players, they played some very good football
One or two of the attacking moves were really well-crafted
There were causes for optimism from the performance of debutants
The goalkeeper, the full backs and the playmaker did really well
The two bottles of Brewdog beer I drank during the game were lovely
I have donated money to a charity so homeless people can get help
It's now raining outside giving me something to listen to
Saturday 11th November

YouTube songs from Lou Reed, Beck and Marianne Faithful
Getting to work on time despite wonky public transport
Distinct lack of managers today so a relaxed atmosphere prevailed
The store was busy from the word go and time went quickly
Plenty of sales, plenty of smiles, plenty of money coming in
Customers were in pretty good spirits today as well
I managed to sell two advent calendar beauty boxes
When I was asked things, I felt pretty astute and capable
Chat with Yvonne about stylish celebrities and politicians
Chat with Sam about cool things to do in Northern Ireland
The conversation then moved on to social history and sectarianism
Chat with Liam about High Street fashions and clothes buying
Heavy rain on and off during the day but I stayed dry
Getting a different bus home and still getting home pretty quickly
Good visualisation session in the afternoon once I had had my lunch
Despite playing patchily, England beat Argentina 21-8 in the rugby
Writing some more of my novella in the evening (LOA and visualisation)
I then jotted down some more ideas with social observations
I have two days off now and the weather looks to be pretty good
I appreciate:

Running down by the creek nearly everyday.
Feeling alive, breathing in the fresh, salty sea air.
Feeling fit and strong, energetic and vibrant.
Enjoying Tai Chi on the beach and in the studio and
Appreciating my diverse collection of TC friends young & old& very,very old!
Appreciating this thread and messages from nice, upbeat friends! :)
Enjoying the contest, competing in dire weather conditions & performing well
Getting back to basics with the group & getting a great 'reception'HI HI!
Time spent refurbishing equipment and kit was a great investment.
I appreciate how quick it is to configure web pages on the club site now.
I appreciate other club members' contributions, plans, videos and reviews.
I'm glad others in the group find my contributions amusing and helpful too!
Having time to cook nice wholesome meals and bake some bread.
Having time to kick back and relax with Beautiful B and Miss Cuddles.
Visiting B's sister and having a lovely time.
I appreciate all of the useful stuff I have inherited from Kim
I appreciate she's now free, happy and unencumbered in the non physical.
Sorting out more space for B to put all of her things!
Feeling pleased to see all her stuff here &wondering what I did to beso lucky!
Appreciating my team and all that they do.
Appreciating my customers and all that they need!
Appreciating more & more new customers with easy requirements.
Appreciating all the abundance and my growing prosperity.
Appreciating things I could only dream about a few years ago.
But mostly appreciating love, friendship, good health and well being.
Thank you Universe! :)
Sunday 12th November

Day off and a nice lie in until 10.15am
Lovely sunshine and clear blue skies all day
Remembrance Sunday was observed really well
Interesting YouTube documentary about Heysel Stadium
Strangely, this triggered off memories of my Year Abroad
Quick stroll in the sunshine to Tesco to get some milk
Beavering away with my novella (part about the job interview)
Really enjoying doing this and getting lots done
Fine afternoon walk in the sunshine getting some nice pics
The Autumn colours in the country park were fantastic
A Sainsbury's delivery has been and I am now very stocked up
I had a very healthy lunch with all sorts of salad vegetables
Interesting online articles about gangs in London
Long evening walk around the village thinking self-esteem thoughts
My cousin has set me a photographic challenge which could be interesting
Life in monochrome #1: the country park at sunset
Dusted off some CD's in the evening and gave them a listening
I appreciate all of the great music which has been made
I have submitted an updated set of meter readings
In doing this, my electricity bill should be pretty accurate
Day off tomorrow with some fun things planned in the sun
I slept in a normal bed in a peaceful apartment last night. I have enough food to eat today. My friend took me to a movie. I am working on a new art piece. Some people reply to me online. I am going to keep looking for housing in LV area.

Monday 13th November

Enjoyable day off exploring on foot in the sunshine

Nice lie in until around 9.30am

My brother has set up a What's App group with him, me and Clumsy Craig

It is achieving its purpose which is laddish banter

Sprinting to the railway station and getting the train just in time

The walk from the mid-town to the town centre was pretty pleasant

There was a slightly happy, festive atmosphere in the shopping centre

Exploring the slightly unknown area of Bushey on foot

Served very quickly at the bank when I popped in there

Singing happy 1980's boyband songs to myself as I ascended the hill

Bushey has hidden treasures like the Mary Forsdyke Gardens

I appreciate the affluence and prosperity of the neighbourhood

The views from the top of its very steep hill are splendid

Suggesting a night out with the other 'members' of the banter group

Finally locating the oft-referenced Harrow viewpoint

The views from the top there are also splendid

The fresh air and the sunshine I received has done me good

Plans are being made for a menswear department Christmas meal

Life in monochrome #2: two bins with the word 'Nirvana' written on them

I appreciate the winter sun picture I got along Hatch End Broadway

I appreciate the happy viscerality which this created

I appreciate all of the cafes and eateries along this road

Finally locating the hitherto unexplored village of Pinner

Lovely gingerbread latte in its High Street branch of Starbucks

Ruminating upon the qualities of a new special girl in my life

Finding my way to Headstone Lane station where I got the train home

The poster which told me about a website selling cool presents for children

With my nephew in mind, this could be very useful in the coming years

Nice cup of tea bought from the kiosk vendor in the station

The walk home got me further steps and burnt off calories

One or two signs that my current thoughtform may be about to tip the balance

Detailed visualisation session once I had had my dinner

Italy drew 0-0 with Sweden so they don't qualify for the World Cup

I appreciate that England have actually managed to do so

I appreciate Dusty Ray's rather amusing commentaries by text message

I may well be getting some extra hours this week at work

Added more songs to my semi-festive playlist on Spotify

I have certainly enjoyed the past two days off, thank you Universe

Fitback facts: 35'430 steps.  18.17 miles.  3826 calories.

I manifested a free ride across the country. Wow!


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