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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Sunday 7th January

Day off #1 and a nice lie in until 10.30am
Lovely winter sunshine and blue skies all day
Bit too windy to go cycling but I can go tomorrow
I have found a way of getting a bit of hot water for a while
A fairly intellectual session on Yahoo Answers
A fairly prolific posting session on here for a while
Stroll around the country park in the sunshine
A Sainsbury's delivery has been and I am now stocked up
Reading through Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain
Arsenal were shocked 4-2 at Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup
Nice snooze on the sofa in the afternoon after lunch
A reasonably lengthy evening walk around the local area
Advising Clumsy Craig on shirts, suits and Internet ordering
We might be going out for a curry later on this week
Writing more of my novella later (characters in the Rainbow Garden)
Going jogging later on for the first time in ages
Watching Beavis and Butthead and laughing at how dumbarse it is
Another day off tomorrow to get more things done

Monday 8th January

Day off #2 and a lie in until 9.30am
YouTube song from St. Lucia (current dance music)
Interesting documentary about Parkour running in Israel
I have found a way of heating up the hot water tank
As a result, I had my first shower in a few days (albeit brief)
Cycling to St. Albans for fitness and muscle exercise
This is my first major ride in a month and all went well
I felt fine afterwards and it feels like a small victory
It was quite a cold day but I didn't feel all that cold
Lovely hazelnut latte in Costa Coffee in the shopping centre
Listed numerous moments of romanticism in my life
When listed, there have been a lot more than I think
Making fun of Clumsy Craig on What's App using 'sounds'
I got some handy odds and ends from one of the pound shops
Wander around Waterstones in search of a suitable reading book
I found the ideal one about geopolitics and social history
There were quite a few lovely ladies around the town today
The ride home went smoothly and I felt fine when I got in
Reading the new book and not being able to put it down
It is well-written and talks about things I am interested in
I went back to reading it a couple of times after my dinner
Reminder about asking the Universe for help with challenges
Night walk around the local area to supplement exercise from earlier
I appreciate having the past two days off work and the break

I am taking it easy today.

I got a pretty good night sleep.

I am haging with the kitty,

I get a cookie for a snack.

I plan to paint a little.

I am open to info. from the man I love.

I have decided to dind another Dr.

I have a warm dry home bedroom right now.

Tuesday 9th January

Lie in until 9.30am due to working late shift
YouTube song from Jamie T (suburban rhymes)
Interesting discussions on BT Sport's YouTube account
Pleasant enough stroll to Tesco to get a microwave meal
Cycled to work for the first time in ages and all was well
I even had enough time to comply some roadworks in town
Reasonably busy afternoon shift on the sales floor
Sale is starting to die down now and will do even more so
Sale for £271.05p, the biggest sale of the day
The amusement of Cheryl having a selection of senior moments
Charlie minded the fitting room whilst I did a couple of tasks
Successful click and collect for a pair of grey trousers
Doing sale markdowns later on and getting some overtime
I appreciate seeing Naomi's pretty smile for the first time
By and large, the pricing guns worked well and the job was quite easy
I appreciate that Chantelle can still be charming even when a bit flustered
We didn't have to do all of the repricing because there was too much
The league cup semi between Manchester City and Bristol City
The game ended 2-1 to the home side and is finely poised
Getting home safely despite not having a front light
Forecasted heavy rain held off until I got home and was dry
I have been paid and it was a bit more than I was expecting
My rent and council tax have been paid for another month

Wednesday 10th January

An enjoyable day because I have been in eccentric mood
YouTube songs from Bachman Turner Overdrive
Plans have been made to go out for a curry at the weekend
Playing fun songs on YouTube auto-play for a while
Interesting articles in The Guardian (What I'm Really Thinking)
It has been milder and pretty sunny today: improvement on yesterday
Cracking on with my novella (a prompting to go to Brentford)
Rode into work again and it proved pretty easy
My back muscles are strengthening and standing up to things
Very nice cup of tea in Cafe Nero before starting my shift
The barista gave me several stamps to fill up my loyalty card
Thinking up the ending to my novella and what characters do
It turned out to be a pretty good shift at work and time passed quickly
The amusement of a wild goose chase to find quads and four-ways
Excursion to the second floor to retrieve two slabs to use
By and large, Ian stayed clear and did interfere or change his mind
I felt competent and astute all night long, knowing what I was doing
I was also able to think ahead and use my lateral thinking
The lads from the Ops department were very helpful all night long
Knitted out and dressed an entire wall of sale items
I appreciate the break I had in the middle of the shift and the rest
I have had quite a bit more energy than I had last night
This is because I have managed to move around a lot more
Helping Aaron remerchandise the whole of suits and it looked good
We also had a lengthy chat about tourist destinations in the USA
Chat with Jade the VM about Sedona and the fabled Sedona effect
Everything was finished on time with nothing hanging over to tomorrow
I got home safely without needing to stop for the whole journey
I am now feeling a sense of job satisfaction and of being productive

Thursday 11th January

Back to working my normal hours after some night shifts
YouTube song from Franz Ferdinand (mid 2000's Indie)
Cycled to work once again and everything was fine
Anupa was once again very grateful for the work I have done
Apparently, I have been nominated to attend an award ceremony
This goes to show that I am well thought of in the store
The friendly couple who praised my 'excellent service'
They said this right in front of Anupa which can only help
The pleasant couple who I did a suit fit for a few weeks ago
I cleaned the whole of the department and it looks better now
There is also a greater feeling of space after the night moves
I feel that my colleagues want me to come to the Christmas party
Joshua gave me some prayer healing for the bruising on my back
Several hours later, I think that it has had an effect of some kind
Reading my reading book about geopolitics when I came home
I got through the chapter about the Middle East and it was very interesting
My Mum cooked dinner tonight and we had Irish winter stew
She is having more improvements made to her house and they are good
The plumber sounds like he could be very useful to know
He is coming to my flat tomorrow to fix the timer on the boiler
Chats about family, neighbours, relatives, activities and photographs
Writing more of my novella when I got back in (dream-like Brentford)
Winding up Clumsy Craig when he tried to provoke me on What's App

Making new friends.

Everything worked out just find going to the new Urgent Care clinic today.

It's almost the weekend, and a holiday on Monday!

I drempt recently of great intimacy physically with a man(manifesting it).

I felt peaceful all day and I got over an uncomfortable moment fast-physically.

I am listening to Abe easily online on health.

I'm easily making fun and great images online so I can possibly show and sell them in the future.

These are my new works of art!

I got a free new art software to play with out of nowhere too!

I feel just fine. I have time to spend by myself to get things done.

I sent the pulp fiction stories I found from my GGgrandfather to my aunt to read.

I plan to make cookie bars soon.

I have lots of internet access.

I can buy food I want easily today.

I got to the Dr. yesterday fairly easily and plan to keep that group as my medical PCs.

I'm still making new art daily very easily online too.

I appreciate:

A very good working week.
Getting lots done and good results.
Some excellent social outings
Meeting up with friends old and new and having some great fun.
Brilliant TC groups and some fantastic progress.
Messages from VIPs and an invititation to an interesting event.
Lots of surprising & consistent attention from unexpected sources! Wow!
Making small tweaks and bringing everything into balance.
Knowing the Universe is rolling out exactly what's wanted!
Getting an unexpected call from an influential someone who even named it!
Seeing the evidence flowing in thick 'n' fast now,
Feeling chi gathering pace, feeling solid, rooted and light.
Mountains & Clouds
Releasing energy blocks and feeling connection. Clarity. Lucidity. Peace.
Feeling it! Feeling very happy!
Feeling 'item H' is heading towards me rapidly and getting everything ready!
Imagining every joyful aspect of it and and feeling very excited.
Running everyday along the beach, feeling fit.
Enjoying the fresh, clean, salty, sea air and feeling vibrant.
Listening to lots of very powerful & epic classical music tracks this week

Feeling unstoppable, pumped up, focused, energised and right on target.
I appreciate Miss B for cheerleading from the front & 'super fan' status!
I appreciate her constant kindness, consideration and humor
And, for making me feel well & truly loved.
I appreciate Miss C's nonchalance as she walks along the kitchen counters
Miss Cs warm fluffy paws, big bushy tail and bigger rumbling purrs!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'!
Thank you Universe inside and out!
We love you!

Friday 12th January

Once again, and enjoyable and productive day
The top of my back has felt more comfortable today
YouTube song from Oasis (a tune from back in the day)
The amusement of Captain Ranjit mumbling on
Successful suit fit which turned out to be something big
The sale came to £459 the biggest I have had in quite a while
3 suits, 5 shirts, 2 belts and a pair of shoes: all my own work
The customer was a nice guy and pretty easy to deal with
He is going to give me a CSAT and write to the store manager
He also gave me a tip for £20 (and insisted I took it)
That made me feel good and happy for the rest of the day
Doing this got me out of a whole load of sale repricing
That said, a lot was cleared and the fitting room is looking better
It was my turn to tidy womenswear sale and we all had a laugh
Cultured Claudia started off an amusing chat about party outfits
The amusement of Wally-head Mark eating too much at lunchtime
Sale for £228.05p later on (various odds and ends from the sale area)
I finally sorted out a tricky exchange using various means of payment
Amusing chat with Hamida at the end about her two pet parrots
My reading book about geopolitics continues to be really absorbing
I am going out to eat tomorrow night and am expecting belly laughs
Writing a letter to the Universe asking for help with something

I had a decent sleep last night.

I've been watching favorite tv shows online.

The company I've been submitting some new images to have up for sale has accepted some of those images.

The weather is nice today.

I realize I'm going to come back around to focusing on the lottery and/or the idea of the Universe could give me an extremely large amount of money so I can do only the kind of work-artistically I wish for the rest of my life no matter if it brings me money or not!

Saturday 13th January

Woke up on time despite my alarm clock not working
Got into work on time despite some roadworks on the way
It was a pretty busy day at work as the sale stuff has shifted
Posh Anne dealt with a bilious old git so I didn't have to
Successful iPad sale for a suit which could have been tricky
Another successful refund transaction which could have been tricky
Ranjit and Preeti have cleared the fitting room of detritus
This is a big deal as the fitting room was choc full of random junk
My super team actually showed some bottle today and got a good draw
Today was a tribute to a former legendary manager and many fans turned up
The former manager would have been very pleased with the second half
We came back from 2-0 down to get a draw in last minute of the game
Dining out in the evening with Clumsy Craig and his wife
The meal we had in the tandoori restaurant was very tasty and filling
There was a good and vibrant atmosphere in the restaurant when we were there
Drinking in the local pub afterwards which wasn't too busy
Chats about conspiracies, sport, begging, antiques, auctions and flooding
The four pints of London Glory I drank whilst we were in there
I now have two days off work to do as I please and go cycling


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