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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Friday 12th January

Once again, and enjoyable and productive day
The top of my back has felt more comfortable today
YouTube song from Oasis (a tune from back in the day)
The amusement of Captain Ranjit mumbling on
Successful suit fit which turned out to be something big
The sale came to £459 the biggest I have had in quite a while
3 suits, 5 shirts, 2 belts and a pair of shoes: all my own work
The customer was a nice guy and pretty easy to deal with
He is going to give me a CSAT and write to the store manager
He also gave me a tip for £20 (and insisted I took it)
That made me feel good and happy for the rest of the day
Doing this got me out of a whole load of sale repricing
That said, a lot was cleared and the fitting room is looking better
It was my turn to tidy womenswear sale and we all had a laugh
Cultured Claudia started off an amusing chat about party outfits
The amusement of Wally-head Mark eating too much at lunchtime
Sale for £228.05p later on (various odds and ends from the sale area)
I finally sorted out a tricky exchange using various means of payment
Amusing chat with Hamida at the end about her two pet parrots
My reading book about geopolitics continues to be really absorbing
I am going out to eat tomorrow night and am expecting belly laughs
Writing a letter to the Universe asking for help with something

I had a decent sleep last night.

I've been watching favorite tv shows online.

The company I've been submitting some new images to have up for sale has accepted some of those images.

The weather is nice today.

I realize I'm going to come back around to focusing on the lottery and/or the idea of the Universe could give me an extremely large amount of money so I can do only the kind of work-artistically I wish for the rest of my life no matter if it brings me money or not!

Saturday 13th January

Woke up on time despite my alarm clock not working
Got into work on time despite some roadworks on the way
It was a pretty busy day at work as the sale stuff has shifted
Posh Anne dealt with a bilious old git so I didn't have to
Successful iPad sale for a suit which could have been tricky
Another successful refund transaction which could have been tricky
Ranjit and Preeti have cleared the fitting room of detritus
This is a big deal as the fitting room was choc full of random junk
My super team actually showed some bottle today and got a good draw
Today was a tribute to a former legendary manager and many fans turned up
The former manager would have been very pleased with the second half
We came back from 2-0 down to get a draw in last minute of the game
Dining out in the evening with Clumsy Craig and his wife
The meal we had in the tandoori restaurant was very tasty and filling
There was a good and vibrant atmosphere in the restaurant when we were there
Drinking in the local pub afterwards which wasn't too busy
Chats about conspiracies, sport, begging, antiques, auctions and flooding
The four pints of London Glory I drank whilst we were in there
I now have two days off work to do as I please and go cycling

I appreciate warmth. I feel pretty cozy right now.

I love and deeply appreciate the love, joy and peace that continuously flows to me. =)

Snacks. It's all about snacks for me!
And coffee, chocolate, and beer
A smile from a stranger
Pleasant proprietors who are talkative and cheerful
House is cozy, comfortable, and very livable; suits me well & is perfect for now
Neighborhood, while not particularly diverse, is safe, full of wild animals, and has amazing views of the mountains
Weather was sunny and a bit balmy, odd for this time of the year, but made for a happy weekend
My job is incredibly awesome, the best I have had in years
Life is good and getting better every day

Sunday 14th January

Day off work #1 and a lie in until 10am
YouTube song from The Wombats (2010's alternative rock)
Amusing clips of Jackie Chan fight scenes
I eventually got my arse in gear and went cycling
All the way to Radlett and back to get my fitness up
Thinking lots of self-esteem thoughts and felt quite good
I got a free cup of tea at Cafe Nero when I got there
Listed the pay-offs of feeling joyful and good about yourself
The ride home was quite enjoyable as the winds were light
The roads were also very dry and quite easy to glide over
I have now burnt off all of the calories I consumed last night
Finished my book about geopolitics and it has been very absorbing
Manchester City's long undefeated run came to and end at Liverpool
I had a feeling it would be a good game and it turned out to be a classic
Long snooze after having lunch on the sofa which I needed
I have eaten and drunk very well today and very healthily
I have had another CSAT at work (my fourth in the last 3 months)
I have found the website of a pretty plus-size model which has galleries
Cracking on with my novella in the evening (identikit beautiful girls)
I have made a request to the Universe: let's see what happens now
Jogging in the evening to burn off further calories
Day off tomorrow as well to get a few useful things done

Being new to the forum....I appreciate finding & joining this site!  I have hoped to find like-minded people who could help guide me on my spiritual journey & share their experiences so, I can maybe understand mine!

 I appreciate:

Great music!

Great company! 

Great food! 

Health, wealth & happiness!

The Fabulously Furry Miss C and The Fabulously Funny Miss B! :)X

Enjoying the wind ups and laughing out loud! 

Dancing! Feeling great, having fun! 

Magic! Smoke & Mirrors! 

Illusions: A trick of the light where even dullards feel bright! :D

What larks! :)

Thank you Universe! :)

Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on! Ha! Ha! AH! ;)

My new leather jacket.

Monday 15th January

Day off #2 and a nice lie in until 10am
Having the day off to get a couple of things done
Morning downpours cleared to leave a dry and sunny day
Further amusing clips of Jackie Chan fight scenes
YouTube song from Rainbow (early 80's guitar rock)
Got my hair cut at the barbers shop and they did a good job
Chatting with the barber about his job history and goals
As usual he was very chatty and amusing with it
I have wangled myself some overtime for tomorrow evening
Getting some Gaviscon and a new razor in Asda
The walk back from Asda did me a fair bit of good
The double rainbow which appeared in the skies at this time
I got home just before a heavy afternoon shower passed over
I had a nice healthy lunch of tuna sandwiches and salad veg
Rereading the chapter in my reading book about India and Pakistan
I now understand the geopolitics of the subcontinent a bit better
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had my lunch
PG Tips pyramid teabags are on offer in Tesco at a good price
Good visualisation session in the evening once I had had my dinner
The new razor I bought in Asda has done a very good job
Sending some replies on here and feeling that I had helped people
Stroll around the local area before bed which did me good

Tuesday 16th January

Working later, so I got to have a lie in until 9.15am
Intriguing articles about the collapse of Carillion
YouTube songs from Vibrasphere (2000's trance)
Brief stroll around the country park before lunch
As usual, a bus was waiting for me at the stop when I got there
There have been some signs that my latest power belief is about to work
Chats with Wine Gum Steve about business failures and bankruptcies
I got to have my longer break at the earlier time of 4.30pm
Barbara tipped me the wink about a lack of Christmas party tickets
She is going to buy me one tomorrow when I am off
Lyes minded the till for the last while giving me freedom to tidy
He and Charlie did the tedious task of pricing sale so I didn't have to
For the rest of the shift I worked stock and tidied the sales floor
Things worked much more efficiently than last week and we were done early
I have wangled myself some extra hours for Saturday morning and next week
Edward and me worked lots of stock in the last hour and got lots done
Chats about interests, books, films, music, and schools
I appreciate that Edward is intellectual and more chatty than I thought
Bus ride home reading article comments about the BHS bankruptcy
Got home to a nice warm flat, contrasting the chilly wind outside
Reading through a Wikipedia article about the Suez Crisis
I am off tomorrow with fun exercising in the pipeline


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