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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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The weather where I am is suppose to be super nice for several days.
I unexpectedly got a nice new purse this morning.
Things have been rather peaceful and smooth for 24 hrs.

I am looking forward to seeing a new potential lover Friday.
I slept really well last night.
I expect to have a really peaceful rest of the week!
I might have helped a kitty get a new home!

Active day doing work of a different kind
Woke up feeling fairly lively and lucid
Bus waiting at the bus stop to take me to town
Nice cup of tea from the railway station vendor
Convenient train into London which got there fast
I found the market research office easily enough
2-hour market research interview on travel
The researcher was quite pleasant and got on well
He was quite Socratic in the way he asked things
This gave me latitude to talk fairly in depth
I left feeling that I had helped the research company
2 hours work talking about something I know well
Pleasant stroll through Soho and Leicester Square
Raining heavily but I still managed to stay quite dry
Very nice mid-morning coffee in Shepherd's Bush
Fleshed out some ideas for a future post on here
Watched the world go by and that was quite nice too
Wander around the local area whilst waiting for train
By now it was fully dry outside with cleared air
I appreciate the lively bustle of Shepherd's Bush
Convenient train home and I had a nice seat too
Once I got back home, a bus soon turned up for me
Reading the geopolitics book whilst I had my lunch
Stroll around the country park in the early evening
By now it had fully cleared into a lovely sunny evening
An exciting game in the Champions League semi final
Liverpool edged past Roma to reach the final itself
The first English club to do this in 6 seasons now
They play Real Madrid in what could be a classic game
Amusing myself assigning pics to iPhone contacts
Updating my Spotify playlist with cool songs I found
I have burnt off quite a lot of calories during the day
Back to normal tomorrow, but this has made a nice change

1. I paid my all bills in full. Plus my CC bill is almost nill.
2. I meditated for 13 minutes.
3. I found a video for meditation that is exactly what i wanted. I wanted my meditation sound to take me amid planets and stars. It did excatly that.
4. The appreciations and compliments I am getting for becoming so inspiring.
5. Butterfly flying across my car whenever I ask a question from universe. In my world butterfly is an affirmative answer to my qiestion from the universe.
6. I think I am falling in love. I like to be in love with somehong or someone all the time because ot attracts everythinf amazing and beautiful.
7. Got a job offer today. It might not be the one I want but it sure is a door to everything good on my career. I know the one I want is here.
8. I have lost 3 kgs without any exercise by just giving appreciation to my body and being conscious of what i am eating. Cue- I am eating everything.
9. I got friend request from someone I wanted. Yay
10. Manifested someone that i had only seen but had no clue of name or account on social media.
11. I am being recognized for my work exactly What i had written on paper.

Many more to come today as it has not ended yet.
I don't have to do anything. I got a used pair of shoes to help my blister heal. I have money to buy a couple of things.
The weather is really nice.

All in all, another pretty good day in Sir Neil world
I have been in calm and upbeat mood all day
YouTube song from Aha (as filmed in St. Albans Cathedral)
Exercising my democratic right to vote in the council elections
Doing this also gave me a nice stroll to the polling station
A pretty productive afternoon shift at work as well
There were quite a few staff working which was helpful
Sale for £226, the biggest one of the afternoon
My hour on the till was fairly lively with lots of sales
Did cleaning all around the BU and made things look good
Sign from Universe that a workplace goal may be coming
Chat with Bad Luck Ben about political parties
Chat with Lisa about various workplace personalities
Excursion to the loading bay to bring up the delivery
It was mainly all shirts and was pretty easy to put out
Upselling #1: a couple buying an electric blue suit
Upselling #2: a lady looking for trousers to match a blazer
Upselling #3: an Asian family looking at slim fit suits
At one stage I had about 3-4 different customers on the go
Other staff were just as busy as I was which was good
The sales figures are going to look good by the end
The weather looks excellent for my day off on Sunday
In fact, it is looking warm and sunny for all of next week
The journey home from work was nice in the spring aromas
Watching Elementary on Sky One and marvelling at the deduction
Dropped in on my Mum later on and she was absolutely fine
Long night walk around the village and local area for 70 mins
Gratitude in advance for a truly magnificent customer

Another fairly lively day at work and home
The sunshine and temperatures are ticking upwards
YouTube song from The Wedding Present (90's indie)
I have had another CSAT mention and got praise
I sorted out a tricky suit exchange easily enough
Laughing with a customer about a woman's hissy fit
Chat with Playful Preeti about sunshine and Vitamin D
Sale for £223, the biggest transaction of the day today
Sorted out a whole load of repro when in the fitting room
Flurries of custom throughout the day, good for sales
Suits are selling well which really helps sales figures
The amusement of Side Pocket Pat scuttling around
The lovely lady count was high when I was zoning
I was able to make an easy getaway from the floor today
My password for the workplace iPads has been reset
Lynx Africa antiperspirant is half price in Boots
Reading my geopolitics books about the Middle East
Nice wander around the country park at tea time
Fish fingers and potato wedges for dinner tonight
Watching another absorbing episode of Elementary
Updating my 'special compendium' with people and events
Night stroll around the local area before going to bed

I appreciate:

A beautiful sunrise and fantastic run along the trail this morning!
It's a Bank Holiday weekend & the weather is set to be sunny & nice!
Perfect sailing weather, time for a bit of R&R, coasting this weekend!
Making plans to be with fun friends: picnics, BBQs & bike rides.
A very busy working week, managing to fit everything in ... just!
I appreciate Infinite Intelligence guiding me in the right direction.
I appreciate being nimble, reflexive, quick off the mark, agile.
Situational awareness, being right in the present moment, right now!
Right place, right time!
Looking & seeing. Using intelligence. Knowing.
Presence of mind and clarity. Listening to intuition. Listening.
Very good friends, helpful people & attracting the best out of others.
Bernie and co's helpful input and the ripple effect. Infinite Intelligence.
Connecting all the dots simultaneously! Ta Dah!
Very nice TC classes this week with nice, fun friends.
Some interesting instruction and coaching, highlighting tension
Hidden intention coming into view & non resistant deflection.
Flowing all energies wisely, feeling centred, rooted, powerful.
Feeling light, quick, receptive and knowing.
One step ahead of the game!
TC improving KM skills. TC the supreme, ultimate! Yay! ;)
Moving meditation, peaceful flow, letting it all go, ease & wellbeing.
Knowing what I want and loving what I've got!
Lovely, kind, caring and loving Miss. B and
Lovely, fluffy little fatty, purring Miss C!
My place, my stuff and my mates!
Thank you Universe inside and out :) x

I attracted another man of the same sign as the one I thought I wanted to marry!

The weather got nice and clear.

We had a nice couple of hours visiting together.

He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before we parted. 

I feel a bit gitty.

What sign was he ;)

Strange dream about air pollution to analyse
Another busy day at work with lots going on
Warm sunshine and blue skies all day long
Nice ride into work, no careless van drivers etc
YouTube song from Gastr del Sol (strange lyrics)
Once again very busy when it was my turn on the till
Sale for £203, the biggest sale of the day
Chat with Foolish Fatou about accents and words
Apart from one misery guts, customers were in good spirits
I had a bit of chat and banter with some of them
Memorable transaction involving numerous £50 notes
Playful Preeti was on hand to double-count this money
I got quite a bit of repro done in between till and zoning
Chat with Janette about her musical preferences
Moved a load of shorts, and felt useful that way
Once again, the lovely lady count was high today
My super team won and secured Premiership football
A couple of results keep the season going until the end
Stroll around the country park in the warm evening sun
My Mum did a whole load of washing for me and dried it
Sainsbury's delivery has been and I am stocked up again
Did some more planning for a future post on here
Brief stroll around the local area to get Fitbit steps
Day off tomorrow in the sun: fun things planned

One of the terminally-ill cats, it turns out, has a condition that is curable. It was always kind of a mystery as to what was wrong with him, but my vet finally figured it out, we've started him on appropriate meds, and already he's showing signs of improvement. 

Of course, he's not about to let me stop spoiling the hell out of him, even though he's no longer dying, but I think I can live with that, lol. 

I saw the person I'm considering dating.

The weather was very nice.

I slept enough/fine.

I am focusing on getting a free ticket to my goal destination.


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