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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Intimacy has returned to my life!

Today was a much more peaceful day and I expect the same for the evening.

I took a quiet morning almost all to myself.

The weather was cooler.

I may see my love tomorrow!

Saturday 9th June

A busier day at work with more customers than yesterday
Thanks to this, I was kept quite busy all day long
YouTube songs from Death in Vegas (block rocking beats)
Tricky refund which I persisted with and was a success
The lady in question was very honest and understanding
The amusement of General Julia managing everything
I had quite a bit of repro to do in the latter part of morning
My brother, sister-in-law and nephew all paid me a visit
Chat with Hannah for the first time in months, about babies
I got to have my tea break earlier than I have been of late
Chat with Aaron and Wally Head Mark about World Cup squads
Sale for £288 (customer buying suit and various other things)
I avoided a wedding party who came in like a herd of elephants
Chat with Sejal about past lives and good and bad karma
I have got a bumper load of extra hours on Monday next week
Lynx Africa was on offer in Boots and I took advantage of this
England beat Mexico 2-1 to win the Toulon Tournament
This bodes well for the young English players coming through
Watching the 50 most shocking World Cup moments in pm
Welcome snooze on the settee after I had had my lunch
Winding up Clumsy Craig, currently holidaying in Prague
Writing more of my novella in the evening (spring cleaning)
Long-ish night walk around the local area affirming Providence
I have the day off tomorrow and the weather looks quite good
Channelled conversation with higher self about letting go

Blessings to you on the Big Island, may you avoid the lava flows!

I appreciate that we have no such hazards here in southern Minnesota.  What we get are anything from T-storms and the occasional twister or flood to blizzards and bitter cold winter temperatures . . . but no quakes, volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes or wildfires.  This part of the country, all things considered, is pretty safe.

So I feel for you all who live in more hazardous locations, and I pray optimistically that you will all fare well.  I appreciate being in a position that I can say so without reservation, or any but the mildest concern for mine or my family's well-being.

Many blessings to you and yours!

Day off, spent resting around home and cycling
Nice lie in until around 9.15am having slept ok
Youtube songs/mixes from Pilote and Bonobo
A healthy breakfast of cornflakes and Weetabix
Watching ESPN World Cup posts on YouTube
Going back to bed for a while did me some good
Pretty detailed visualisation session at this point
Cycling as far as Chiswell Green to get fitness up
Very nice latte coffee in Starbucks around there
Once again, I got the ideal seat beside the window
I appreciate all of the lovely ladies in there at the time
Making some more intentions for the next few weeks
The ride home along the country lanes was v. nice
The cornfields are starting to ripen and turn golden
Reading a book about Earth angels as I had my lunch
A Sainsbury's order has been put in for tomorrow morn
My Mum gave me some decongestant tablets to take
Watching the Socceraid charity match in the evening
It was a good, entertaining game which ended 3-3
Some of the misses in penalty shoot-out were comical
The text convo I had with 'Dusty' Ray at the time
Winding up Clumsy Craig about Prague thunderstorms
Continuing with my novella later on (lantern gardens)
Long-ish night walk around area affirming feeling better
I intend a convenient doctor's appointment this week

All in all, a better day than it could have been
Slept well during the night and lay in until 9.30am
Lovely sunshine and blue skies all day long
More YouTube clips of classic World Cup games
My Mum brought round a large Sainsbury's delivery
I am now very well stocked up again at home
Arriving at work in plenty of time, no need to rush
Long shift, but time seemed to go quite quickly
Working in kidswear first, and time went quickly
Quite busy first of all when I was on the till
Brief chat with Alicia about weird scientific facts
The amusement of Anne getting annoyed with Claire
I was then seconded to menswear because it was busy
This was much better for me and I had more to do
Brief chat with Caroline about Ghana and W. Africa
Chat with Hamida about Ramadan, fasting and The Hajj
Sidepocket Pat is planning a piss up for England v Tunisia
Night move later on, and things went well there
Despite Ian's indecision, we got everything done
Numerous trips to the 3rd floor stock room to get things
This in turn gave me plenty of exercise and Fitbit steps
I had eye candy in the form of three merchandisers
Anupa appreciated my input in the day's activities
The ride home on clear roads was very pleasant
Online quizzes care of Four-Four-Two magazine

Woke up early enough to do my daily meditation.
Cooked a wonderful lunch for the family
Cooked my own diet brunch
There were queries on the sofa sale, some that came close to finalization
Applied for some wonderful opportunities
Spent some time with ds
Completed second round of meditation in the evening
Enjoyed the new family room arrangement through the day
Talked about my october 21st workshop with the organizer
Enjoyed the chirping of birds on this beautiful summer day
Talked to an online art promoter about writing a blog for them and uploading my art on their shop

I have felt better today: more energy, clearer sinuses etc
YouTube songs from Trademark and Rinocerose (chillout)
Interesting World Cup quizzes on Four Four Two's website
Nice wander around the country park to get exercise
Watching BBC's review of 1990 World Cup as I had lunch
I appreciate that this tournament had numerous big moments
Pretty good afternoon at work with time passing quickly
Big delivery of stuff which was easy to work and put out
Sale for £205.05p, the biggest of the whole afternoon
Chat with Playful Preeti about BHS closure and job searches
We then had a further conversations about town centre developments
There were a few of us working today which made things easier
Chat with Lisa about fears, phobias, films, and foods
It was nice to have her company again on an afternoon shift
Hamza was working today which helped with doing suit fits
Sidepocket Pat has booked a table in Weatherspoons for Monday
Got a lot of recovery done in the last hour and it wasn't boring
Nice ride home in the evening sunshine, without considerate people
Working out a plan for the part of my novella I am now writing
Stroll around the local area affirming momentum in life in general
I have the day off tomorrow with positive things intended

Day off, and a pretty productive one at that
Getting a convenient emergency appointment at Drs
Asking the Angels to clear the phone queue, and they did
The appointment itself was short, sweet and to the point
I have been given some antibiotics which worked before
YouTube song from Phil Collins (1980's pop-rock)
Mid-cadence riding as far as Hemel Hempstead for a change
Getting lost in some random west Hertfordshire villages
I like this feeling as it means I have to use my wits
Finding a way to get to the town centre easily enough
In doing this, I found new places to explore as well
Hemel Hempstead High Street has been regenerated
I now has a little bit of flair among the new town dross
Fountains, a rainbow sculpture, nice riverside and buildings
A couple of trendy new coffee shops have been opened
That said, it still makes me appreciate where I do live
Very nice free cup of coffee in Cafe Nero, Bank Court
The amusement of a chance meeting with Hamida
Listed some zeitgeists and events of summers gone by
This will attract more of the same things to me now
One of two lovely ladies standing out among the chavs
The long ride home through other villages was quite nice
Reading through my 2008 diary whilst I had lunch
More went on during this year than I realised at the time
I appreciate the 'festivity bandwagon' of summer that year
I appreciate the wedding I attended in the Cotswolds
I appreciate all of the random events and stupidity that night
Evening stroll around the local area thinking of amazing life
Feeling excited for what could be happening in coming weeks
A pretty absorbing episode of elementary on Sky Living
Epiphany moment about the need for self-forgiveness
Snooze on my bed afterwards as I was feeling quite tired
Bizarre dream at this point which needs to be analysed
Long walk around Studioland affirming self-forgiveness
The World Cup kicks off tomorrow and I can't wait

I just burned a boat load of calories!

I did get to see the man I care about today.

I have a pass out to do fun things on the weekend.

I'm getting lots of time online today and I made a really cool horse image.

The antibiotics I got yesterday are starting to work
I haven't needed to blow my nose as much today
The World Cup kicks off today, keeping me amused
YouTube song from Sergio Mendes (fun Brazilian music)
YouTube clip of France v Senegal (memorable opening game)
Got to work in plenty of time, despite strong winds
There was plenty of stuff to do all day long, esp. repro
I have some extra hours next week at a v. nice time
I am able to take off a certain Tuesday in October
This prolongs my Autumn holiday by three whole days
Chat with Hema about the Grenfell Tower fire last year
The minute's silence for this was really well observed
Chat with Sophia about her recent holiday in Istanbul
I appreciate that she is open, friendly and savvy
The visual delight of Pretty Charlotte scuttling through store
Chat with Aaron about World Cup squads and players
It was quite busy during my hour working on the till
My Mum has brought round a whole load of beer
The World Cup got off to a really good start in Moscow
Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0 in a goal-filled game
No cagey start at all, as the game was generally open
Russia's main stadium in Moscow looked very impressive
One or two of the goals they scored were really good
Wander around the northern half of the country park
The cornfields are starting to come out in a shade of gold
Nice snooze on my bed once I had had my evening meal
Good visualisation session as I did this, may repetitions
Continuing with chapter plan for part of my novella
Long-ish night walk around the local area thinking pronoia
I am anticipating a pretty good working day tomorrow
I am also anticipating more goal-filled games tomorrow

today is the best day cause I am still alive,  I have a roof over my head, I am moving forward

I woke up on time for an appt

withouth alarm clock

I got good sleep

I am learning what I need to do,  I am learning lots,   of what I need to do, to get through this illness

today is the best day of my life caue I am alive and I can walk and I am supported by the universe 


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