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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I just burned a boat load of calories!

I did get to see the man I care about today.

I have a pass out to do fun things on the weekend.

I'm getting lots of time online today and I made a really cool horse image.

The antibiotics I got yesterday are starting to work
I haven't needed to blow my nose as much today
The World Cup kicks off today, keeping me amused
YouTube song from Sergio Mendes (fun Brazilian music)
YouTube clip of France v Senegal (memorable opening game)
Got to work in plenty of time, despite strong winds
There was plenty of stuff to do all day long, esp. repro
I have some extra hours next week at a v. nice time
I am able to take off a certain Tuesday in October
This prolongs my Autumn holiday by three whole days
Chat with Hema about the Grenfell Tower fire last year
The minute's silence for this was really well observed
Chat with Sophia about her recent holiday in Istanbul
I appreciate that she is open, friendly and savvy
The visual delight of Pretty Charlotte scuttling through store
Chat with Aaron about World Cup squads and players
It was quite busy during my hour working on the till
My Mum has brought round a whole load of beer
The World Cup got off to a really good start in Moscow
Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0 in a goal-filled game
No cagey start at all, as the game was generally open
Russia's main stadium in Moscow looked very impressive
One or two of the goals they scored were really good
Wander around the northern half of the country park
The cornfields are starting to come out in a shade of gold
Nice snooze on my bed once I had had my evening meal
Good visualisation session as I did this, may repetitions
Continuing with chapter plan for part of my novella
Long-ish night walk around the local area thinking pronoia
I am anticipating a pretty good working day tomorrow
I am also anticipating more goal-filled games tomorrow

today is the best day cause I am still alive,  I have a roof over my head, I am moving forward

I woke up on time for an appt

withouth alarm clock

I got good sleep

I am learning what I need to do,  I am learning lots,   of what I need to do, to get through this illness

today is the best day of my life caue I am alive and I can walk and I am supported by the universe 

I appreciate my wife and my family, the bed I just slept in, the warm home that we have, My Life the way it is due to many books I have read enlightening my way. Thank you Dr Joe, you have taught me well

I appreciate my partner for always being there for me and making me so happy. I appreciate the person he is and I love him more than words can say. I can't wait to live with him and to spend the rest of my life with him. I am truly grateful.

I appreciate the strength I have within to believe in myself and follow my dreams despite what anyone thinks. I am grateful for the people that support me no matter what. 

I appreciate my parents for always being there for me and helping me whenever I need them. They are the best and I love them so much.

I appreciate my friends for always making an effort and always making me laugh so much! They are always there whenever I need them.

I appreciate that I have the strength and will power to achieve my goals and always have money behind me. 

I appreciate that every  morning I wake up and breathe, and that I have another day to live :) 

My cold is getting better: antibiotics working
My nose and sinuses have felt a lot clearer
YouTube song from Calvin Harris (2000's dance)
I had a safe journey to and from work
A pretty busy day on the sales floor with custom
Lack of managers, meaning a relaxed atmosphere
I eventually sorted out a whiny and obtuse woman
Egypt v Uruguay had stoppage-time drama
Father's Day weekend will mean a busy Saturday
Lisa suggested a nice cafe for me to ride to soon
I checked it out in my teabreak and it does look good
It is an interesting ride there through country lanes
On the till in the last hour and things got quite busy
Chat with Lisa about TEFL teaching and drinking
The amusement of Ashwin wittering on about circuit boards
Got my glasses fixed at Vision Express and there are better
Colgate Gum Protecting toothpaste is on offer in Boots
I had a safe journey home: no idiot van drivers etc
Morocco v Iran also has stoppage-time drama
Stroll around the country park in the early evening
Had a go on the outdoor gym and exercise muscles
My Mum has got me some 3/4 length shorts from Sports Direct
Portugal v Spain later on was an absolutely brilliant game
It finished 3-3 and had all sorts of thrills and spills
Goals, controversy, skill, attacking play, and a hat trick
The 2018 World Cup is now very much up and running
Text convos with Ray and Tyler whilst the game was playing
I have freed up a lot of memory space on my phone and What's App
Night walk around the local area affirming easy flow of life

Beutiful day today
A general happy feeling
Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with ds and family
Being able to cook all 3 meals at home
Good meditation session
A bloomed gardenia flower
Flowers blooming in my front yard
DS liking my new dinner recipe better than what he has ever eaten
A beautiful night
Watching standup comedy with DS
Getting some house cleaning done
Just being happy, loving, thoughtful and being me

I appreciate:

Getting everything done I wanted, this working week
Spending time relaxing and a nice chilled out weekend planned.
Beautiful B and cute little Miss C ... Counting my lucky stars :)xx
Nice sunny weather for gardening & working on outside projects.
Keeping up momentum & moving forward in surprising ways.
Listening to intuition, impulses & drives ... Simple harmonic motion ...
Noticing unexpected, intriguing perspectives illuminating the way.
Changing tack easily, appreciating lightness of being & reflexivity.
Redirecting energies, pivotal deflection, yielding yet rooted.
Balance and flow. Equal and opposite. Merging.
Tensegrity: Internal adaptive architectures, fascia.
Conjuring ephemeral, external 'realities' in the blink of my 'I'!
Hanging Five out here on a Leading Edge!
Where? Right here! Right now! Waving!
My board appreciation, surfing the spectrum.
Tripping the light fantastic!
Thanks Universe inside and out!
Feeling 'tapped in, tuned in, turned on' AHhhh
Yes indeed! ;)

YouTube song from Stone Roses (mid 90's indie)
YouTube clips of Brazil v France and Belgium v USSR (1986)
Got to work on time despite high street being congested
Due to it being Fathers' Day, the store was very busy
Plenty of custom and plenty of sales all day long
The first two hours of the morning absolutely flew by
Chat with Anupa and Ian at tea break about art and culture
I appreciate that Ian is a surprisingly cultured companion
Text from Prankster Darren suggesting a beer this evening
This was music to my ears: an intention manifesting nicely
Chat with Posh Anne about World Cup results and VAR
By and large, customers were pleasant and friendly today
We had plenty of staff in and enough people to get it all done
Argentina v Iceland produced a slight shock score line of 1-1
France v Australia has the talking point of a VAR goal for winner
Peru v Denmark was a fairly absorbing game with a missed penalty
Drinking in town with Prankster Darren and Nicci later on
Starting off in the One Crown which was pleasantly uncrowded
In fact, everywhere we went was pleasantly uncrowded
An unusual chat about shipwrecks, treasure and sea battles
Getting a table in Weatherspoons on a summer Saturday night
Chats about weddings, Las Vegas and bizarre hotels there
Getting a table in Bodegas which is usually busy as heck
Moving on to Walkabout afterwards, which had good DJ's on
The walk home afterwards burnt off all the beer I had drunk

I have spent the morning with my lover. The weather is fairly nice.

Sunday 17th June

Pretty easy entry as I have spent most of the day in bed with a hang-over
Having a comfortable bed and memory foam mattress to sleep it all off
Youtube song from Quincy Jones (silly-sounding bossa nova music)
Youtube clips of the 1958 and 1962 World Cup Finals (involving Brazil)
The weather forecast looks pretty good for the next two weeks
Managing to eat something around the middle of the day
Having Antacid and stomach-settling medication in the flat
Mexico shocked holders Germany with a surprise 1-0 victory
This was just the shock result the tournament has needed
It also goes to show that Germany aren't invincible or unbeatable
Feeling a bit better once I had had a shower in the late afternoon
Brazil v Switzerland was a bit underwhelming but did have a wonder goal
Excited thoughts about maybe having the weekend off at end of June


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