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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I appreciate:

Running along the nature trail at first light.
Dew drenched cobwebs twinkling in the light.
And a beautiful dawn chorus.
The serenity & stillness of early morning.
Fresh salty, sea air and clear, calm waters.
The gentle splash of waves breaking on rocks.
Interesting colourful, visiting boats and barges moored close by.
Listening to the steady beat of my footfall all along the path.
Feeling fit & limber, loving speed, strength and ease of movement.
Tai Chi & Qigong on the beach feeling rooted, centred, balanced.
Practicing stillness inside moving meditations.
Feeling ease. Refreshed & happy.
Making smoothies and drop pancakes with B for our breakfast.
Dancing La Vida Loca  the kitchen while whipping up batter!
Miss C looking at us a little bit startled while enjoying the first of :
Two lip smackingly good sardine breakfasts!
Miss C later resting on the sofa and having a gentle snooze.
Miss B eventually finding her 'lost' car keys in her bag! Hooray!
Having plenty of time every day to lark about before work!
Having a funny, gorgeous and gifted girlfriend to lark about with! :)x
A great weekend, Hoby Cattin' & messing about down at the beach.
Relaxing and chilling out with friends. Picnics & BBQs.
Time for cooking, gardening and some painting. Life's sweet!
Thank you Universe inside and out! We love you! :) x
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! AH ;)

Monday 18th June

Day off, and it has been a pretty productive one at that
Woke up feeling considerably better than I did yesterday
YouTube clips of England v France (1982) and England v Tunisia (1998)
YouTube song from Englandunited (underrated sports anthem)
Stroll to the hair salon in the village to get blonde highlights put in
The stylist did a very good job and made conversation
I now have a lively summer look and a shock of blonde hair
Walking home the long way to burn off some calories
It had cleared over into a lovely warm day with clear blue skies
Back home to do some more planning for chapter of my novella
Sweden beat South Korea 1-0 with a penalty given by VAR
The VAR has added a whole new dimension to this World Cup
Belgium v Panama was a lively enough game once it got going
Once they scored, the quality of the Belgians showed through
Eventually getting a bus into town and it was a pretty easy journey
Watching the England game in Weatherspoons with workmates
It was a pretty absorbing game with some drama at the end
England took the lead, got pegged back, and then changed things
It was attack v defence in the second half but we persisted
We scored a winning goal in the 94th minute, finishing 2-1 England
The technique of the headed winning goal was fantastic
That goal puts a much more cheery complexion on things
The amusement of Sidepocket Pat getting a bit excited at the end
We then had chats about big moments in our clubs' histories
A number of other people came along, even if I didn't expect them to
Walking home from town and burning off the two pints I drank
Having a cheap night out and returning with change from £15
A further night walk a while later then added to this tally
Having the money, health, mobility and mates to do all of this

My bf gets my sense if humor and we may be moving south 3 hrs in about two weeks!

Yes, I certainly appreciated this as well!

Tuesday 19th June

Feeling better once more, and I have had more energy today
Youtube song from Electronic (early 90's dance collaboration)
Nice wander around the country park before having lunch
Japan caused a bit of a shock, beating Colombia 2-1
This was helped by a penalty and red card early on
A reasonably eventful afternoon at work which passed the time
Helping out in the cafe for the first hour and having a change
Customers were fine then, not snappy as they can be there
I am allowed to take 29th and 30th off as annual leave
This will give me a window to have a weekend away somewhere
When Edward told me this, my spirits lifted quite a bit
Chat with Sidepocket Pat during teabreak about football
Senegal chalked up a 2-1 win over Poland in Moscow
We have had a full round of matches and haven't had a 0-0 yet
Sale for £215 which was the biggest in a few days
We had Hamza to help with suits and beef up the numbers
Going home a different way in order to deliver birthday card
This gave me a pleasant change, riding through the park
Russia beat Egypt 3-1 in St. Petersburg and go rolling on
Nice snooze on my bed once the match had finished
Looking throgh possible destinations and hostels later

I am seeing my bf for breakfast.

Wednesday 20th June

Eventually managing to get off to sleep last night
Youtube clips of moments from the 1994 World Cup in USA
Getting into work despite congestion in a few places
Earlier start and earlier finish at work which was nice
Suit fit which resulted in a sale of £233
The customer was ok when he could have been ratty
Managing to find an ipad with enough battery charge
I appreciate my mornng tea break, getting away from it all
Staying calm in the face of time-wasters and obtuse people
Another sale later on for around £200 which was good
A Sparks event has driven up footfall in the store
Upselling two smart shirts to a father and son
Suit fit for skinny adolescent wasn't as hard as thought
I managed to get away from a slow-witted customer at the end
Very nice latte coffee in Cafe Insomnia afterwards
Doing some planning for my weekend away soon
Wrote out an ideal scene to send to the Universe soon
My Mum & Aunty have credited some money as a birthday present
This will make a number of things possible over coming months
Welcome snooze on the settee once I had had my lunch
Booking up 3 nights away in Paris at the end of the month
The weather is going to be very good at the time
This should make up for a cloudy week there last year
Getting booked in at a big and convenient hostel in the centre
Getting a cheap-ish return on the Eurostar at good times
This is the resulf of an intention I made a few weeks ago
I am doing something life-affirming in World Cup month
Spain v Iran was a pretty absorbing game in the evening
It was livened up by another significant VAR decision
That particular group is now finely-poised for the last game
20 games in and we still haven't had a goalless draw yet
Replying to emails I have received on here of late
Nice night walk around the local area affirming peace

My new love told me he had feelings for me!

Thursday 21st June

All things considered, a pretty positive day
Slept well during the night and felt better than yesterday
YouTube songs from Alex Gopher and Nightmares on Wax
Bright and breezy on the way in: pleasant riding conditions
Suit fit quite early on for a very appreciative customer
This livened up the first hour of my working day
A leak in the ceiling created all sorts of comical chaos
It was all hands to the pump to rescue the stock
Most of the stock was consolidated and saved
I avoided a snarky and rude customer when on the till
Second suit fit of the day which resulted in a sale
Successful click and collect order for a pack a Mac
Denmark v Australia was livened up by another VAR decision
(A second half penalty for Australia which was then scored)
Sale for £434.65p, the biggest I have had in months
I appreciate the chubby-cute brunette girl who returned some bras
Happy Hannah put in an appearance and greeted me joyfully
We then had a pretty joyful conversation in the middle of sales floor
It was lovely to see her again, and she is still the same
She says that she will 'visit me' at some point over the summer
This put a smile on my face and brought some sunshine into my day
I appreciate the chubby-cute girl who came for an interview
Ryan and Leo are coming back to work on menswear over the summer
Any clouds cleared over to leave a lovely afternoon and evening
In the evening World Cup game, Croatia shocked Argentina 3-0
This was another (slightly) surprising result and score line
It means that that group is also all to play for in the last game
Some of their goals were either comical or of great quality
Looking up things do to in Las Vegas and Los Angeles for a friend
This has made me want to visit Las Vegas when I go to California
My Mum and Aunty had a safe journey to Northern Ireland

Friday 22nd June

Slightly sluggish start, but I livened up after breakfast
YouTube clips of moments from the 1974 World Cup
Busy once again at work and had things to keep me busy
Helping to move all of the fixtures back into essentials
The area which had the leak yesterday has been cleaned up
Surprisingly, it doesn't actually smell too bad or manky
Successful suit fit for a skinny adolescent (always tricky)
The customer was very understanding during delays
Speaking some French with the commercial manager
When I needed help with a refund, Philippa obliged
Sale for £374.50p right at the end of the day, the biggest
Brazil scored two stoppage time goals to beat Costa Rica 2-0
Bulk-buying plenty of fruit and veg from the food hall at work
I have eaten and drunk very healthily all day long today
Having felt dehydrated, I have drunk about 7 pints of water
Nigeria produced a stirring second half to beat Iceland 2-0
The goals they scored were fantastically well-worked
Later on, Switzerland came from behind to beat Serbia 2-1
A quarter of the way in, and there still hasn't been a 0-0 draw
Drinking in the pub with Lisa and various others in the evening
The various others provided the conversation which I appreciated
I have been roped into going to see an Abba tribute band tomorrow

I appreciate:

Another great week getting all my To Dos, 'To Done' easily! Yay! ;)
Great colleagues doing their stuff and bringing home the bacon!
Thanks Roger!
Fine business for sure! Thank you gang! :)
I appreciate out of office procedures deflating the over inflated! ;)
Avoiding dreadful, know it all, windbags, full of hot air & other stuff! ;)
Engaging in some great talks with aligned, up to speed, individuals.
Plans moving along nicely & gathering pace & making me feel groovy!
Good vibes all the way there and back again!
Meeting up with Miss B for lunch down at the waterfront on Tuseday
And Friday! Yay! Feeding the ducks! Quackers & more Duck speak!
Netball shenanigans and having 'a ball'!
Netballers & friends crowding out the house
And enjoying 'match teas' ! ;)
We appreciate SM's Dad sending round the feast! OMG!
Everything imaginable and lychee too! A regular banquet! :)
Miss C holding her ground in the middle of the window seat! :)x
Running the nature trail most days and loving the view, the fresh air,
The wildlife and the feeling of being alive. Clarity. Freedom.
Tai Chi & Qigong on the beach & in the studio with excellent peeps!
Nicely in sync. Flowing. Feeling the buzz, chi rising.
Ripple effects. Harmony. Full spectrum. Enlightenment.
Underground art and politics right at the end of the line!
Who knew? Artful & Jammie Dodgers! A Cookie Collective, for sure!
Livin' it large down at THz 606!
Freedom to think! :D
Freedom to write artful ambiguity
Red, every which way, the shrinking horizon guard saving us all.
Whispers vaporising on the margins
A feint rule underlined by batons keeping time all ways.
Notes from another universe, sticky, little sachets like Sweet 'N Low!
Synthetic replacement.
Fat free. Gluten free. Dairy free. Sugar free.
The meat free bacon in your continental sandwich!
Bringing your very own gilded bars to guilt us in
While we sip, like sheep, our alc. free Beerwulf & howl at the moon.
All hail the Freedom Free.
Word salads tossed & dressed in a dozen, shining Michelin stars.

Thank you so much Ma

I know why the caged bird sings.
Feeling fab, feeling fit, feeling fantastic!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! Ah!
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

Saturday 23rd June

All in all, a pretty good day with good feelings
YouTube songs from Ultrabeat (2000's happy hardcore)
Up and out early, feeling quite optimistic for the day
Extra hours today which will help pay for next weekend
Cracked on with repro in first hour and got a lot done
Chat with interesting customer about Chinese medicine and herbalism
He also gave me some handy hints about healing dry skin
The answer was water drinking and I have been doing that
Lack of managers today so a relaxed atmosphere prevailed
Any suit fits I had today were all pretty easy to do
I appreciate the chubby-cute girl paying with Love to Shop cards
I appreciated both of my breaks when they came around
I reunited a husband and wife who had lost each other
Chat with Wally Head Mark about customers' immature antics
Belgium entertained in the World Cup with a 5-2 win over Tunisia
Lisa appreciated the birthday greeting on her Facebook wall
Mexico played attackingly in a 2-1 win over South Korea
Stroll around the green spaces of the local area in the evening
I appreciate the chubby-cute girl doing majorette practice
Had a very healthy dinner of baked potato, tuna and fresh veg
Germany v Sweden was s fantastic game with last-minute drama
It finished 2-1 to Germany and had all sorts of talking points
Later on, I designed a creative birthday card for Dipstick Barry
My Mum and Aunty are absolutely fine in Northern Ireland
I now have two days off work with fun stuff planned on both


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