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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Tuesday 10th July

Working later today, so I got to have a lie in until around 9.30am
It is definitely cooler today than compared to the weekend
Youtube songs from Petula Clark (a voice of Swinging Britain)
Youtube footage of moments from the 2006 World Cup in Germany
The building manager has been cutting away foliage from the leak
This could mean that the leak in the carpark in getting fixed
A surprisingly good graveyard shift at work with things to do
I forgot my swipe card but I probably won't matter too much
Whenever I needed to be let in, someone was around to swipe
Sale means that the store continues to be busy even late on
Edward sorted out a tricky transaction involving an exchange
We had quite a few staff in today thanks to a floor move
Transaction for £255 (couple buying all sorts of items)
Chats with Lisa about my weekend, and the Christmas party
I got out of doing the floor move, and also get tomorrow off
Excursions to the basement to thieve numerous rails
I had a load of tagging to do, which passed the last hour
In the World Cup, France beat Belgium 1-0 to reach the final
Although a low-scoring game, it had its moments of excitement
Should they win on Sunday, they would be deserving champions
I gave the flat a much-needed clean and tidy later on


time spent tidying up the garden

Wednesday 11th July

Day off and a nice lie in until around 9.30am
YouTube song from Collapsed Lung (another football anthem)
YouTube footage of classic World Cup semi finals
Saying no to a night out at Croxley Rugby Club
Medium cadence as far as Radlett to get fitness up
Very nice latte coffee in Cafe Nero whilst over that way
Continuing with the write up of my Brighton travel journal
It has been quite a nice day: pleasantly warm, sunny and breezy
When a t**t opened his car door in front of me, I avoided injury
I stayed reasonably calm in the aftermath of this
We may be getting some precipitation over the coming week
Alternative plans were made to watch the England game later
Watching the game in the company of Bald Rodney and companions
He has a pretty big house: ideal for large football watching gatherings
England lost the game 2-1 but have probably avoided a disappointing day on Sunday
A young squad has reached the semi finals and put some hoodoos to rest
They have also reconnected with fans and recreated a feel good factor
They can come home with their heads held high and be very proud
As for Croatia, this splendid World Cup now has an entirely new finalist
I appreciate that Bald Rodney has some very personable friends
I also appreciate that some of his friends are rather comely
I appreciate that I have goals to achieve away from football (which I can't control anyway)

I appreciate:

1.  The lovely time I had over the holiday with my family and friends.

2.  My mom was able to visit with me for a week.

3.  The lovely fine china delights I found at an antique store.

4.  The quiet and peace of early morning.

5.  The compliments my supervisor gave me about my work.

6.  The nudges the Universe gives me to find joy and gratitude in everything.

7.  New friends that I have made recently.

9.  My dream job.

10.  My dream home that is tailored to me.

11.  All the good and beautiful things in the world.

12.  My mom and I enjoyed a manicure/pedicure together.


The feel good factor is back in English football. Thanks guys.

Now...This time I  am spending applying for jobs

Good luck with the job hunting :)


Lads holiday away to Northern Ireland
The vibrancy of New Millennium Belfast
Sightseeing around the Giants Causeway
The tour of Bush Mills whisky distillery
Sunday walk around Harrow on the Hill
New road tyres fitted to my bike (puncture resistant)
Sunday morning coffee in Starbucks, Chiswell Green
Lisa continues to be a pleasant and engaging companion
Cycle ride as far as Hemel Hempstead in the sun
Being able to prolong my Autumn holiday by a few days
The World Cup in Russia got off to a cracking start
Spain v Portugal was a pulsating game
Night out in town with Prankster Darren and Nicci
Blonde highlights put in my hair which look good
England got their campaign off to a winning start
My Mum and Aunty gave me money to finance holidays
Being able to take the weekend off at the end of June
Eventually settling on a long weekend in summery Paris
Happy Hannah put in an appearance and brightened my day
My Mum and Aunty had a pleasant trip to Ireland
Chat with an interesting customer about Chinese medicine
Lazy Sunday at home watching World Cup games
Doing a good deed and helping Clumsy Craig move his shed
Glorious day out in the east London sunshine
Great pictures of Olympic Park, canal and St. Paul's
Glorious day out in the summer sunshine of St. Albans
Getting beautiful pictures of Verulam Park and around
Sidepocket Pat has been really good for football conversation
There has been a nice atmosphere on the Football Nostalgia group
I have also had banter on a What's App group
Very efficient Eurostar ride right into Paris
Wandering along the Rive Gauche following sunset
Getting some beautiful pics of the Eiffel Tower by night
Being in Paris on a very vibrant and festive weekend
Getting pics of La Voie Triomphale in the sunshine
Getting pics of futuristic La Defense in the sunshine
Being in Bastille when France played in a thrilling game
Beautiful Montmartre and Sacre Coeur on a sunny Sunday
Drinking on the canalside with friends I had made at hostel
Japan v Belgium was yet another fantastic World Cup game
Work schedules very much been in my favour of late
England finally won another penalty shoot out
By and large the weather has been sunny with blue skies
I have found plenty of World Cup memories to post on Facebook
The extra hours and overtime are coming back at work
We have three good summer temps working in menswear
England won their hoodoo match of a tournament quarter final
Overnight stay in Brighton doing a nostalgia trek
Visiting all of my old haunts around the city, from my student years
Getting all sorts of colourful and quirky pictures
Getting an especially beautiful one of the city at sunset
Being able to walk miles and miles and get fitness up
Finding a backpacker lodge in a very convenient location
London, St. Albans, Paris, Brighton: I keep finding myself in lovely places
Watching An England game with lads mates and lovely ladies
Sunflower's very helpful messages about various things
Having fun, exploring lots and generally enjoying life
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things

Thursday 12th July

Not feeling too disappointed by England's defeat
Not feeling too tired or groggy when I woke up
Easy ride to work in the cool of the early morning
There even felt like a bit of moisture in the air
Working different hours: early start and finish
Intending for a productive day and I got it
Whacked out stacks of shoes and essentials
Staff briefing about changes within the company
Don't think any of them will affect me too much though
As usual, it was quite busy when it was my time on the till
The amusement of Anupa blaming me for the England defeat
I processed a tricky refund involving multiple receipts
I may be getting a card referral or a quality conversation
Lovely hazelnut latte in Cafe Insomnia once finished
Continued the write up of my Brighton travel journal
The new shopping centre is really coming on now
Very welcome snooze on my bed once I had had my lunch
Getting a few sundry items from Tesco later on in evening
I am working some very nice hours once again tomorrow
Plans have been made to go out on Sunday evening
My Mum gave me some argon oil to rub into dry skin
Giving thanks in advance for a downpour sometime soon
The leak in the carpark should be getting fixed on Monday
Updating my Spotify playlists with numerous cool songs


watching a beautiful sunrise this morning

cooler weather with some light rain in the air, very refreshing

it's the weekend, more time to enjoy myself


this cutest ever video, Stephanie shared on another thread

Friday 13th July

Another early start and early finish which was nice
YouTube song from XTM (more 2000's happy hardcore)
YouTube footage of the 1982 World Cup in Spain
Cracked on with a whole load of tagging first of all
The amusement of Charlie fretting about Friday the 13th
Flurry of custom mid-morning which livened things up
I avoided all of the awkward customers during the day
(This included a pair of dimwits who I used to work with)
The amusing couple talking about the contents of man drawers
Chat with Anupa about her previous employment roles
Finishing early and cycling home a different way for a change
I negotiated the traffic bottleneck at the athletics stadium
The new parade of shops being built, is really coming on
This is another example of council investment in the town
Reading 'Thank and Grow Rich' whilst having lunch
Nice snooze on my bed once I had had said lunch
Fairly long stroll around the village in the early evening
Text convo with my Mum about photography tips
Parched Britain has had some much-needed rain tonight
It was fairly significant as well, and is probably measurable
It has freshened things up and reduced all the dust in the air
It has also given the parks and gardens a much-needed drink
Britain is now slightly less like marquis scrubland in France
Stroll around the local area sending out some intentions


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