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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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an evening watching the Hobbit. In my opinion the greatest movie ever made

Saturday 7th July

After a slow start, the day improved as things wore on
YouTube songs from Gala and The Grid (90's electronica)
I managed to get myself up and out to work on time
Didn't feel too sleepy despite not really sleeping last night
I have found the location of a really cool Brighton picture
Pleasant ride to work in the cool of the early morning
Several extra hours today working from 7am to 3pm
Worked a fair bit of delivery and did some repro first of all
Remerchandised a whole load of electrical gadgets
Excursions to the third floor stock room to find metalworks
I have had a much more varied day today than yesterday
Kirsty sorted out what could have been a tricky refund
Anupa and Barbara sorted out a tricky sale with vouchers
I was quite relieved when my first tea break came around
Started to cheer up and liven up once I had had my breakfast
I appreciate the toast and (Seville) marmalade which I had
Chat with Debbie about her contract wrangles with managers
Helping a customer with a 30inch waist, which he appreciated
Coming to the aid of a stricken customer who had cut her foot
Chat with Banging Lisa who was passing through the store
Sale for £255.30p, the biggest of the day (customer with jacket)
That particular piece of Upselling rather put a smile on my face
Chat with Anupa about her holiday in Brussels and Belgium
Getting out on time and getting home in time for England game
The ride home through largely traffic-free streets was pleasant
England put in a fine performance as they beat Sweden 2-0
In doing so, we won a quarter final which is our hoodoo game
We didn't sit back on the lead and attacked throughout the game
We looked composed and comfortable against a stubborn team
Our criticised goalkeeper pulled off three fantastic saves
I am also really pleased that we didn't concede any goals
In beating Sweden we have also beaten a tournament foe
We are now in the World Cup semi final and anything can happen
We are also gaining momentum and getting better each game
Changes to Saturday night plans has probably benefitted me
Fish and chips for dinner tonight and they were very tasty
Russia v Croatia later on was livened up by a glorious goal
Normal time wasn't overly exciting, but extra time certainly was
It finished 2-2 and was then followed by the drama of penalties
England now play Croatia in what will be a great occasion
I have now got my packing finished for my seaside sojourn
Night walk around the local area affirming a glorious day


a very enjoyable weekend. Life is so good to me :)


another awesome sunny day today


Sunday 8th July

All things Brighton beautiful day #1
YouTube songs from The Cardigans (student era reminder)
Up early and feeling excited: greeted by sunshine
My Mum gave me a lift to the station which helped
Train to London perfectly on time and travel was easy
Nice cup of tea from the platform vendor at the station
It felt quite liberating not having to lug a heavy case around
Tube to a Victoria station was good and easy
I also managed to find the coach station easily enough
Comfortable and conditioned coach ride down to Brighton
Devised another walking tour as we crawled through S. London
I appreciate the pretty, brunette Australian girl sat beside me
I appreciate the rolling countryside of the Sussex Downs
Reading 'There's only two David Beckhams' during coach ride
Feeling some kind of inner emotional reaction to the story
Arriving in Brighton after only two hours on the coach
Finding the hostel I am staying in tonight, easily enough
Being able to drop my case off there and then go exploring
Higher humidity now so my skin has more moisture than it did
Finding Brighton's answer to the Painted Ladies on a nearby hill
Getting a rather arty and colourful picture of these houses
Getting a nice shot of the Mazada fountain and TSB building
Lunch items from M&S and the conversation I had with staff
Following the sun along Western Road 'continental strip'
Preston Street: Brighton's cosmopolitan 'restaurant row'
The Wick Inn: symbol of cosy conviviality when I lived nearby
St. John's Church: symbol of Divine presence in my life then
Holland House: the pick of the student residences, and I lived there
Brunswick Lawns: community focal point right beside the sea
The Brunswick Estate: attractive Regency housing development
Embassy Court: photogenic Art Deco vestibule, esp. since revamp
Seafront health walk: novel innovation promoting good living
I appreciate that plans are under way to further redevelop seafront
Old structures and eyesore buildings are due to be removed
Brighton's seafront is arguably the best in the country for photos
The colour and novelty of the Artists' Quarter and around
The Global Carnival found by the carousel and the Palace Pier
The salinity of the sea and the health-giving properties of its air
Lovely cup of hazelnut latte in Costa Coffee, North Laines
I appreciate the rest and the cool off which I had in there
The skies began to clear somewhat after that, with blueness
Getting some shots of the beach and the Old Laines
I appreciate the slightly old world atmosphere around here
I appreciate the smells and aromas from the continental eateries
Colourful pictures from all of the quirky shopfronts of North Laines
I am very grateful that places such as these exist in Britain
Brighton Pavillion: arguably Britain's best architectural folie
Checking into the hostel easily enough and going for a shower
I appreciate the chubby-cute far eastern girl in my dormitory
The hostel is nice inside, better than it looks from the street
They also do breakfast in the dining room (not said on website)
Feeling a lot better and cleaner once I had had the shower
Dinner in the wonderful Cafe Bella in nearby Kemp Town
As usual, it was cheap and cheerful and the service was quick
Being in the right place at the right time as the sun went down
Getting some FANTASTIC sunset pictures over water from the pier
I appreciate Brighton's Toronto-esque skyline at sunset
Got a brilliant shot of skyline, sunset, water and carousel
Once I had played around with sliders, I had created a masterpiece
This came about from a complete mispress of the button
Exploring the Old Laines in the peace and quiet of the evening
The can of Budweiser I bought from a 24-7 mini mart shop
Then exploring the other-worldly Dyke Road area afterwards
I appreciate its relaxed residential vibe and Regency buildings
YouTube song from Heights of Abraham (peaceful ambient groove)
Reminders of the student-era 'coda' spent over the summer
I appreciate that my life has moved on a whole lot since then
Duke of York's picture house: a rare art house, independent cinema
The Brighton skyline as seen from high up in Blakers Park
I appreciate its nocturnally lit, Manueline clock tower in centre
I appreciate that Brighton is blessed with ornamental clock towers
Stroll around peaceful Round Hill where I lived in my final year
Memories of how household dynamics thawed out after Christmas
Paying attention to backache and calling it a night there and then
Sleeping pretty well despite it being quite warm in the dormitory
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things
Being a student in Brighton which was the right place for me
Having such a fun and quirky city within easy reach of my home

Monday 9th July

All things Brighton beautiful day #2
Slept pretty well overnight, despite a hot room
Generally, people were quiet when they came in
Nobody turned any lights on when they came in either
Very nice breakfast in the hostel dining room, which filled me up
I rather like the feeling of being a backpacker in my own country
YouTube songs from Chicane (Ibiza trance, and student memories)
Finding pamphlets to read whilst I had my breakfast
Getting some good pictures around the Old Steine in town
These included the Art Deco toilets which have been turned into a cafe
Sauntering around the gift and souvenir shops of North Street
Lewes Road Sainsbury's: memories of Sunday morning shopping
Ascending the steep hill opposite made me puff a little bit
I appreciate my 2nd year student house and household
I appreciate that the lads I shared with were the right people for me
I appreciate how their confidence and life experience rubbed off on me
I appreciate how the house share came about when nothing was going
Getting some water to drink in the Elm Grove General Store
I appreciate the Sunday job I had in this shop years ago
The money earned certainly came in handy over that year
Colourful pastille-painted houses in the Elm Grove side streets
The tranquil beauty of Queens Park: one of my favourite places
The pastoral atmosphere of quaint, villagey Kemp Town
The far campier atmosphere of the other end of Kemp Town
Lunch in Cafe Bella once again (always worth appreciating)
Afternoon coffee in an independent coffee shop in the North Laines
I appreciate that there is an abundance of choice in this area
Settling upon Wai Kick A Moo Cow and it's great cafe name
The coffee was vegan friendly and had a 'healthy' taste to it
Lengthy walk from there to Preston Circus, and then seafront
Passed sub-let I lived in and this shook loose some memories from then
I appreciate the lovely Regency houses around Montpellier Crescent
Regency Square gave rise to memories of clowning around with Sir Timothy
I appreciate being able to store my case in the hostel's luggage room
Air conditioned coach back to London Victoria which was v. nice
Being able to sleep some of the way, and waking up an hour in
Eventually getting home after what seemed like a very drawn-out journey
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things


waking from a deep and peaceful nights sleep to a brand new day full of amazing possibilities

Potato chips. Lunch time with my lover.

Texting a friend, smoothies. My lover got to work this week, Running into acquaintances, giving a friend some coffee,

internet time, housing authorities with open wait lists, candy, air conditioning, email, my phone, dreaming of having social security income coming very soon, enough solid sleep

Tuesday 10th July

Working later today, so I got to have a lie in until around 9.30am
It is definitely cooler today than compared to the weekend
Youtube songs from Petula Clark (a voice of Swinging Britain)
Youtube footage of moments from the 2006 World Cup in Germany
The building manager has been cutting away foliage from the leak
This could mean that the leak in the carpark in getting fixed
A surprisingly good graveyard shift at work with things to do
I forgot my swipe card but I probably won't matter too much
Whenever I needed to be let in, someone was around to swipe
Sale means that the store continues to be busy even late on
Edward sorted out a tricky transaction involving an exchange
We had quite a few staff in today thanks to a floor move
Transaction for £255 (couple buying all sorts of items)
Chats with Lisa about my weekend, and the Christmas party
I got out of doing the floor move, and also get tomorrow off
Excursions to the basement to thieve numerous rails
I had a load of tagging to do, which passed the last hour
In the World Cup, France beat Belgium 1-0 to reach the final
Although a low-scoring game, it had its moments of excitement
Should they win on Sunday, they would be deserving champions
I gave the flat a much-needed clean and tidy later on


time spent tidying up the garden

Wednesday 11th July

Day off and a nice lie in until around 9.30am
YouTube song from Collapsed Lung (another football anthem)
YouTube footage of classic World Cup semi finals
Saying no to a night out at Croxley Rugby Club
Medium cadence as far as Radlett to get fitness up
Very nice latte coffee in Cafe Nero whilst over that way
Continuing with the write up of my Brighton travel journal
It has been quite a nice day: pleasantly warm, sunny and breezy
When a t**t opened his car door in front of me, I avoided injury
I stayed reasonably calm in the aftermath of this
We may be getting some precipitation over the coming week
Alternative plans were made to watch the England game later
Watching the game in the company of Bald Rodney and companions
He has a pretty big house: ideal for large football watching gatherings
England lost the game 2-1 but have probably avoided a disappointing day on Sunday
A young squad has reached the semi finals and put some hoodoos to rest
They have also reconnected with fans and recreated a feel good factor
They can come home with their heads held high and be very proud
As for Croatia, this splendid World Cup now has an entirely new finalist
I appreciate that Bald Rodney has some very personable friends
I also appreciate that some of his friends are rather comely
I appreciate that I have goals to achieve away from football (which I can't control anyway)


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