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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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My hair color turned out to be exactly as I wanted it.

Saturday 21st July

Once again, feeling quite peaceful when I woke up
YouTube songs from Deep Forest (90's ethno-ambient)
Yet another busy day with really good takings
Helping newbies with awkward transactions on the till
Being strong-willed with an awkward customer with Intu cards
Several sales over the total of £100 during the day
I have got a whole load of extra hours for next week
That said, I have also got some really nice days off too
Suit fit for a mid-30's customer (very nice bloke too)
The spiritual post from a former schoolmate which got me thinking
Plans being made for a night out somewhere nearby tonight
Nice snooze on my bed when I had had some lunch
Stroll around the country park in the mid-evening sunshine
Getting some salad vegetables which were on sale in Tesco
Interesting documentary on Sky Arts about the music of Meat Loaf
Drinking in the Kings Head with Mr. and Mrs. A. later on
Chats about former jobs, colleagues and television of yesteryear
Further chats about dogs, spirit animals, and past life experiences
The several pints of County Cumbria I drank whilst in there
The walk home from the village did me all sorts of good

Sunday 22nd July

Enjoyable lazy Sunday, pottering around at home
Nice lie in until around 9.20am having slept well
YouTube song from Fleetwood Mac (Albatross)
Reading through old entries on the appreciation thread
Cycling into town to get fitness up and buy coconut oil
Getting a 10% discount on coconut oil with Intu card
The feeling of summertime festivity along the High St
Very nice peppermint latte in Starbucks, Cafe Quarter
Listing some future things to appreciate whilst in there
Cloud cover today so things haven't felt as hot
Once again, I have eaten and drunk very healthily today
Continuing to read appreciation thread whilst having lunch
I have felt pretty calm, peaceful and positive today
The coconut oil has added some moisture to dry patches
As a result, my skin has felt noticeably better today
Getting some everyday household items in Tesco
Interesting documentary on Sky Arts about the year 1968
Scripting something to happen as a means of testing LOA
Speed walk around the local area thinking forgiveness thoughts

Monday 23rd July

Working on a night move so a nice lie in for me
Interesting YouTube clips about East End gangsters
Hot again today, but I have largely stayed cool
I appreciate the through breeze on the journey to work
I appreciate the air conditioning when at work
Once again, the dry skin has been fairly good today
Excursions to the basement to get numerous rails
We started the floor move early which kept me occupied
I appreciate the brotherly banter between Ryan and Leo
Their amusing tales of northern lass 'Debbie Dumpling'
I appreciate the laddish and smutty conversation at this stage
There were a few of us involved and this created banter
I appreciate the coleslaw salad I had during my first break
Chat with Wine Gum Steve about his tiring working day
The sale items were all moved and sorted pretty easily
Musical stimulation thanks to Ryan's 'classics' playlist
Moving all of the other items was also fairly easy too
Ian didn't complicate matters with much indecision either
I appreciate the energy surge created by my second break
My Mum has dropped round a few salad vegetables for me
Chat with Connor about Mod culture and Indie music
The black comedy of Ryan nearly shearing his foot off
Keeping Alicia amused with tales of nightclub dancing
Everything was done by 11pm and time passed quickly
Hannah CSAT looked rather fit in her luminous active wear
A bus home turned up fairly soon after I left work
I now have two days off to laze around in the sunshine

The shortest (and one of d best) novel ever:

"For sales: baby shoes, never worn."
Ernest Hemingway

I appreciate my mom for thinking about me always and being so patient and understanding with me. I appreciate her recently taking on most of the workload in the house (due to certain circumstances) without complaining even once!!! I appreciate always having someone to listen to me and my meandering thoughts, both in this community or in real life.

I appreciate my lecturers' patience and trust in me. I'm grateful for having my own bed to sleep in. I'm so happy that I still get to have moments of true happiness and excitement. I'm thankful for recently being able to calm myself down first before entering spirals of anger and anxiety. I'm thankful that I still have a rational head on my shoulders despite everything. I'm grateful for losing the weight I gained from another time in my life -- it really feels like I'm shedding those memories and the me from then to become a new and better person. To becoming whole!

I hope everyone who reads this finds something in their life to appreciate too <3 I'll be sending all of you good thoughts and I hope you find whatever you're looking for on this forum, whether you are fully aware of it now or not. I hope that you not only realize the good in you but also continue to spread your love and positivity with the people around you. : )

Tuesday 24th July

Day off #1 spent lounging around at home
Nice lie in until around 10am having slept fairly well
YouTube song from Tom Jones
YouTube documentary about Essex gang lands
Feeling very glad that I don't live in the Essex gang lands
Cleaning the flat from top to bottom
Playing my CD of The Beat as I did all this
I appreciate their back catalogue of fun ska songs
Stroll around the country park before having lunch
Having a healthy lunch of tuna sandwich and salad vegetables
YouTube documentary about nightclub bouncers and hard men
Dining in a local tandoori with Andy and Bald Rodney later on
Chats about Brexit, children, jobs, school, teachers and the PM
Repairing to The Swan pub to continue this conversation
Drinking on the patio and chats about police work and teaching
We then repaired back to my flat for one for the road
Chats about my life now and the lifestyle I have
Conversation with my neighbour by the rockery which lasted a while
Chat about jobs, family, siblings, learning styles and bucket lists
I appreciate this further burst of intellectuality
I appreciate having an in-depth conversation with one of my neighbours

Wednesday 25th July

Day off #2 spent lounging around at home in heat
Nice lie in until around 10am having slept well
Amusing clips on Youtube about East End villains
Youtube song from The Levellers (90's folk-indie)
Collected laundry from my Mum's which she did yesterday
A large wildfire in the local area has been brought under control
Finding a couple of interesting posts on here to comment on
Winding up a couple of 'tools' on Youtube comments
Stroll to the bank in the sunshine before lunchtime
It was a bit cloudy so didn't feel all that hot
Having a healthy lunch including various salad vegetables
Reading the Rough Guide to San Francisco as I ate
Feeling excited about potentially going there soon
I appreciate its quirkiness and diversity of sites
Nice snooze on the sofa in the late afternoon
Stroll around northern half of the country park after
I appreciate the cafe which has been created there
Interesting documentary on Sky Arts about US sitcoms
Continuing with my novella later (Geography round in pub quiz)
Sending out some positive intentions for tomorrow
The weather forecast may include some much-needed rain
Having this double-header of days of in the midweek

I appreciate:

Continuing hot & sunny weather!
Feeling revitalised and relaxed after my holiday.
Lovely warm, clean seas to sail and SUP in!
Running, swimming & Tai Chi every day.
Fresh, organic fruit and vegetables from the garden.
Living very close to the beach
And heading to the beach to cool off after work.
Great colleagues and customers.
Funny prank played on me first day back after our holiday! :O
Everything ticking over nicely while on holiday.
Interesting prospects in the pipeline.
Miss C the furry, feline, alarm clock tapping me on the cheek at 0500 everyday! :)X
Miss C leading the way downstairs, first in line for breakfast everyday!
Miss C crunching her seaside mix biscuits noisily in the kitchen.
Miss B for being last up and last in line yet most gorgeous every day!
Miss B's culinary creations this week.Yum!
Miss B's cool, yoga stance, paddle boarding! Awesome! :)x
Partying with great Scandi friends, coming to stay this weekend.
New tee shirts, vests, shorts and beach shoes in bright vivid colors.
B's new sun hat, flower headbands, garlands and beach bag.
Hippy chicky B!
B's new working hours... Spending more time together.
Miss B for being a loving and supremely kind, kind of person!
Love & kindness the only two things that really matter in life!
Enjoying the funfair and especially the bumper cars with H&M!
Losing the annoying migrants following us quite quickly.
Candyfloss! OMG! Haven't had it for years and now I remember why!!!
Feeling really relaxed, enjoying every minute of summery sunshine,
Feeling really lucky, enjoying the sun, sea & sand on my doorstep.
Feeling satisfied. Life's really good.
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! AH
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

Thursday 26th July

It has been hot today but I have stayed cool can collected
YouTube song from Three Dog Night (Woodstock hippy music)
Bus to town was waiting at the stop when I got there
Doing this enabled me to stay cooled down and unflustered
I have had a CSAT on new system and also got an award for it
This delighted all of the department managers in today
Upsold several shirts to an appreciative South African couple
Glamorous Paris passed through and put a smile on my face
Cracked a somewhat lame joke which Sofia thought was 'cute'
Doing my TSL test livened up a rather quiet hour around 1pm
The amusement of Aaron looking much more like an Ops worker
I appreciate the rest I had one the sofa when I got home
Reading San Francisco guide again whilst having my lunch
Once again feeling excited about the thought of going there
Stroll around the country park in the hot evening sunshine
Documentary on Sky Arts about 80's and 90's TV in the US
Finding some interesting posts on here to comment on
Bookmarking some colourful notebook designs on Cafe Press

Haha very funny 

I get to spend time with the man I adore.

My health is steadily improving after a stomach virus early this week.

The library opened.

I had an important medical test today to make sure I'm in a certain chosen health situation I want still.

I'm asking the universe to move me and my significant other out of the this are together to live in one room as a couple no matter what and I'm thinking things are moving in that direction.


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