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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I appreciate:

My invigorating early morning run down by the creek.
Two Tai Chi sets on the beach. Awesome!
It's a beautiful day! Fresh, clean, salty, sea air.
Stillness and sunshine! Blue skies and fluffy marshmallow clouds.
The ever changing color of the deep, blue, briny sea. Awesome!
A perfect day for lunch al fresco. Feeling uplifted!
A day of preening the garden yesterday & it looks great today!
Miss C doing a comfort assessment of the swingseat & flattening the cushions.
The gladioli and stargazer lilies are in magnificent, full bloom. Lovely!
The roses are continuing to provide a pretty display which smells wonderul!
Feeling light hearted and in good spirits, enjoying life.
I appreciate B's silly sense of humor & practical jokes!
I appreciate everything about beautiful B! :)X
A fun night walk, last night, through the woods, owl watching again.
'Owl right'!
Nightjars on the ground making grumbling noises! Funny!
The bees, doing their thing, happy with their new home down at the farm.
I love being the creator of my own reality!
I love the sifting and sorting!
I love seeing only what's wanted!
I love the feeling of moving forward!
I love leaving all the mediocrity and rest of it behind!
Feeling: Vibrant, happy and alive!
Feeling: Fit, strong and agile.
Feeling: Loved and blessed.

Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x


Very cool!!

My partner and I are getting along better todsy.

Thursday 2nd August

I have felt composed and pretty peaceful today
YouTube song from Oui 3 (90's rap-dance confection)
Working my normal hours today, so riding to work in the cool
Suit fit first thing, for a rather large customer but got him sorted
That part comprised of an order and the system actually worked
I appreciate having a log-in which actually works now
Helping another customer got me away from packed shirts
I managed to sort her out with a dinner jacket after a fashion
This also included an order, and the system worked again
Excursion to the 3rd floor to help Josh move a table
Chats about website cookies and GDPR policies
Third order didn't work, but I could do it at the ordering desk
Suit fit in the final hour (suit for the subject of a funeral)
I managed to upsell quite a few other things to the customer
Did my 'Your Say Survey' and gave positive feedback
I have some further extra hours for next Thursday
Reading the Wikitravel entry for Los Angeles attractions
I am rather looking forward to going there soon
I feel there is a lot there which is of interest to me
Doctors appointment: prescribed some aqueous cream
Could feel this working a bit when I applied it afterwards
Interesting documentary on Sky Arts about US politics in the 90's
Good and lucid visualisation session in the mid-evening
Consciously scrolling through Facebook to find some memories


waking up next to the one I love


My lover is around. We may get to spend an overnight together very soon.


a lovely day out at the zoo with my son


I have time to myself to just relax and detach from all of the people around me.

I can go to this other shelter 125 or so miles south of where I am right now.

I can go 3 hours north and be in OR again somehow.

I got enough sleep.

I got a free outfit today.

Friday 3rd August

It has been hot again, but I have stayed fairly cool
YouTube song from The Pixies (US alternative rock)
Early start and later finish, creating extra hours
It has been a pretty busy day on the sales floor at work
Put out some packed shirts and actually got a lot done
The amusement of Ryan and Leo being pranksters
The amusement of Leo chalking up bad karma
A rather large transaction involving 74 items, £201
They were quite understanding when there was a query
They have cleared out a lot of our remaining sale items
Helping with a floor move and getting involved in things
This got me away from having to mill around at the front
The normally aloof Janice has been friendlier this week
The amusement of Ben suffering from 'leaking brains'
Chat with Playful Preeti about tourism in Eastern Europe
Helping Charlie to move some trousers around the floor
I was glad to be finishing when I did and get home to cool off
Despite heat, dry skin patches have felt a bit better today
Interesting YouTube vids about US-British cultural mores
Searching and finding some beautiful images of Los Angeles
This will help with visualisation and LOA things pre holiday
The football season got under way with Reading v Derby
I have a feeling that this one is going to be a great season
What with the World Cup, it doesn't feel like it's been away
My super team have made some very good signings
Scripting some happy scenarios to happen on holiday
I am now getting the excited feeling for going to California
Jogging locally, later on and I managed to go quite far
I am anticipating a pretty good day and night out tomorrow

DS woke up early

Had lovely lunch with DS and Mom

Applied to many many jobs 

Slept in the afternoon

DS started writing a story

Received some money in the bank

Had a lovely dinner with family and friends 

Spent a lovely evening with family and friends in perfect weather


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