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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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the never ending encouragement by Abraham Hicks

L'immagine può contenere: notte

I appreciate:

Continuing nice, warm, sunny weather with the odd splash of rain!
Swimming, in the sea, in the rain! Awesome!
Swimming with B, in the sea, in the rain ... Even more awesome!!!
More shenanigans paddleboarding with Charlie the chocolate lab too!
Crewing aboard a fantastic yacht on the Solent.
Brilliant crew & Skipper. Improving technical abilities. Improved fitness
H&M's brilliant get together with SP & P.
Running the nature trail most mornings and loving the scenery.
Steaming hot cups of tea and mashed banana on toast!
Tai Chi on the beach and in the studio with a beautiful bunch!
TC walking meditations. Spiralling and coiling. Soft yet powerful.
Brilliant instruction. Feeling the benefit. Directing and moving chi.
Feeling limber, relaxed and balanced. Having lots of fun!
Core business rattling along nicely without too much effort.
Colleagues all working well. Solid, dependable, loyal. Gold plated!
Inspiration for new work with outline and plan nearly complete.
Asking the Universe and receiving like a bolt out of the blue!
Plenty of quality time spent with the ones I love.
Miss B, Miss C, family and friends. Feeling loved.
Everything growing well and ripening in the garden.
A glut of courgettes, beans and tomatoes to enjoy.
Apples, pears, apricots and plums all doing great.
Flower beds enjoying the odd shower & still looking good & fragrant.
Miss C flattening the lavender and smelling lovely!
Watching Marsh Harriers soar & hares dashing about at The Point.
Camping midweek on the cliff top with H&M! Hilarious!
Wild deer barking and making a racket nearby waking us all up!
Another Tunnocks Tea Cake Challenge with B retaining her title!
Swedish Army cookset just the perfect lightweight, robust solution!
Cooking up a storm and enjoying improvising!
Foraging samphire, blackberries and nettles.
Enjoying another lovely week of summer and feeling carefree.
Feeling: Happy, vibrant and alive!
Feeling: 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! AH
Thanks Universe inside and out!
We love you :)x


Good son! And Lovely image!*

it's actually a movie i watched again yesterday but it's still in my mind, "The way we were" with Robert Redford & Barbra Streisand, how Wonderful is that movie?!

It has been a quiet morning.
I have enough coffee.
People have been pretty nice to me.
I expect my relationship to sort itself out.
So sweet :)))))

Wednesday 8th August

All in all, a pretty enjoyable day off work
Nice lie in until around 9.45am
Interesting episode of The Bill on YouTube
YouTube song from The White Stripes
Cycling into town to get fitness up
Very nice strawberry latte in the Rhubarb Cafe
It's a lovely coffee shop which is always welcoming
The decor in there is very homely, and staff friendly
Cycling through the affluent estate was pleasant
I appreciate the self-service machines in the bank
Leafing through travel guides in Waterstones
The LA guide gave me hints on places to visit and stay
I managed to get a new holder for my Oyster card
Riding home through peaceful streets was pleasant
Absorbing documentary about the 1981 Springbok Tour
Fire brigade came round to install a smoke alarm
It was all quick and easy and I am now protected
They were both nice guys and gave me fire safety hints
Drinking in the Mens' Club with Clumsy Craig later on
We also had two conversational companions (Pete and Ian)
Chats about my super team, football, transfers and tactics
Repairing to saloon bar for further chats (London Overground)

Winding up Craig about his forthcoming trip to Las Vegas
The ribbing he took about travelling first class on the return
Back to my flat for two further beers and more conversation
Chats about house prices, house renovations and his shed
Having the money, health, mobility and mates to do all of this

Thursday 9th August

Nice lie in until around 10am having slept quite well
Quite a bit of rain today which has moistened things up
It is also about 10 degrees cooler than it has been
Rewatchig parts of the rugby documentary from yesterday
Positive intimations from friends regarding my birthday
Nice wander around the country park in the heavy-ish rain
A shopping delivery has been placed for later on today
Nearby roadworks appear to have been finished now
Bus to town turned up soon enough and got there quickly
Feeling a bit 'meh' for the first part but the feelings lifted
Eating during my 30-min break gave me impetus and stimulation
The rest of the shift augured pretty well after that
Helping Edward with a floor move gave me some physical activity
Chat with Lisa about Brighton living and local gay pubs
The amusement of Wine Gum Steve 'noticing' body enhancements
Chat with Josh about music genres and musical tastes
Working on pricing up a load of flash sale items later on
We used wireless printers and this made the job easy
The flash sale should drive up footfall a little bit tomorrow
Playing all sorts of music through decent speakers
I appreciate that Josh knows and likes all sorts of music
Heavy metal done, we then listened to more peaceful reggae
We got everything done very easily and had a bit of time to spare
A convenient bus appeared fairly soon after I got to the stop
I appreciate my free bus pass which has saved me a LOT of money
The heavy rain during the day has freshened things up nicely

I appreciate today's rain too, since it has really cleared the air.  Everything seems so much cleaner now, and there are some nice aromas floating around my local area.  Plus the grass is stating to look a bit greener as well. It also had the good grace to stop by the time I was riding home from work.  

I took the morning easy.

I get free lunch. I slept pretty well.

My health is doing ok.

I expect to leave for Mn by next Friday.

I made some art already today.

I have a place to stay tonight.

The use of the library.



Cats to pet

My hair color.

Men available to date where I'm planning on moving soon.

People I am friends/acquaintances with that I can visit with each and every day.

An amazing long walk with the priceless company of my Superhero, my Incredible dog*****

Friday 10th August

A better day than I was expecting
Pulses of heavy rain during the day cleared things up
It is now a lot cooler and cleaner than it was
Youtube song from The Tragically Hip (Canada's no 1 group)
Drier interlude during the morning for me to ride to work
A pretty relaxed day with hardly any managers around
Helped a customer with chinos and another with sparks points
Repro and suit fits livened up my time in the fitting room
Frosty Cheryl seemed to be in a better mood today
Playful Preeti gave me a tutorial on how to repack things
The flash sale has driven up footfall somewhat
Brief chat with my Aunty as she was passing through
By the time I was heading home, the rain had stopped
It also left behind some very nice aromas in the air
Reading through my Rough Guide to San Francisco
Once again feeling excited about possibly going there
My Mum brought round the Sainsbury's delivery
I am now nicely stocked up with all sorts of food
My nephew stood upright for the first time today
It won't be long now until he is walking his first steps
Very nice stroll around the country park in the evening
Watching footage of Queen playing at Live Aid
I appreciate how extraordinary a performance this was
Continuing with my scripting piece for my holidays
Very pleasant night walk around the local area
My rent and Council Tax are paid off for another month
I have a feeling that it will be good at work tomorrow

The people in my life that are doing the best they can with what they have to make d world a better place. And this great & Beautiful meditation about Getting Stronger Everyday (it's actually a meditation to lose weight but im using it for healing my body/mind/Spirit):



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