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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Saturday 11th August

Dry first thing when I was riding to work
Nice cup of tea in Cafe Nero before starting work
YouTube song from The Seahorses (late 90's indie)
Busy once again thanks to the flash sale
Sale for £243.30p, the biggest of the day
Rearranged all of the formal and causal in the sale
Excursion to the 3rd floor to get accessory stands
I was quite pleased with my merchandising when done
An old sod was told off by his daughter for being pedantic
A rude and petty snob was eventually forced to be grateful
Football fans chatted football when they came to pay
Interesting chat with a customer about brand names
I appreciate the pretty girl in the green dress who was polite
Dry on the way home as well: rain didn't come until later
First day of the football season has got off to a good start
My super team chalked up a win and played well
They controlled the whole game and didn't concede either
Heavy rain in the evening game me something to listen to
Absorbing episode of Elementary on Sky Living later
Finishing off my scripting piece for a California holiday
Finding some very suitable pictures to add to it as well
Dusting off some CD's which I haven't listened to in a while
Night walk in the post-rainfall aromas and humidity

i appreciate the fact that these last years i haven't had money to travel so that i was forced to look inside and discover all that i needed & wanted to discover. i appreciate my loneliness & d beauty of silence so that i won't accept in my life people who accept fakeness or a superficial life anymore. i appreciate that i quit a job where there was not a good energy and love among people but only stupid competition and that i totally dedicated myself to teach Italian to some African immigrants whose hearts were devastated for the war in their country, i was paid nothing but they raised my awareness so much, i won't accept any kind of injustice in this world cause life is precious, our hearts & connections are precious and they can't be destroyed by people who have d "power", i will fight for that, or better i will try to tune myself on a higher frequency where all these bloody wars don't exist anymore. oh and i appreciate the form of a heart i just saw in d sky mayde by some clouds :))))

Sunday 12th August

A fairly enjoyable day just pottering around at home
Decorating my California scripting with colourful images
YouTube songs from Rain and The Mock Turtles
We have had some pulses of heavy rain during the day
Continuing with my novella (reading pilot waves)
Visiting my Mum for a while and she is fine
Strolls around the country park during drier interludes
The electricity company's website is now working again
As a result, I was able to give some updated meter readings
Getting a table reserved for my birthday in a different pub
Reading through the amusing Notes from a Big Country
It seems as though I have got out of late shifts this week
I am off on Tuesday now and the weather looks pretty good
Long-ish evening stroll around High Elms Manor later on
Finding some interesting posts on here to comment on


a big leap of faith I took today which worked out wonderfully well,  Phew!!!!!

Perfect :D

I got online, I got prescriptions, I saw the man I still do love, he said he is changing certain behaviors in his life,

I expect to get a great trip opportunity accepted and be traveling starting in the next few days back to Minnesota to visit my mom successfully and easily.  I know I'm safe today. I got a ride to get me to the station to leave and head to MN too. I've been able to pet a sweet orange tabby kitten daily lately with help of others taking care of it too.

Monday 13th August

Change in schedules today giving me extra hours
YouTube song from The Chatalatans (visceral indie)
It stayed dry when I was going to/returning from work
Worked three rails of suits for the first hour or two
The way the suits are arranged now is very helpful
It does look like I have got out of a late shift this week
Messages about my birthday have been met favourably
Some slightly down feelings began to improve after break
Anupa explained all about the labour scheduling
I don't think it will affect me too much as I'm flexible anyway
Some of the stubborn, inflexible ones will now have to change
She also appreciated the feedback I have about the BU
Chat with Caroline about my west London walking tours
Rode home a different way and avoided town centre doughnuts
Reading through Notes From A Big Country once again
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had my lunch
Thoughts about low moments having happy endings
Writing more of my novella later (music round of pub quiz)
I have the day off tomorrow with lots of walking planned


got the all clear on my ankle today. Should be back dancing soon :)

Oh you dance swing, how cool!

I appreciate that the people around me still trust me and have faith in me and my capabilities. I appreciate all the seemingly random opportunities presented to me by the universe to meet my P.O.I.!!! I appreciate myself for letting go and trusting the Universe and having a growing confidence in it bringing my P.O.I. to me. I appreciate that I feel heard and loved and not alone. I appreciate being given second chances. I appreciate the help and presence of my friends in times of need. 


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