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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I appreciate:

Feeling excited about new projects I'm working on,
Getting lots done and out performing the schedule.
Producing some interesting results by using a new,fun approach.
Steam rollering through routine, mundane stuff & clearing the way.
Putting off time thieves, sorting the wheat form the chaff!
'Out of Office' & 'Unavailable' the order of the day! Ha! Ha! Thanks Jo!
New hardware & components turning up just when they're needed!
Ordering well ahead of time JIC turned out to be a good hunch!
Picking Alex's brains and getting some great tips on construction.
Working on all aspects equally as I go along & not wanting to stop!
Brilliant B for cooking up a storm this week & for dinner out last night!
B for being kind & understanding & coping with my occasional, mad, workaholic, creative moments! Ha! Ha! :)x
I appreciate plenty of creative moments in the last couple of weeks!
Miss B for being brilliant in every way! :)x
Miss C for constant love & purrs!
Miss C for overseeing all aspects home office work especially printing
And, for sometimes letting us sit on, her couch, with her!
Miss C for letting us know when it's ten past dinner time! :O
B's newly downloaded books from Audible.
Listening to Audible in the bath! Badedas bubbles! Lush!
Running everyday along the nature trail & glad of my winter gear now!
Appreciating the view out to sea, the seagulls & nature along the way.
Stopping to hug my favourite oak tree & feeling connected.
Tai Chi everyday, feeling rooted, grounded & strong.
And TC in the studio with some newbies, learning lots, laughing lots!
Great new resources opening up and grand plans.
Gaining valuable insight from S & comparing notes!
Validating hunches as dead cert's!
Working towards new outcomes with troubled, inadequates!
Attracting really nice, friendly, helpful people.
Attracting plenty of super interesting, life enhancing, conscious expanding ... ànd fun experiences!
Also, funky new shoes and a lovely new bag this week!
Feeling very good & can't stop smiling!
Feeling ' tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! AH
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

Thursday 8th November

Back to working my normal hours which was nice
YouTube songs from David Bowie and Lou Reed
It was dry and mild so I could ride into work
Charming Chantel seemed to like my haircut
Successful Internet order for a zip-up Cardigan
The lady lived near to me and we had stuff to chat on
Worked a whole stack of essentials quite easily
Found myself the go-to guy of the department
I was able to successfully deal with several people
Jessica the new VM is starting to show up on the radar
Chat with Hema about Diwali and Jain culture
I have successfully bagged Tuesday for my late nights
I was able to get right off the till for the last hour
Tidied and stocked up shoes and got lots done
It was very pleasant riding home in the vague sunshine
I have felt a bit more energetic today having slept well
Evening walk around local area affirming feeling good
The Sky Sports documentary about my super team
Found a whole load more songs for my semi-festive playlist

I slept really well. I am starting to get important establishing permanency in my new state of residence! Yay.

Friday 9th November

Early start at work, getting extra hours
YouTube song from The Kinks
It was dry first thing so I could ride in
Busy for first few hours, doing delivery
Worked stacks of sleepwear and essentials
Got a lot done and areas stocked up well
I appreciate the toast and marmalade I had at breakfast
Tidied the whole of knitwear and jeans
Being out and about on the floor helping customers
Giving Cheryl a straight answer which she couldn't reply to
Chat with Bad Luck Ben about his various stupid injuries
(Jarring his back, falling off a log whilst drunk)
Hamida came in to work the tills, despite feeling quite poorly
Making fun of how drunk Kirsty got at the Christmas party
Going to foods to do DEF checks and having a change of scene
Generally not feeling too tired during the shift
Watching old episodes of The Bill as I had my lunch
Nice snooze on the settee once I had eaten
Pleasant enough evening walk around local area
Continuing with my Seattle travel blog in the evening
Finding out about afformations after I had done this
Night walk around local area practicing afformations
Feeling then sinking in and producing required feelings

Saturday 10th November

Back to working my normal hours again
Dry morning enabling me to get to work easily
Bus was waiting in the stop when I got there
Nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee before work
Noted down some ideas for creative writing
(One big long wind-up of Clumsy Craig)
Busy on the sales floor and time went quickly
Working on menswear 'operations' first thing
This means plenty of practical tasks for me to do
Worked several stacks of essentials first of all
Once I was done, Barbara went and found more
Molly helped out when it got busy in menswear
Sale for £284, including order for a luxury shirt
None of the moaning minnies were in today
Chat with Sidepocket Pat about his working day
Several new starters came for their inductions
Got a bit manic in the middle part but we all coped
Sidepocket Pat may be coming to work as suit fitter
All things considered, I was glad when day was done
Feeling tired, but could have a rest on bus ride home
I appreciate my hood which kept the rain off my head
We had further downpours in the afternoon and evening
Despite losing, England played pretty well against NZ
My super team dug out a handy draw with a late goal
Musical madness session in the living room later on
Wrote a bit more of my Seattle travel blog after
Night walk expressing gratitude for my self
Sending out intention for a tidy sum of money
This will mean Christmas expenses taken care of
I now have two days off work to do as I please

Let's see if I can get back into this again.

Today has just started for me really woke up not long ago so I'm gonna mostly focus on what I'm grateful for about yesterday.  Although today it is a lovely sunny day. :-)

and it is still the weekend.

For yesterday, I slept in a little bit and relaxed and listened to uplifting stuff while I gamed :-)

In the mid afternoon, i met up with a girl from a friendship ap to go to this place called LOL "The Selfie Factory".  The backdrops were cool, funky and fun and we had some laughs seeing what was next.  Got a few photos that I felt I could share on my social media so later I did and I got a few likes and a compliment.  OH! how could I forget? I got a free bra today LOL gorgeous colours and I got a mascara free and free socks!  Just plain black socks but that's perfect for wearing under leggings for e.g. about 5 pairs and I was wanting socks for when it gets colder!   ALSO!  The mascara and socks came all the way from America!  But it was so lucky, I went out to buy lunch and thought, shall I lock the front door or not? We have a sort of porch? Indoor area between the outside door and the door that goes to the flat.  

I thought, when I was going out for lunch, shall I lock the outside door or no, because the inside door is locked anyway.  But I decided NOT to because I wasn't going to be long.  

WELL!  When I got back, the parcel from America was there on the porch, the bit in between the outside and inside door! 

I don't know WHAT would have happened if the outside door had been locked!  I guess they'd try another day surely it wouldn't go all the way back to the States? But having come from all that way, I'm so SO glad they could just leave it there for me and I got it safely!  I think the bra arrived just before. 

Nice lunch.  Maybe I take that local cafe for granted sometimes but they have nice and reasonably priced food!  And lovely dinner too. 

I appreciate:

Running this morning & enjoying the dramatic light over the creek
Massive storm clouds and brilliant sunshine together over the sea!
Dramatic contrasts and color variance. Shards of light.
Stopping by the beach hut for a cup of tea & digging out my paints.
Taking some photos and making a quick watercolor sketch.
Stopping to give Colin & Suzy, (the donkeys), a hug on the way back.
Resurrecting the open fire & and enjoying the flicker and crackle
Rain hammering down on the windows and conservatory roof! Dramatic! Wow! Rainbows afterwards too!
Miss B making Eggs Florentine for all of us for breakfast!
I'm so, so, so, so lucky! :)xoxo
And, a whole heap of sardines for Miss C!
Miss C being very chatty and excited & throwing herself down on the kitchen floor to have her tummy tickled! Ahhh! :)xoxo
H&M looking a bit the worse for wear this morning! Ha! Ha!
Out with H&M et al having a great time at M&R's party last night.
Walking back to our house in the very early hours across the farm tracks and footpaths to avoid driving as planned! Hilarious!!!
M getting startled by a very loud, nearby, owl screeching!
And B getting upset at getting mud on her brand new, Delux wellies!!!
Lunch out later at The Red Lion with B&P who have been looking after Charlie the chocolate Labrador overnight for H&M!
Reworking a comprehensive list of stuff I drew up yesterday and
Looking at an older notebook & older ideas I'd forgotten which now might be worth reviewing.
Making use of new gadget to collate info, pics & ideas into mind map.
Feeling up to speed, well equipped and well prepared! Excited!
I appreciate having a nice relaxing, fun filled weekend.
I appreciate my family, friends & other creatures!
I appreciate noticing good &simple stuff that makes my heart sing!
Feeling: Happy, satisfied and knowing!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'!AH
Thank you Universe inside and out!

Sunday 11th November

Day off and a nice lie in until around 9.30am
Watching the remembrance services on BBC1
I appreciate the job which soldiers have done in wars
I appreciate the freedoms and liberties I now have
Cracking on with my Seattle travel blog in morning
Finding a couple of interesting posts to write on
Nice wander around the country park in the sunshine
Once again it was a nice, mild and sunny day
Clumsy Craig fitted a new lock barrel on my front door
He solved a problem when it wouldn’t turn fully
He had it all done in about 5 minutes flat
The new lock and keys work absolutely fine
Man City v Man United was a fairly good game
Good visualisation session once I had had my lunch
Evening wander around local area practicing afformations
Drinking in The Swan with Clumsy Craig later on
Unexpectedly meeting my neighbour and his brother in law
Joining them on the table they were sitting at
Amusing chat about James Bond and Jason Bourne films
We then took part in the Sunday night pub quiz
Despite messing up the Wipeout round, we came 3rd
Other chats about accidents, children, fit women and films
I appreciate the way everything developed easily
It was good to get to know my neighbour a bit better
The conversation got a bit bawdy and laddish after a while
I appreciate the pints of Scrum Down beer I drank in there
Laughing and joking as we walked back home later on
Having the day off tomorrow to pretty much do as I please

Exercise, chicken, candy, resting, J., My new potential BF

Monday 12th November

Second day off and a nice lie in until around 9.30am
Head felt a bit thick but this wore off after a while
Watching footage of classic games from 2018 World Cup
Mid-cadence riding to Borehamwood to get fitness up
Going up some steep hills certainly made sure of that
Getting copies of new front door keys done at lock shop
The locksmith in there was good and did the job very quickly
Nice latte coffee in Costa Coffee in Debenhams
Making some holiday plans for next year's annual leave
I appreciate that I have several options for various times
I appreciate the chubby-cute Jewish girl in there
I appreciate that she stood still in front of me for a bit
I appreciate all of the spare bike hoops along High Street
I appreciate the stream and fountains of Aberford Park
The ride home was safe and free of dodgy incidents
Staying dry despite large puddles along Drop Lane
My neighbour appreciated that I kept her boyfriend amused
She also enjoyed the peace and quiet when he was in the pub
Interesting old episode of The Bill on YouTube later on
Nice wander around the country park before going to Tesco
Seeing a shooting star in the sky and making a wish
Watching Gary Neville's Soccerbox whilst I had my dinner
Fish and chips for dinner tonight were very tasty indeed
I appreciate the scented candles I have dotted around flat
Finally finishing and then sending my Seattle travel blog
Dusting off a CD I bought in 2001 and liking the songs
Night walk around area giving thanks for the job I now have

I am on my way to an important meeting at a university. One that will give me valuable information regarding my educational future. I got enough sleep last night. I made a fantastic New styled art beginning last night.

Tuesday 13th November

Nice lie in until 9.20am having slept well
I have been in pretty upbeat mood all day
Watching old episodes of The Bill on www
Once again, it's pretty mild and sunny
Nice walk around the country park before lunch
Remembering that I needed to get a birthday card
I appreciate that Tesco also sell postage stamps
Lively shift at work due to lots needing to be done
Chat with Hema about Labour Scheduling and hours
Quick and easy suit fit for an un fussy couple
Successful Internet order for a chenille jumper
The couple were quite friendly and humorous
My Mum and Aunty have had a safe flight to Tenerife
Changes to my hours in 2 weeks may benefit me
Getting an extra hour which I wasn't scheduled for
Having Molly for company meant I wasn't by myself
We had a natter about Christmas plans and presents
It was nice to get to know her a bit better now
Getting home safely despite it being dark and slippery
I appreciate how good the improved high street looks
Clips of exciting games from this year's World Cup
Long stroll around village affirming self-love etc


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