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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Wednesday 5th December

Early start to the day and early finish
YouTube song from the Stereo MC's
Delay on one bus but another arrived
I got to work in the dry and all was well
Worked through the delivery of suits
Chat with Janette about her jury service
Friendly customer talking about presents
Chat with Fatou about Islam and Gambia
Staff Christmas dinner in the staff room
I appreciate the work of the catering staff
The 'entertainments' laid on by managers
('In-store' version of 12 days of Christmas)
Chance meeting with Tyler in Debenhams
It was nice to see him again after 2 yrs
My gentler Christmas tree has arrived
Reading book about British songs as I ate
Nice snooze on the settee afterwards
Evening stroll around the local area
It has become a lot milder than it has been
Chat with my Mum about this and that
My nephew has been very good today
Another goal-fest in the Premiership
One or two wonky games and results
Winding up Clumsy Craig with texts
My gentler Christmas tree works fine
It's not as much of s distraction as other
Plans are being made to go out on Friday
I have made a start on Christmas cards
I am only doing a short shift tomorrow

I have eaten enough .I am going to be able to sleep well tonight. I tried to reach out and mend Fences. I turned in some paperwork to state of AZ that was important .I just made an I interesting new art piece . A favorite TV show is on later. I made banana cake.

Thursday 6th December

A nice short shift to start the day off
Dry and mild first thing so I could ride in
The under-inflated tyre was back to normal
It felt perfectly fine to ride on
Worked through lots of delivery first thing
Rumour has it that some temps are on their way
I believe that they are starting next Monday
They will help a lot with sales floor tasks
Successful Internet order for a roll-neck jumper
I avoided all the conflict breaking out in foods
I was quite happy to be finishing early on
Brief chat with Sidepocket Pat about this and that
Cycling home in the mid-morning peace
Nice cup of tea when I got in from work
Interesting Wikitravel articles about Morocco
It is still an appealing country to visit
Stroll down to Asda to pick up a click and collect
Everything was processed very easily
I also got a couple of other useful items
The walk there and back gave me plenty of exercise
Reading my book about British music as I had lunch
I may well be going on a market researching event
Evening stroll around local area getting more steps
I also gave thanks for the job I now have
Good visualisation session once I had dinner
Got some more Christmas cards written

I got to use the computer at home. I slept in. I have Cadbury chocolate. I got to be in the condo by myself for a few hrs. I keep seeing kitties.

Yes, yes I know it's Saturday already LOL!

On Friday overall the kids at work were very calm and it was a productive day. 

I met up with a couple of friends I've met before and two potential new ones at a posh cocktail bar.  

My sparkly blue dress I bought ages ago, gave me a posh frock to wear!

And nice earrings to wear.

Lots of laughs

The friend who organised it is drinking much less (weight loss) and so it was MUCH easier for me to just have the one cocktail which was really REALLY nice and a glass of water.  I also got to nibble at a handful of free snacks!

Fun party type of playlist to listen to going there.

Saturday: Today. 

Sleeping in a bit.

Gonna be a chilled weekend at home mostly but I had the social time on Friday night so it's a nice mix of both.

Cafe lunch yummy food as always.  I also had yummy dinner last night & I appreciate that that place does collection/pick up too so I ordered my food while I was on the bus to save time!  

A couple of the photos my friend took are zany enough and slightly flattering enough for facebook!

This is for maybe two weeks ago? I got two Udemy courses on special plus then a free one I did study a little tiny bit last weekend but I appreciate the SALE plus the freebie.  

Because of some extra money I got maybe two weeks ago, paying my phone bill was a breeze most of it was free, except for about £10! 

I got to the library safely.

My art should be easily printed this afternoon.

I got enough sleep.

I just made two super nice pieces of art.

I am listening to Abe some online.

My lover and I are straight about something I needed to communicate.

I bought chocolate.

I can take most of the weekend very easy.

I have my next couch surfing housing set up, and I'm working on a second one too in order to bridge me to a new housing situation that is going to last much longer..

Friday 7th December

Woke up feeling fairly lively having slept well
YouTube song from The Darkness (non-festive)
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Journey to work livened up by Kirsty's appearance
Chats about work, hours, nights out, drinking
Further chats about policing and crime in London
Worked through two rails of knitwear and coats
Repricing all of the luxury corduroy trousers
A fairly busy day on the sales floor but we had people
Some of the newbies are becoming more pro-active
The amusement of Ashwin losing his voice
Chats about TSL questions and legal trading
Sale for £298 (customer who could have been impatient)
Sale for £200 (customer buying two gift cards)
I appreciated my longer tea break when it came round
The amusement of Kirsty's generally scatty nature
A surprisingly enjoyable hour working in the cafe
I had plenty of time to do everything I needed to
The customers were all easygoing: not snappy at all
Helping Bhadresha with a refund and feeling useful
Sale for £360.30p (lady buying all sorts of things)
Up selling a camel hair coat and two luxury shirts
Helping Debbie to process an Internet order
Internet order for another upsold camel hair coat
Helping a customer to locate a XXXXL set of vests
It had cleared over into a nice, mild afternoon later
I appreciate the pepperoni pizza I had in the fridge
I appreciate having Tesco nearby so I can get stuff
10-pin bowling later on with former BHS friends
Despite bowling like a berk, I didn't actually come last
The amusement of Lee's attempts at Scottish insults
Prankster Darren's devious attempts at sledging
All around there were parades of lovely ladies
The three pints of Budweiser I drank whilst in there
I managed to chalk up the occasional spare
Winning tickets when we played on the arcade games
(I appreciate the two chocolate mice I actually won)
Valedictory pint in the bowling alley's bar after
Chats about travel plans and really shitty airports
Embryonic plans were made to go out before Christmas
Getting a lift home: cue more Scottish insults
I appreciate having entertainment like this close by
Having the money, health, and friends to do this

Saturday 8th December

Not the best day (groggy with cold) but not the worst
Working a nice short shift which was just as well
Mild and sunny, so I could cycle to work
Busy day in the store and time just flew by
Hardly on the tills until the last hour or so
We had numerous staff in to cover today
Chat with Bad Luck Ben about his aptitudes
Overhearing some pointers about suit fitting
The amusement of Anupa encouraging banter
Lots more goals in the afternoon's football results
Chelsea beat Manchester City 2-0 to help the title race
Manchester City's air of invincibility has now gone
Liverpool replace them at the top of the league
Reasonable sleep on my bed in the late afternoon
Did some housework and tidied the flat
Night walk around the village in the fresh air
Day off tomorrow to rest and feel better again

I appreciate:

A good week getting lots done.
Very good and productive meetings.
Plenty of time to sort out holiday stuff easily
A couple of good business Christmas bashes and nice gifts.
I appreciate leading my team leading from the front!
Christmas Dinner and drinks with my colleagues last night.
Lots of 'in jokes' silliness, general merriment and larking about.
Running along the creek most mornings enjoying the peace & quiet!
B getting back earlier than expected! Woohoo :)X
Miss C &her heat seeking guidance system attracting unoccupied laps!
New, unobtrusive PTZ cams arriving on time!
Amazon Prime for lazy girl shopping and Christmas shopping in particular!
Installing new cams and integrating systems up & down the road.
Kind neighbors all chipping in to include vulnerable oldies.
Meshed networks and closed systems, everyone benefitting.
Everyone happy!
New, funky hand knitted hat with ear flaps keeping me warm all day!
More invites for Christmas get togethers! Mince pies all day long!
Watching some really good YT videos on current affairs.
Enjoying alternative views and unbiased debate.
Cooking up some nice things and experimenting this week.
Miss C having second helpings of dinner when she comes infrom the garden!

And I appreciate the books and flowers and the moon! Owls & crows.

And messages written in invisible ink! 
Excellent Tai Chi with useful tweaks and a great fun crowd
Attracting what I want and conscientiously filtering.
New, great Audible book about supernatural events! Spooky & compelling!
And watching hilarious Ashes To Ashes rerun at H&M's ...
"Okay Ray, I get the picture"!!!
Working on more selective, fine tuning in one particular area.
I appreciate other, different, valuable qualities in the people around me.
I love it when paths randomly converge!
Thank you Universe! We love you! :) x

Love that quote but it's not complete..where are dogs??

They're here Dotty! ;)

Oh well now i understand, they were too big to be in that quote! ;D


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