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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Friday 14th December

YouTube song from the Bee Gees (90's ballad)
As usual, a bus arrived at the stop when I got there
It got to town quickly because there was hardly any traffic
Helping on kidswear for a while and feeling useful
I didn't get asked any awkward questions by anyone
Food Hall Frank's festive T-shirt: WILL YOU JINGLE MY BELLS?
Lee's festive T-shirt: with bells which did his nut in
Helping in foods for a while and feeling useful
The amusement of Food Hall Frank singing tunelessly
I appreciate the beautiful curvaceous girl who turned up
Successful Internet order for £308 (two winter coats)
Nice wander up the High Street in the late afternoon sun
Following the first stages of an orangey-red sunset
Getting Dipstick Barry's Christmas gift sent away
Nice long snooze on the settee after my lunch
Getting some more Christmas cards written later on
Text from Glamorous Paris about said beautiful curvaceous girl
Playing fun disco songs on my Alexa smart speaker

I appreciate:

It's the weekend! Woohoo!Woohoo!
Getting back on time and feeling very appreciative!
Getting everything settled & leaving OL to wrap it up! Exciting times!
A great working week tying up loose ends here before Christmas!
Nice IOD and Chambers events, catching up with old acquaintances.
Fun & games in office yesterday with several hilarious pranks.
Especially remote control, special effects & sound bytes! Ha! Ha!
Drones making chocolate drops & other deliveries to sitting ducks!!! :O
Running most days and TC & Qigong in the park again with ancients!
Finishing my Christmas shopping and getting some nice things.
Miss C for help with decorating the Christmas tree this morning!
Miss C for choosing baubles & for noticing where adjustment is required! :)x
Miss B for directing the complete outdoor performance, especially where lights,

ornaments and projections should be! :)x
Miss B for holding the ladders & looking super silly in a gnome hat :)x
Miss B for my pre Xmas present woolly hat which I got last week ! :)x
A lovely warm cosy house to retreat to! Alexa playing Christmas hits.
Getting in the mood more now! Hiss & crackle of fire in the grate.
Plenty of chopped wood & logs.
The smell of wood smoke.
Bags of marshmallows for toasting later.
Friends coming for drinks & nibbles & pizza tonight.
B's home made mincers & clotted cream! OMG!
Long distance meetings this week with knowledgeable experts.
Finalising arrangements, sealing the deal.
Reading subtle clues & cues @ home and away!
Planning for the best and preparing for the worst! Easy now!
Super mobility! High speed agility. Hyper vigilance. Light. Reactivity.
New specs! Working easily right now on the art of deflection.
SteP up, deflect, parry & punch!
Using opposing energies to supercharge my momentum.
I appreciate the energy arts!
Feeling' tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! Thanks AH!
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

Saturday 15th December

Another busy day at work but a short shift today
Youtube songs from Justin Timberlake (00's urban music)
As usual, a bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Nice cup of tea in Cafe Nero before starting work
Working out some places to visit on Monday
I appreciate that London has so much going on
Starting work a bit later than I normally would
Kirsty seemed rather glad to see me first off
We had quite a lot of people in during the day
Helping the newbies with things on the till
Successful suit fit for a regular customer (Short Clive)
The pleasant lady chatting about Christmas in Vienna
She has convinced me it's well worth going to
Working a whole load of delivery later on (T-shirts)
Chat with Janette about my night out in Kew Gardens
Chat with Hannah CSAT about my nephew's antics
I appreciate how festive the new atrium area looked
Getting the bus home and staying dry in heavy rain
Once again, lots of goals around in the day's football
My super team had an entertaining game with great goals
We also won and got our stuttering season back on track
I appreciate the long sleep I had on the settee
Getting my winter war chest supplies from Tesco
I have now stoked myself up on Vitamin C again
Continuing with my novella later on (famous Albanians)
Night walk around local area getting needed fresh air
I now have a splendid 3 days off work with fun stuff planned

I got online this morning, and will do so again this afternoon too.
I got enough sleep.
I had good breakfast. I plan to return to my last home location city area very soon.
I get some new clothes this week.
I saw another artist painting today already. I've been able to do some crafting this week-unepxected too.

Sunday 16th December

Enjoyable day off lounging around at home
Nice lie in until 10am having slept well
YouTube song from Janet Jackson (90's ballad)
The slight backache from yesterday is going
I have felt quite festive and jolly all day
Interesting articles about various football clubs
I have successfully bagged myself a 10-hour shift
This will bump my money right up in 4 weeks time
Continuing with my novella (being chatted up)
Nice stroll around the country park before lunch
Liverpool v Manchester United was a fine game
It was frenetic, lively, and had the right result
Drinking in town with M&S workmates later on
Bus was waiting for me at the stop when I got there
Sidepocket Pat had already got me a beer in
Turned out to be quite a raucous night out
Chat with Debbie about her madcap grandchildren
Chat with N'Gozi about economic development in Nigeria
Chat with Kirsty about her malfunctioning boyfriend
Chat with Pat about the weekend's football results
General conversation about workplace office politics
The prices in Weatherspoons were very reasonable
This made me realise how uncomplicated my life is
The silliness continued on the bus ride home
I stayed dry despite heavy rain in the evening
Day off tomorrow with all sorts of fun things planned

I have found out about a way I might much more easily get a low income apartment I think soon.
I slept fine. I bought mint patties to eat. All my basic needs are met. People are being g nice often to me.

Monday 17th December

Day off and a day out in festive London
Nice lie in until 8am having slept well
YouTube song from Gwen Stefani (new Christmas song)
Although late, my council tax bill has now been paid
Mild sunshine and blue skies all day long
Bus to town appeared as I was getting to the stop
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor at station
Bizarrely, I got a seat on the train with plenty of leg room
Winding up Clumsy Craig with the Sports Personality result
Finding a Post Office in a fairly quiet back street of Bloomsbury
Said quiet side street was located in a pleasant urban village
Blue sky shots of the fountains in Trafalgar Square
I appreciate the Christmas market and vibe in Leicester Square
I appreciate the fun and colourful vibe of M&M World
Carnaby Street is still colourful and buzzy by day as by night
I appreciate the shocks of colour in Selfridge’s Christmas shop
I appreciate the neon lights and ‘rock music’ displays
Strolling by Hyde Park in the afternoon sunshine
The neon-lit walkway constructed along Brompton Road
The rather ornate splendour and elegance of Harrods
Got a couple of very nice Christmas cards in their gift shop
Resting for a while in Costa Coffee in Hammersmith Broadway
Lovely hazelnut latte and mince pie whilst in there
Listed what I already know about my special orchestration job
I appreciate the pretty Indian-British girl sat opposite me
Text from Glamorous Paris about our various travel plans
The transaction in here came to £5.55p (another instance)
Back to the centre to explore around the South Bank
Got a couple of good night shots of the London Eye
I then got a fine picture of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree
Spent a while watching ice skating around Somerset House
Good night shot of the Christmas tree in Covent Garden
Much-needed dinner in Subway Salads as I was hungry
After-dinner coffee in Starbucks after that (peppermint latte)
Using up my gift card: I appreciate the free drinks I have had
Doing my good deed and buying food for a homeless person
Finally, the best of the festive attractions: Winter Wonderland
So much fun and colour all in one place, it was great
I appreciate how much this has improved since the first time
I appreciate that my pictures of coloured lights all came out well
I appreciate that it was pretty quick and easy to get into
I also appreciate that the ground inside was fairly dry
After that, getting the train back home from Shepherds Bush
Getting connecting train at Willesden Junction with seconds left
Long walk up from the station giving thanks for various things
Brief chat with Clumsy Craig at the end of the road
Despite going to Cornwall, he will be around on Christmas Day
Fitbit facts: 42279 steps. 21.32 miles. 4688 calories.
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things

An  extra hour at the library online.

Contact with my lover.

Making Art online.

Getting my medical insurance mostly in place.

The weather is clear and beautiful.

Time to think and contemplate.

Feeling ok.

Tuesday 18th December

Day off and a nice lie in until 10am
Getting an appointment at the doctor's
YouTube song from Keane (2000's indie)
Interesting Geography Now clips on YouTube
Stroll up to the village to buy some vegetables
I got a number of things at the supermarket
My Boxing Day hours have changed to my benefit
I get out of having to go in first thing in morning
I also still get a pretty early finish to watch football
I have been refunded for my 'disco' Christmas tree
Fairly intellectual session on Yahoo Answers
Straightforward visit to the doctor's later on
He gave me some antibiotics for the cold
These have worked before and should do again
Further interesting Geography Now clips on YouTube
Evening stroll around local area in the rain
Expressing gratitude for the gift of my life now
Did housework in the evening and tidied the flat right up
Leicester v Manchester City was an absorbing cup tie

Wednesday 19th December

Early start and a nice early finish for me
YouTube song from Madras Cinematic Orchestra
As usual, a bus soon arrived at the bus stop
Thanks to this, I stayed dry during the rain
Busy straight away, putting out delivery
Helping Sidepocket Pat with a small move
Excursion to the stock room to drop off shelves
I have felt upbeat and positive today
The cold I have had appears to be going
Kirsty complimented my good cheer
I had a whole lot of essentials to keep me occupied
Finishing at 11.45am and getting presents
I got another gift for my sister in law in John Lewis
Felt tip pens are half price in WH Smith
Very nice latte coffee in Cafe Insomnia after
Spontaneous chat with lady on the table next to me
Chats about jobs, life plans, and inner London boroughs
Noting down numerous ideas for yet another short story
Doing this rather got my imagination going
Walk home from bus stop in mild sun and blue skies
Watching Geography Now clips as I had my lunch
I got some orange roses to replace to dying kalanchoe
Arsenal v Tottenham was a pretty absorbing cup game
English players played well during the game
Getting some of my presents wrapped up and ready
Fairly long night walk around the local area
Expressing gratitude for good things in my life now
Today has indeed felt good and contenting

Thursday 20th December

Nice short shift today which was just as well
One of the main tills started working again
Menswear has been taking big bucks all week
Snooty Janice was forced to work on the tills
Staffing was actually pretty good during day
Sale for £226 (customer buying luxury suit)
Customer who complemented my good cheer
Processed many transactions with no fuss
Got Christmas present for Clumsy Craig's wife
Didn't have to queue when I went to the bank
Interesting episodes of The Bill on YouTube
Welcome snooze on the settee after lunch
A Sainsbury's delivery has been done for tom.
The number 555 keeps appearing in my world
Playing uplifting current music on my Alexa

I made a piece of Christmas Art. I applied for a job in Mesa at the schools.

I got enough sleep.

I'm getting lots of Christmas Cookies lately to eat.

I am getting a lot done today.

I met a new acquaintance online.


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