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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Friday 21st December

All in all, a slowly improving kind of day
Sleepy feelings lifted throughout the day
YouTube song from Riva (early 00's dance)
Bus was waiting for me at the bus stop
Easy journey into town with no hold ups
Did a lot of tidying first up and zone looked good
Gossip with Lucia about her lack of Xmas shopping
A plotted day of tilling didn't turn out to be so
I rather appreciated my first tea break of day
Chat with Anupa about her weekend in Vienna
Menswear continues to take a lot of money
We are about £80k ahead of womens' wear
Making fun of Kirsty's 'swimming' bag later on
Assisted Sidepocket Pat with a load of returns
This got me away from the till for a good while
I have avoided doing three night moves this week
Got Christmas presents for my bro and Clumsy Craig
That now means that my shopping is completed
Plans have been made for us to go to the pub on Tues
I appreciate the curvaceous girl I quizzed in Apple Store
Apparently, it IS possible to replace an iPhone battery
Morning rain cleared over into a clear afternoon
Watching classic episodes of The Bill on YouTube
Nice snooze on the sofa once I had had lunch
Changes to drinking plans probably benefitted me
A Sainsbury's delivery has been and I am stocked up
Chat with my Mum and she is absolutely fine
Hugo the dog was in a rather scampish mood
Wolves v Liverpool was a pretty entertaining game
Liverpool will now be top of the league at Christmas

I appreciate:

Christmas is coming! Feeling festive, vibrant & well!
No delay to plans! Yay!
Getting yet more decorations up!
Getting to know nice, new, charming neighbors!
Brilliant changes! New views, vantage points & vistas!
Exploring! Finding everything we want and more!
Attracting brilliant, helpful, kind and like minded souls.
Running everyday through woods...
And dancing along dusty & dirty trails!
Loving wide horizons & wild, rugged, natural seascapes.
'Rocketing' through the widerness! ;)
Funky new wheels, maps and devices! Flying the flag! Yay!
Feeling Gung Ho! Unstoppable! Forward momentum.
Knowing! Right on track! Right here,right now, right where we want to be! :D
Ben, Pete & Rollo, our favourite 'Gipsy Kings'doing a find job!
Miss C sleeping in her favourite place right on the hearth!
Miss C running around the garden full of seaside mix biscuits!
And perfect pictures of blue painted skies in real time! Amazing! HD!
Everything in sync @ home & away! Connecting the dots! Ping!
Miss B ecstatic! Plenty to see & do & create! Pumping up the volume!
Meeting up with D & M for a wild night out in the city!
Rocking & Roamin'!
Feeling right at home, going back in time! Ha! Ha!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in,turned on' ! Ahhh!
Merry Christmas!
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

Watching tv online.

Finding a new potential boyfriend.

Sleeping enough.

My cold is almost gone.

It's almost Christmas.

I'm feeling just fine.

I have medical insurance.

People are texting me regularly.

Saturday 22nd December

All things considered, a fun day has been had
I felt quite alive and alert when I woke up
YouTube song from The Foo Fighters
Lovely clear morning with a beautiful full moon
The ride to work was quite pleasant in fresh air
Store opened at 7am so it was already busy
Tidied the whole of knitwear and improved things
The nightwear area is now open-plan and looks better
Successful Internet order for a lambswool jumper
Laughing and fooling around with Debbie at tea break
I successfully avoided the chaos of the turkey shop
Everyone was in good spirits and was cheerful
Successful trip to stock room to get a camelhair coat
The very last one was the size the customer wanted
Sidepocket Pat brought in two tubs of Celebrations
It was brisk and busy when during my time on the tills
Staffing today was pretty full and comprehensive
Time seemed to pass quickly and shift was soon done
Christmas card and small gift from Anupa at the end
She praised my efforts from this year and thanked me
I appreciate her quirkiness and positivity this year
Watching Gillette Soccer Saturday when I got in
It was a fabulously wonky day in the day's football
Crystal Palace caused a shock and won at Man City
Leicester caused a shock and won at Chelsea
These two results threw the title race wide open
My super team chalked up a really good away win
Drinking and codding around in London later on
Prankster Darren gave me a lift into town from home
This saved sodding around waiting for public transport
Train journey to London chatting about former BHS
Drinking a very nice pale ale in the Euston Tap
The amusement of a Swedish weirdo talking football
The amusement of us going to wrong corner of Hyde Park
The walk to correct this gave us both Fitbit steps
Eventually meeting Nicci and Craig at Marble Arch
Drinking London Pride in the Flying Horse, Oxford St
Chats about dumbarse antics from years gone by
The amusement of us missing the last train back home
Pitching up in The Rocket in Kings Cross for a while
Drinking pints of Doombar thanks to its late licence
Chats about sport, beers, mulled wine and phones
Finding the night bus easily enough in the taxi rank
A fairly easygoing journey home despite West Ham fans
The walk home from the station burnt off the beer
I appreciate how easy a night out in London can be
Having the money, health, and mobility to do all of this

Sunday 23rd December

Day off, and a lazy day around home
Sleeping in until 10am after late night
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
YouTube song from Britney Spears/Madonna
Cycling to Chiswell Green to get fitness up
Very nice peppermint latte in Starbucks
I got the 'people-watching seat' by the door
Noting down further ideas for a new short story
Things are coming together rather nicely
As usual, there were plenty of lovely ladies there
I appreciate the chubby-cute girl in spearmint green
I appreciate all of the lovely aromas in there
Despite light rain, I didn't get too wet on ride home
I really appreciate my bright and flashing bike lights
Without these, I could have been in a bit of bother
Getting home safely and feeling relieved
Everton v Tottenham was a splendid goal feast
The game finished 6-2 with English players scoring
Winding up Clumsy Craig about the scorers
Playing fun contemporary songs on my Alexa
Sending Facebook messages to some of my friends
The festive replies I started getting after a while
Later shift tomorrow so I can have a lie in for a bit

I helped make peppermint candy this morning.

I got leather boots for Christmas.

People are being kind and very friendly to me during the holidays.

I expect to return to the PHoenix area on the 4th or 5th of Jan.

I have lots off internet access.

My mom is recovering from an illness pretty well.

I feel pretty good.

I slept well.

I'm being loving to my friend/boyfriend.

Monday 24th December

YouTube song from The Monkees (great cover version)
Nice lie in until around 8.30am having slept quite well
A nice sunny day outside and it was fairly mild too
Busy day at work but I managed to stay calm
Barbara was complaining of feeling tired, but I'm not
I find that I always have more than enough energy
I managed to go the whole shift without going on the till
Preparing sale items and getting quite a lot of work done
Angelina appreciated that I enquired about her well-being
We then had a brief chat about celebrity deaths
The store closed at 5pm, giving us time to do pricing
There were quite a few of us on hand to do this too
Sidepocket Pat came in handy with his knowledge of sale
The amusement of Kirsty being scatty and silly later on
Despite only having one gun, we managed to get it done
Nice replies to Christmas messages I wrote on Facebook
Drinking in the One Crown after the shift had finished
I was with Kirsty and Sidepocket Pat: good companions
Chats about mental health, and workplace trouble makers
I appreciate that I don't have much to do with them
Getting an Uber taxi home as the buses had all stopped
He turned up very quickly, within about 2 minutes
Kirsty gave me some money towards the taxi fare
Watching old episodes of The Bill on YouTube later
Night walk around the local area in the chilly fog

Tuesday 25th December

Christmas Day: always something to appreciate
Nice lie in until around 9.45am having slept well
Interesting Wikitravel articles about travel in Iran
YouTube footage of Chas and Dave Christmas show
Drinking in the pub with my brother and Clumsy Craig
Despite being busy, they managed to find a spare table
I appreciate the pints of John Smiths I drank in there
Chats about sport, women, children, and Snowdonia
The amusement of Craig's plan to hike up Snowdon
The laughing and banter between all three of us
There was a fun and festive atmosphere in the pub
The amusement of Clumsy Craig's squeaky shoes
Back home for Christmas dinner which was lovely
The amusement of my nephew dressed up as an elf
I appreciate being part of a loving and happy family
The Christmas pudding afterwards was also lovely
Present opening session, and I got some great gifts
I appreciate the money from my Mum and Aunty
I appreciate having a new bottle of Tommy Hilfiger
I appreciate the brand new pair of trainers I got
The amusement of my nephew's latest antics
I appreciate the snooze I had on my bed later on
Visiting Clumsy Craig at his house in the evening
Watching random episodes of Family Guy and Bullseye
His wife and me ganged up on him which was funny
Night walk around the local area to burn off calories
I am anticipating a busy and entertaining day tomorrow

Wednesday 26th December

Busy Boxing Day at work but things went well
YouTube song from Carl Carlton (70's disco)
Riding to work was pretty pleasant and safe
First day of sale, so there was plenty of trade
Despite things being hectic, I have stayed calm
For periods of the day, I was away from the till
Anupa really appreciated my message last night
Tillpoint troubleshooting was pretty straightforward
Working briefly on kidswear for a change of scene
Mum and Aunty have credited money to my account
This was a bit more Christmas money and is helpful
Another splendidly wonky afternoon in the football
Plenty of goals flying in, in all of the day's games
Manchester City lost again and this helps title race
It stops the league from getting too predictable
Changes to Sunday plans actually benefit me
Fairly long walk in early evening to get fresh air
Good visualisation session later on which will work
Finding interesting posts on here to comment on
I have got all of my Christmas presents put away
All of the packaging has been cleared out of the flat
Brief night walk around the local area to get fresh air
I only have a short shift first thing tomorrow morning

Thursday 27th December

All in all, a pretty enjoyable day in life
Feeling fairly energetic when I woke up
YouTube song from DJ Cam (cerebral French rap)
Not as foggy as expected so I got in safely
Helping kidswear to sort out their sale
We got quite a lot done and I felt useful
The amusement of Haleema being bossy
Welcome excursions to womenswear too
Finishing my shift at 10am and going cycling
Mid-cadence riding as far as Harrow
It was quite sunny and the air was fresh
Paying Christmas money into the bank
Doing this made me feel quite abundant
Lovely hazelnut latte in Costa Coffee, St. Ann's
Jotting down further short story ideas
Working out a better way to write it (rhymes)
I appreciate the table and seat I got on there
Flicking through spiritual books in Waterstones
I appreciate the long ride home in the sunshine
The fresh air and exercise did me lots of good
My heart, lungs and muscles have done well
Watching old episodes of The Bill when home
Nice snooze on the sofa once I had had lunch
Plans have been made for a boys night out
Noting down ideas for verses and rhymes
This poem-story idea could be quite a goer
Using my new charger to charge multiple things

I got contact from my lover today first. Things are calm where I am staying. I made nice art online today. I got a great application in for an Artist job.
I slept pretty well. I got Mucinex.

Friday 28th December

Another early start, another safe journey in
Mist, fog and ice patches all held off
It has actually been pretty mild of late
Worked through stacks of delivery first thing
The essentials area looked a whole lot better
Lots of till transactions and lots of money taken
A lot of the sale stock has been sold already
Chat with Sidepocket Pat about football grounds
Tidying the sale area later got me away from the till
As usual, the lovely lady count was rather high
Night out in St. Albans with my schoolmates later
I appreciate the bus which got me there for free
Drinking in the White Hart Inn with Daz and Andy
Chats about what we got up to for Christmas
Comical chats about our health and fitness regimes
Meeting Paul and Dave in the tandoori for dinner
The food in there was very tasty, as was the beer
Chats about our former school teachers and mates
Repairing to The Boot for further pints of beer
Despite it being busy in there, we got a table
Chats about Brexit, politics and British politicians
Getting chatted up by a gaggle of drunk girls
I appreciate the flirty look I got from the 'speaker'
I appreciate that they joined us on our table
I appreciate that they guessed my aged wrongly
I appreciate that I still have good old pulling power
Chats with Daz and Bald Rodney about online dating
The Uber taxi home turned up pretty quickly
Having the money, health, and mates to do all this


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