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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I have candy to eat.

I bought tea.

I am online at least 2.5 hours.

I decided I want to move back to California.

I slept fairly well.

I'm on antibiotics.

The weather warmed up a little bit.

I have boots to keep my feet warm.

I appreciate:

Miss B who is the best and most beautiful.
Feeling at home while away! Miss C snoozing on the hearth!
And friends and family Ben, Pete, Rollo, H&M and Charlie et al
Counting our lucky stars for all the great people in our lives!
Counting our lucky stars again for our happy, fun Christmas!
And for clean, crisp, beautiful, fresh air...
Weak, winter sunshine and star laden skies.
Acres of space and clear, wide horizons.
Wooded hills & snowy mountainsides & abundant wildlife.
Owls! Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo!
New tracks & trails to run, hike & bike!
Feeling fit, agile, vibrant & alive.
Freedom from the precession of simulacra!
Feeling peaceful, tranquil and super chilled out!
Feeling connected... ' tuned in, tapped in, turned on"!
Getting in touch and streaming wildly!!! Ha! Ha!
Stimulating, authentic, new people, ideas & insights.
Stunning new artwork and new ways of seeing.
Expansion! Expansion! Expansion! Break out!
Having fun with funky, new, original friends.
Feeling connected! Feeling the beat!
Singing, dancing, eating, drinking, being merry and
Sleeping, snoozing, dreaming, floating, running & tai chi!
Qigong in the forest attracting some interesting wildlife! Connection!
Tuning in! Listening! Seeing!
Making space! Rearranging! Directing! Summoning! Melting!
Tapping in! Knowing!
Feeling very well. Flowing. Rooted. Grounded. Solid. Connected.
Walking like a cat! Tracking! Observing! Communicating!
Feeling. Feeling free. Far out...Far from the madding crowd. Breathing!
Turning on! Lighting up! Flowing out! Creating! Rejuvenating!
Having a beautiful time here and everywhere.
Being in the right place at the right time, all of the time!
Mixing it up and laying it down! Synthesis!
Notes to the Universe all jammed up in a twelve bar blues.
Banging out some old lines on new keys. Scaling up
And scaling down right on cue.
New editions in translation pushing the envelope again!
Happy New Year!
Just 'one moment in time' ... Right on!  Cue the music ...
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

I have a way to get a ticket to move back into California.
I am pretty sure I am going to finally move to the area I have want to live in for close to ten years.

Saturday 29th December

Not feeling too groggy when I woke up
Working something like my normal shift
YouTube songs from Christian Zimmerman & Fila Brazillia
Interesting articles about this year's World Cup
The ride into work was good and pleasant
It is once again pretty mild and sunny today
My workmates were pleased to see me too
Not many people were in first thing today
I added value just by turning up to work
I have felt competent and astute in my work
Helping some of the newbies with various things
Thinking laterally as I sorted out refunds
About five successful Internet orders
We have once again taken quite a lot of money
The jolly pensioner who wished me Happy New Year
Helping a lady down the escalators and doing my good deed
Banter at tea break with Ryan, Leo and Edward
Chats about Debbie Dumpling and travel blogs
Successful Internet order for a luxury suit later
The customer was a nice guy: very understanding
The amusement of Hamza walking round in a Peaky Blinders hat
A couple of shock results in the afternoon's football
Liverpool demolished Arsenal to go 9 points clear at the top
Very welcome snooze on the settee once I had had lunch
Football analysis on BT Sport after the game had finished
Good visualisation session in the evening after dinner
Called in on my Mum and she is absolutely fine
Playing fun disco songs on Alexa later on
Long-ish walking around the local area affirming guidance
I now have 3 days off over New Year: thank you scheduling

Sunday 30th December

Day off #3 spent pottering around at home
Nice lie in until 9.45am having slept quite well
YouTube songs from Scaryeire (cerebral Irish rap)
Watching the analytical Sunday Supplement on Sky
Good visualisation session in the mid-morning
My Mum gave me a hook and some sticky fixers
These can be used to display my calendar on fridge door
After a little bit of fiddling, they actually work quite well
I have got myself some extra hours for this week
Ordering a custom-made journal from Cafe Press
I found a suitable 'London suburbia' pic for the cover
Getting a number of handy things from Tesco later
More slight shocks in the afternoon's football
There have been so many goals and good games this Christmas
I had a nice healthy lunch including salad vegetables
Man Utd v Bournemouth was a good game with good goals
Nice walk around the local area affirming movement of life
Another good visualisation session in the evening
Writing my novella later (main hero invited for job interview)
It was good to crack on with that for first time in a while
The weather looks pretty good for the next few days

Monday 31st December

Day off #2 spent pottering around once again
Fun YouTube songs from the Seventies disco era
Thoughts about travelling to New York in 2019
My Facebook status garnered some positive replies
Walking into town to burn off calories and get steps
I appreciate the public toilets in the Jury's Inn Hotel
Nice cup of tea in Pret a Manger on the corner
First time I have been in here, and it was welcoming
Jotting down some story ideas on iPad notes
Coming up with some great rhyming couplets too
Bus back home turned up at the stop soon enough
Chat with Toothless John about Matchplay darts
Nice healthy lunch and reading book about geopolitics
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had my lunch
Wander around the local area in the mild evening
Very good visualisation session after having dinner
Getting a number of little tasks done before tomorrow
All of the nice New Year messages I have received
Seeing in the New Year with my Mum and Aunty
As usual, the London fireworks were spectacular
I appreciate all of the places I have travelled this year
I appreciate all of the many things I have done
I appreciate all of the fun I have had this year
Giving thanks in advance for more during 2019

It has been a very good year, and it feels good to look back on it.

I met wonderful new people, and made new friends. 

I had more opportunities to make a bit of money here and there by doing fun, creative work than I knew what to do with. 

I made significant progress in developing my creativity, learning new skills with which to express myself and sharpening ones I already had.  

My job offered me the opportunity to travel. I came to know many new places, and got to see familiar places from a different point of view. In the familiar places, I got to play "tour guide," and show my co-workers things I had enjoyed on previous visits. It was fun to see and do these things again with other people, as I was frequently alone on earlier trips. 

All of my family conflicts have been resolved by my father's death, now that he is no longer able to stir up family members to antagonize me. Nobody in my family is interested in keeping me on in my old job as "Black Sheep," and I am more than happy to retire from it. I last spoke to my younger brother in the late spring, a few days after our father died, to tell him I would not be at the funeral, and that was the last communication I had with any of my blood relations. Perhaps this would be seen as a tragedy by well-meaning people from much less dysfunctional families, but for us it is good, and perhaps the best possible outcome. For the first time in my life, I harbor no grudges or ill-will toward any of them, and I like to imagine they enjoy the same freedom. 

My mental health has been fully restored, and I can see a tremendous difference in the past year alone. In the last eight years, I have gone from being a traumatized wreck fleeing from one place to another in a frenzied panic, to being happier and more emotionally stable than I have ever been in my life.   

I live in a comfortable home, with a good friend who makes me feel welcomed and wanted. I know I make his life easier, and we enjoy each others' companionship. There is no romance, but in many ways it feels to me as I imagine a happy, long-time marriage must. I sometimes think that perhaps I would like to create a similar relationship with a lover one day, but for now I am very happy with things as they are.  

Marcy from Maui and ALL of you! Hi Artist Laura!

Tuesday 1st January

Day off #3 spent exploring intriguing London
YouTube song from The Real Thing (fun 70’s disco)
Nice walk to the suburban railway station
As usual all of the trains left bang on time
Easy changeover at Harrow and Wealdstone
Descending at Wembley Central for a wander round
Nice cup of tea from Costa Coffee by the station
I appreciate the colourful murals of Wembley scenes
Wander round Wembley Stadium to burn off calories
I appreciate sporting achievements and glories
All of the building work indicates a thriving economy
I appreciate the prosperity of the London Designer Outlet
The bustle of colour and noise north of Alperton
Nice walk round Ealing Common after a tube ride
I appreciate that there were shops open in Ealing
Thinking up rhyming couplets for my next piece of writing
Peaceful wander as far as South Ealing tube station
I appreciate the gentility of this most pleasant area
Tube ride to Shepherd’s Bush gave me a good sit down
I appreciate the free public toilets in Westfield White City
Exploring around leafy Holland Park as the sun came out
The cleaner fresh air at this point was very welcome
Finding a cafe in South Kensington for a nice pit stop
Latte coffee and fruit toast as I watched the world go by
Thought up some rhyming couplets for creative writing
Stroll through West Brompton back doubles afterwards
I appreciate the more peaceful gentility of this area
However it does have some very nice stretches of vibrancy
The festive fairy lights along the Kings Road in Chelsea
Christmas isn’t yet over in this part of the world
Welcome evening meal in an eatery along Oxford Street
Despite it being busy, I still managed to find a table
I appreciate the tall pretty girl with the dyed red hair
I appreciate the politeness of the Swedish couple sat with me
Lovely after dinner coffee in Cafe Nero, Tottenham Court Road
Thinking up yet more rhyming couplets for creative writing
I am certainly feeling very creative at the moment
Getting a seat on the train home from out of Euston
Long walk home from the station affirming flow of life
Fitbit facts: 45’041 steps. 22.63 miles. 4724 calories
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these

Wednesday 2nd January

Early morning text from Anupa offering night shift
I accepted as this will get me out of hectic daytimes
YouTube song from John Parr (catchy 80's song)
The ride into work was absolutely fine (no fog or ice)
The amusement of Angelina describing her humour
Frosty Cheryl is now back and was in amicable mood
Got quite a lot of sale stuff sorted out and put out
Helping Sarria with various things and feeling useful
The last hour on the till made time go quite quickly
Got some passport photos done at Snappy Snaps
Nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee in WH Smiths
I appreciate the chubby-cute Brazilian barista there
Jotting down yet more ideas for a short story
Dropping photos off at my Mum's on way home
Playing with my nephew for a while when he awoke
He is coming out with several new words each day
Made me smile when he pointed and called me Ne-ne
Interesting Wikitravel articles about New York City
Welcome snooze on settee after lunch (v. tired)
More intriguing games in the night's football
My super team partook in the most entertaining one
Playing numerous fun but forgotten songs on Alexa
Night walk around the local area breathing in fresh air

Thursday 3rd January

Working through the night for a change
Doing this has curried favour with people
Nice lie in until 10am having slept well
Interesting Wikitravel articles about New York
Setting up further direct debits to my savings
Money will be going in every week of the year
Sainsbury's delivery has been and I am stocked up
Brief chat with my comely next door neighbour
Wander to the amusement arcade to get change
It was cold outside and that has killed off germs
Nice rest on my bed once I had had my lunch
Getting train into town and it was bang on time
Nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee before starting
Thinking up numerous rhyming couplets as I did
The two pretty brunettes on the neighbouring table
Working with Sidepocket Pat who is very astute
We got a lot of kidswear items priced upstairs
Having two pricing guns which actually worked
Most of the repricing has already been done
This freed us up from 12 hours of tedium
This also spared us from 12 hours of arm ache
New lines have been added to the menswear sale
This will generate a lot of custom over the weekend
Numerous trips to the 3rd floor to get fixtures
This burnt off loads of calories and got me steps
Chats about football, music, work and former jobs
Pat had the Spotify app on his phone so we had music
This helped to keep us awake for the 12 hours
Having Chas and Dave as part of our 'soundtrack'
Merchandising the shoes and doing a good job
The awkward back bars actually went in easily
Merchandising the kidswear sale was pretty easy
Anupa came in at 3am so we had another companion
Doing delivery for last hour kept me awake...just
Hitting my Fitbit steps target as early as 4am
We were thanked many times for our hard work
This included the slightly distant store manager
It was a nice sunny morning when I emerged at 8am
Bus home was waiting for me when I got to the stop
Falling fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow

Friday 4th January

Day off to recover from the through the night shift
Waking up at 1 in the afternoon having slept fairly well
YouTube song from The 1975 (contemporary stuff)
Watching a very good old episode of The Bill
Ate a little bit and it was welcome because I was hungry
Further rest on my bed before having lunch
Reading interesting book about geopolitics as I ate
Stroll around the local area in the chilly-ish evening
Running an update on Firestick and it worked fine
Text convo with Anupa about spirituality and Angels
I get the impression she rather appreciates my input
I am feeling a bit more supple and awake now

I appreciate:

Having a brilliant Christmas and New Year!
A great trip back with no delays.
Turning back time & back to the future again! For surrrrrrrrre!!!;)
Miss C for her ten minute, cold shoulder, huffy response :)x
Miss C for then throwing herself down on the deck for a tummy tickle.
Miss C for big, rumbling purrs once we were finally forgiven :)x
Pete & Rollo for collecting us and Ben for making a delicious dinner!
H&M joining us & bringing one of M's famous sherry trifles.Perfect!
Charlie for sharing his squeaky Christmas cracker with Rollo! :)x
B,P& R doing a fantastic job yet again. BIG LOVE! :)xx
B for the rather large, unanticipated, extra, groovy present in the den :)x
And for H&M managing the tricky installation with B&P's help!
Wow! Just WOW! :O
OMG! Counting my lucky stars for fantastic friends & a groovy girlfriend!
Random messing about, lots of silliness, laughing and noisyness
Telephone catchups with other best & important people.
Extending our tribe while away & enjoying great rapport & connection
Attracting entertaining, intelligent, sunny, generous and light hearted people.
Enjoying side splittingly funny YT clips sent our way overnight!
Continuing dialogue across multiple platforms.
Resolving a small business related issue that needed some attention.
Honesty & diplomacy, the very best way forward!
I appreciate my fantastic team and their competance. Thank you!
I appreciate having a variety of options, choices, alternatives!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! AH!
"Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns"
Thank you Universe inside and out!

Saturday 5th January

Working something approaching normal hours
Feeling recovered after working through the night
YouTube song from Ian Dury and the Blockheads
The ride into work was both pleasant and safe
The store wasn't quite as busy or hectic today
Anupa appreciated me giving her some painkillers
All the grumpy staff seemed to have the day off
Excursion to the 3rd floor with Charlie for company
Chats about her rather aborted New Year's Eve plans
Successful click and collect for a long overcoat
Other add-on items took the sale to around £357
One or two minor shocks in 3rd round of FA Cup
Good visualisation session once I had had lunch
Drinking in the King's Head with Mr. and Mrs. A later
They were both feeling better after a bereavement
Life in monochrome #34: Christmas tree in the pub
I appreciate this last vestige of Christmas this year
We got a table in the bottom half where it was quieter
The pints of Rocking Rudolph beer I drank in there
They both liked dog misdemeanour calendar I got them
I appreciate the quirky presents they both got me
Chats about housing plans, families and driving routes
Further chats about work, vegan food and money
Helping Mrs. A. with her work's NVQ assessment
Any idiots in the pub stayed well away from us
The walk home in the fresh air did me a lot of good
Having money, health, mobility and friends in my life


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