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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Saturday 5th January

Working something approaching normal hours
Feeling recovered after working through the night
YouTube song from Ian Dury and the Blockheads
The ride into work was both pleasant and safe
The store wasn't quite as busy or hectic today
Anupa appreciated me giving her some painkillers
All the grumpy staff seemed to have the day off
Excursion to the 3rd floor with Charlie for company
Chats about her rather aborted New Year's Eve plans
Successful click and collect for a long overcoat
Other add-on items took the sale to around £357
One or two minor shocks in 3rd round of FA Cup
Good visualisation session once I had had lunch
Drinking in the King's Head with Mr. and Mrs. A later
They were both feeling better after a bereavement
Life in monochrome #34: Christmas tree in the pub
I appreciate this last vestige of Christmas this year
We got a table in the bottom half where it was quieter
The pints of Rocking Rudolph beer I drank in there
They both liked dog misdemeanour calendar I got them
I appreciate the quirky presents they both got me
Chats about housing plans, families and driving routes
Further chats about work, vegan food and money
Helping Mrs. A. with her work's NVQ assessment
Any idiots in the pub stayed well away from us
The walk home in the fresh air did me a lot of good
Having money, health, mobility and friends in my life

I am in California once again.

I have a plan B for a place to go.

I'm ok, even though I've not slept.

I may have a safe inside place to stay tonight.

I may travel and leave the area tomorrow once again.

I have options of other places in the state to chose to go to in order to experience a better environment.

I'm in a much warmer community at this time.

I can get medical and dental coverage on insurance now that I've returned back to the state.

There are advantages to going further north and staying in an alternative county.

Sunday 6th January

Sunday, which meant a day off for me
Nice lie in until 10am having slept well
Finding some interesting posts on here
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
Plotting some hours on the scheduling app
I have bagged myself a good shift on the 28th
Mid cadence riding to Chiswell Green to get fit
Very nice peppermint latte in Starbucks
After a fashion, I got a good people-watching seat
Composing more rhyming couplets for stories
Doing this really sparked my imagination
As usual, there lovely lady count was high
I appreciate the chubby-cute brunette by me
The ride home was easier than I was expecting
I got home before it started to get dark
Various shocks in the day's FA Cup games
Newport provided the best, beating Leicester 2-1
The game was televised and was pretty exciting
My team got through a tricky game without conceding
Good visualisation session once I had had lunch
My Mum and Aunty both went on a 2-hour walk
They have both been keeping very fit and active
Sending my brother the 'skinny' on Valencia
Working out format etc for a mock football tournament
Night walk in local area affirming energy and well-being

Monday 7th January

Working a long shift to bump my money up
Got into work in plenty of time as no traffic on roads
We had help from colleagues from other stores
They covered as people from my store went to a funeral
Working through a stack of accessories first thing
Nice baked potato and coleslaw on my first tea break
In-depth coverage of the weekend's FA Cup results
Working on menswear ops for most of the day
Didn't really have to mind the till or go in fitting room
Winding up Debbie about the antics of Mad Victor
I successfully avoided the said antics of Mad Victor
Successful Internet order for a cashmere jumper
The lady was really nice and gave me plenty of praise
Having a nice rest whilst on my second tea break
Successful Internet order for a smart waistcoat
The customer was a very nice and understanding bloke
Tidied the whole of the jeans area later and it looked better
The external staff tidied sale throughout the day which helped
Chat with Hamida about her diasporic origins (Egypt + Pakistan)
Getting home safe and sound after riding in the dark
Wolverhampton caused a shock beating Liverpool 2-1
Welcome snooze on the settee once I had eaten
Night walk around local area affirming health and well-being

Tuesday 8th January

Working through the night, so a free daytime
Nice lie in until 10am having slept quite well
Researching possible appealing travel destinations
Rewording parts of my novella in mid morning
Lovely day with plenty of sunshine and blue skies
Nice stroll up to the bank in afore-mentioned sun
Nice carbohydrate meal for sustained energy later
As per usual train into town left bang on time
Nice cup of tea in Cafe Nero before starting shift
Coming up with yet more amusing rhyming couplets
Although hard work, I appreciate the extra hours tonight
We had more people in tonight than last week
Getting the tedious tasks out of the way first of all
Listening to radio commentary of Spurs v Chelsea
It sounded a pretty good game with the right result
I felt much more alert and lively after the first break
Playing 90's indie songs on Sidepocket Pat's phone
This had the desired effect of cheering me right up
This middle part of the night was the best part of shift
I felt quite energetic and productive and got lots done
My mindscape also improved quite a bit at this point
Our belated staff 'Christmas' party has been confirmed
Eating very healthily during the second break of night
Despite chaos and mess, we got a move done on kidswear
One of the Christmas temp girls took care of the pricing
The feeling of relief when the 12 hours finally ended
Plenty of thanks and appreciation from Anupa and Lee
Quickly falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow

Wednesday 9th January

Sleeping in until around 1pm and sleeping well
The food I ate around that time was very welcome
Fairly intellectual session on Yahoo Answers
Sorting out a redelivery of a mysterious parcel
Successful visit to the dentist to have a filling repaired
The dentist and her assistant both did a very good job
It was pretty much painless, and the bite is smooth
I appreciate that she is much better than the last dentist
It cost me a whopping £22 less than I was expecting
Calling in at my Mum's and playing with my nephew
He is taking a real interest in books and animals now
The amusement of him making various animal noises
Nice and very welcome snooze on the settee later on
Evening stroll around the country park feeling contended
I appreciate that the days are getting longer now
Man City v Burton Albion at least had plenty of goals
The pint of London Pride beer I drank, watching game
Night walk around local area giving thanks for my job
Hitting upon the idea of taking a week off in April
Researching further holiday destinations in Europe

Thursday 10th January

Nice day off after the hard work this week
Nice lie in until 9.45am having slept well
Interesting travel articles about various places
I have been paid and it was more than expected
My rent and credit card bill have both been paid
Mid-cadence riding to St. Albans to get fit
The roads are bone dry and easy to ride on
Numerous instances of triple digit Angel numbers
Two instances of Waberer's optimum solution
Lovely hazelnut latte in Costa Coffee
Thinking up yet more rhyming couplets
The lovely lady count was very high today
There were also plenty of seats and tables
No queue in the bank when I got up there
Finding an interesting history book in Waterstones
Cycling home in daylight, just before it got dark
The two motorists who stopped to let me cross
(Saving me a wait to get across the dual carriageway)
Reading through the book on history of identities
Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen in the evening
Making everything look a fair bit better than it was
Sifting through entries on the appreciation thread
Starting to compile my thread of 2018 positives

Friday 11th January

Early start but early finish and I felt OK when I woke up
Recurring dream about missing an exam I don't know about
Milder than it had been and the winds have died down
The belated 'Christmas party' has finally been confirmed
When I forgot my shirt, admin had a fairly nice new one
Spent most of the day doing delivery and got lots done
Frosty Cheryl continues to be more chatty than usual
Once again, we had help from the temp girl from Harrow
Lack of managers, so a relaxed atmosphere prevailed
Chat with Playful Preeti about her plans for the party
Finishing early and going for nice cup of tea in Insomnia
Coming up with yet more rhyming couplets for writing
Brief chat on FB with Quirky Abigail about my dream
It was a fairly pleasant and sunny afternoon later on
Reading through my book about histories of nations
Saying no to another through the night shift next week
However, I have still got some extra hours on that day
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had some lunch
An food order with Ocado has been put in for tomorrow
My redelivered Cafe Press journal has been delivered
My Mum came up with an idea of what I can cook next Sun
Later on, I came up with yet more rhyming couplets
Nice walk around the local area in the mild night air

I appreciate:

Getting back into the groove after holiday celebrations!
Running along the trail by the creek most days
Enjoying the fresh, salty sea air and views out to sea.
Acknowledging other runners, dog walkers & cyclists along the way!
Sea birds crying and the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks!
The sound of my footfall running along as I avoid muddy puddles!
Enjoying H's new space & couple of Shape Shuffling nights this week!
What Is Love? More nice people, lots of Lycra and even more hilarity!
Tai Chi bringing focus, clarity, strength and harmony.
TC friends at the studio and some awesome sets this week. Releasing! Letting go! Flowing!
Getting a buzz, fully in sync. Feeling calm & collected.
Masters & mentors. Unexpected accolades. Awesome.
Implementing some small changes this year and feeling the benefit.
Focusing on some interesting stuff and ignoring distractions.
Moving forward, gathering momentum, feeling great about progress.
Noticing small achievements and ticking them off my mental list.
Expansion. Handling one thing at a time ... Focus!
Attracting informed, open and talented people in reciprocal exchange.
Building knowledge and skills and feeling satisfied and pleased.
Great feelings of progression. Feeling I'm heading downstream.
I appreciate my lovely, gorgeous girlfriend & my madcap, fun friends :)x
And, Miss Cuddles our large, rotund, sleepy, happy cat! :)x
And my home and living out in the sticks in a nice coastal community.
Living a good life with a healthy balance of work & leisure.
And growing some of our own food and eating very well.
Having enough not to worry, feeling positive and seeing the best.
Noticing all of the things that make me happy & make me feel great.
Appreciating as much and as often as I can! Driving, running,queuing!
Rampaging often & feeling really, really good. Loving it RIGHT NOW!
Attracting lovely, fun, interesting, happy, original & enjoyable 'stuff'!
Summoning talent, innovation, inspiration & intuitive drives to action.
Streaming and channeling, mixing it up and synthesising ...
New iterations. Thank you!
Thank you Universe inside and out!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! Thanks to Abraham-Hicks ;)

I am getting good shifts and plenty of hours at work
The money is flowing quite nicely in my life
There are one or two female new faces at work
I feel like I may have a new gallery to play to
I have the annual leave dates which I wanted
The days are now getting a bit longer
The weather is dry and mild at the moment
I had a good, and lively night out last night

Life feels like it has a bit of flow to it at the moment

I am no longer in indio California. My new friend Ben may really be turning into my boyfriend. I have the rest of the day to walk about 6 more miles.

Saturday 12th January

Back to working normal times, and lying in a bit
It is now a good bit milder than it has been
Quiet first thing but then the store livened up
Successful Internet order for a blue sweater
I got through all sorts of delivery and repro
Posh Anne and Janette got the fitting room clear
Chat with Angelina about grotty areas of NW London
Kirsty and me plotted some holiday for the year
I had a bigger allocation than I thought I had
I have got an ideal week off in the springtime
I have also got an ideal week off in the summer
This frees up times for me to go to great places
It saves me from having to go away in March
I can now go away when it's warmer and sunnier
Had a couple of convoluted transactions and refunds
An attempted scam with winter coats was sussed
The department took a lot of money in the afternoon
Snooty Janice got a taste of her own medicine
I feel that I may now have a new 'gallery' to play to
Getting home just before it started raining lightly
My super team dug out a very good away win
The comedy of Fulham's bizarre defeat at Burnley
I appreciate the pepperoni pizza I had for dinner
Millwall v Blackburn was livened up by late goals
Living it up in town with some of the BHS boys later
Drinking beer in Bosleys with Lee first of all
Making use of his January double dip discount
This created a number of very cheap rounds for us
Chats about Christmas, breweries and birthday plans
The town centre was pretty lively for a winter's night
Moving on to the newly-refurbished Walkabout Bar
We got a table and seats right by the front doors
The amusement of playing 'social anthropology' game
Chats about the World Cup and the football season
Some of the amusing outfits people were wearing
Lovely ladies were ten-a-penny and were all around
Text from Prankster Darren who was in town with others
This gave the night a real second wind of eventfulness
Getting refused entry to Lloyds Bar was to our advantage
Going to Reflex instead: more space and better music
I knew every single song played, and they were great
Going on the revolving dance floor and staying on
Dancing felt good and created some feel-good emotions
I appreciate the chubby-cute girl from Work Skills course
(Eye-candy from 7 years ago in a fetching green dress)
Walking home from town burnt off the beer I had drunk
It was very good to see some of the BHS boys again
It was also good to be doing this in 'slow' mid-winter

Sunday 13th January

Nice lie in after my late night, until around 11am
YouTube song from Junior Senior (00's rock and roll)
Finding some interesting posts on here to write on
I bagged myself a good 9-hour shift next month
Good visualisation session in the mid-morning
An Ocado delivery has been and I am stocked up again
Nice wander around the country park before lunch
Meeting Clumsy Craig by Tescos and nattering a while
He has plenty of work now and people are paying up
Nice healthy lunch of a tuna sandwich and salad veg
Watching Tottenham v Manchester United on Sky
The beautiful red/orange sunset in the evening
It is certainly getting lighter in the evenings now
Further good visualisation session in the later evening
I am anticipating a pretty good day at work tomorrow

Monday 14th January

Working some extra hours to bump my money up
Journey into work was absolutely fine and safe
I had a pretty productive morning: delivery first
Grouped all of the totes into departments
Began to work some of the stuff on the rails
The amusement of Cheryl having to help Ian
I got talking to the new VM girl and learnt her name
Sale for £302 (biggest one I have had in a few weeks)
Successful Internet order for a Saville Row shirt
The customer is usually a bit drunk was fine today
I helped her find other things and she was grateful
Doing this gave me a feeling of job satisfaction
I have got myself a ticket for the 'Christmas' party
Finishing early and then going for coffee afterwards
Lovely cafe latte in Cafe Insomnia in the mid morning
Making some holiday plans for my week in April this year
Sending out intentions for an enjoyable week at work
I appreciate the pretty brunette French girl beside me
Researching further holiday destinations when I got home
Nice snooze on my bed in the late afternoon (welcome)
Good and detailed visualisation sessions throughout the day
Consolidating the intentions which I had written earlier on
Live football on Sky: Man City v Wolverhampton Wanderers
Long night walk around local area affirming self-esteem
I feel that my affirmations may just be sinking in now

I appreciate my lover, whom I manifested using the universal laws and conscious creation laws. We broke up before but because of this 30 day challenge (http://www.mustsparkjoy.com/manifest-your-ex-back-free-course/) I am now happily reunited with him. THANK YOU UNIVERSE! THANK YOU!


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