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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I am returning to Northern California tomorrow!
I slept decently last night.
I got some new clothes this week.
I have all of my basic needs met right now.

Wednesday 6th February

Dry and mild today so I was able to ride in
Early start and early finish with lots of hours
Working all sorts of delivery first of all
Doing a small move on mens sleepwear
Excursions to the VM room and the 2nd floor
I appreciate the smell of rhubarb scented candles
My sign-in on the ordering hub now works
Lack of managers so a relaxed atmosphere
Chat with Indu about her family and children
An initially grumpy customer chilled out
The amusement of Janette 'thieving' pens
Chat with Fatou about her oddball neighbours
Successful order for my mate's mother in law
She spoke very positively about the company
Playing with my nephew at my Mum's later on
He greeted me enthusiastically when I came in
He is learning new words all of the time now
His speech now sounds a whole lot clearer
The amusement of him walking in adult shoes
Classic episodes of The Bill on YouTube
Nice snooze on the sofa once I had had lunch
Coming up with short story ideas in evening
My black Reebok trainers are starting to break in

I am in CA again bound for the Roseville area.
I had nice chats with twopeople on the last bus.
I could still get a message back from cute British guy I found online a couple of days ago on a dating site.

Thursday 7th February

An unexpectedly productive day at work
YouTube song from Magnetic Fields
Bus arrived at the same time as me
Spent a good while tidying the sale area
It looked a good bit better after that
Ranjit's amusing story about Valentines cards
(Card and gifts every year for 32 years)
Helping the cute VM girls put in a shelf
Having a rather good day of upselling
Kitted out a customer in interview gear (£136)
Helped Preeti who was struggling with suits
Got the customer sorted and placated (£139)
Customer with hernia wanting trousers
I was 1 hour past finishing but sale was worth it
It came to £330 in total, over two orders
He was really grateful for my efforts and help
Total upselling over course of the day: £605
Anupa also appreciated me staying later
This week is proving remunerative for me
Watching old episodes of The Bill on YouTube
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had lunch
Fairly nice evening walk around the country park
Finding positives in the negative for my post

I appreciate my job

I appreciate my employer

I appreciate my family

I appreciate my friends

I appreciate my subliminal maker for her effective library of subliminals that help me reprogram my mind

I appreciate my self because I am worthy to be loved

I appreciate my SO who loves me unconditionally

I appreciate LIFE!

I temporarily returned to the city I was living in during the spring. I am visualizing my new apt. In the county about 100 miles south!
I got my ticket to travel easily after all two days ago.
Multiple new male friends have been really crucial helpers for me to make my goals.

Friday 8th February

An unexpectedly busy day at work
YouTube song from The Icicle Works
Bus arrived at the stop as I got there
Heavy rain during day but I stayed dry
Very busy at work due to final markdown
Numerous people bulk-buying sale items
Three sales of 50+ items in the transaction
We were stretched for staff but we coped
Menswear was calm compared to womens'
We had help from two of the CSD girls
Finishing at 1pm and going for coffee
Lovely hazelnut latte in Insomnia Cafe
Came up with more rhyming couplets
The antics of several babies in there
It was nice to unwind after a busy shift
Saying no to another late shift next week
Chat with Lisa on the way home afterwards
Chat about Indian restaurants in area
Old episodes of The Bill on YouTube later
I got a CSAT from penultimate customer yest.
Heavy showers in the afternoon to listen to
I appreciate having a home to shelter in
Appreciative thoughts about the food I eat
Aston Villa v Sheffield Utd had late drama
Lengthy night walk around the local area
Spent this time affirming inner peace
One more shift to go and then 2 days off

Saturday 9th February

Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
YouTube song from Nik Kershaw (80's sophisti-pop)
Kirsty was back in after a week of annual leave
This added another person when we were short
We weren't as stretched as we were yesterday
Sold a padded anorak as soon as I got to the floor
Brief chat with kidswear Ian about 'good old Pinner'
Helped a customer with a tuxedo which he then bought
Kirsty's amusing story about rioting teenagers years ago
Successful Internet order for a green pair of jeans
This got me a positive CSAT: my third in only a week
I feel like I am really hitting my stride at work now
It was busy when it was my time to work on the till
I got out of having to man the fitting room for an hour
Successful Internet order for a pair of smart shoes
Menswear sale items have been moved up to first floor
Chat with 'Dan the man' about our super football team
Three buses turned up as soon as I got to the stop
Brief chat with Kirby outside the fish and chip shop
I got a colourful kalanchoe plant for my living room
My super team chalked up a win in the grudge match
We have started keeping clean sheets more often
Apparently, the players showed enthusiasm all game
QPR v Birmingham almost produced a comeback
Sidepocket Pat's amusing reaction to this see-saw game
Brief stroll around the country park in the early evening
Cracking on with my novella later on (potential job offer)
Fairly long night walk giving thanks for various things
I now have 2 days off work with fun stuff planned
I also have a long weekend off at the start of March

Sunday 10th February

Day off #1 and an enjoyable one at home
Nice lie in until 9.30am having slept well
YouTube song from Deuce (90's Euro dance)
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
I have drunk plenty of water today (5 pints)
I have also eaten very healthily too and feel it
Finding interesting posts on here to write on
Playing northern soul songs on my Alexa
Uncovering some banging songs doing this
Heavy showers in the daytime to help gardens
Nice stroll around the country park before lunch
England chalked up a stirring 44-8 win over France
They have got off to a flying start in the Six Nations
Manchester City blitzed Chelsea 5-0 in football
Clear skies and a nice sunset in the late afternoon
The weather is due to be milder over next 2 weeks
Fairly long evening walk around local area
Lovely quorn tikka masala for dinner tonight
The vegetables I bought were also very tasty
Watching 'Places Which Don't Exist' on YouTube
I'm rather glad I don't live in Nagorno-Karabakh
Compiling a gratitude list about people in my world
Planning my walking day out in Metroland tomorrow

I appreciate:
Feeling fit, healthy and agile.
Running along the beach trail every day and feeling great.
Wide open horizons and expansive views.
Tai Chi on the shoreline ... Ace!
Wildlife and nature. Sea birds and Starlings, rabbits & Reed Warblers
Clear, crisp, bright sunny days and gentle, calm seas!
Stormy skies, gale force winds, crashing waves and sea spray!
Early morning before the world gets up.
Peace and quiet, sunrise, dappled skies, the dawn chorus.
Steaming hot cups of tea and raspberry porridge
My sleeping girlfriend and big, fat, furry cat! B&C! :)xx
Getting things done, planning & doing, practicing and creating.
My office and workshops housing all my tools and projects.
'Working' on pleasing things, developing, mixing, synthesising.
Learning new things, skills & techniques from masters and mentors.
Practicing new ways assiduously, integrating new disciplines easily.
Learning & practicing. Practicing & teaching. Receiving & giving. Dao.
Asking & receiving! LOA! Great teachers!
A receptive mindset, retention, application, replication, visualisation.
Tuning right up, feeling how good it feels NOW = magnetic booster!
Drawing everything in quickly! Enjoying it NOW & NOW!
Noticing who & what shows up now! Focus! Focus! Focus!
Focusing: Turning up the magnification! Zoom!
Intensely zooming in on how good it feels right NOW ! Bliss!
Owning it fully! Yay! Woohoo! Perfect realisations in no time at all!
Everything progressing exactly the way it's supposed to.
Being in the right place at the right time always.

I create my own reality! :D :D :D
Feeling light, abundant, happy, energised and free!
How lucky am I!
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

I am grateful for my wonderful loving relationship.

I am grateful for being fearless

I am grateful for loving 

I am grateful that I am open to receive love

I am grateful for the love that is all around me

I am grateful for my body being at ease

I am grateful for 

Monday 11th February

Day off #2 spent exploring Metroland Art Deco
YouTube song from Dobie Gray (happy northern soul)
Nice breakfast and viewing of football on YouTube
Once again, a bright sunny and mild morning outside
Two buses arrived at the bus stop as I got there
Lovely cup of tea bought from platform vendor
London Overground train to Harrow and Wealdstone
Stroll down to the shopping area expressing thanks
Getting some very good shots of Art Deco vestibules
I appreciate the public toilets in Debenhams there
I then got another shot of Harrow on the Hill station
Negotiating the back doubles as far as West Harrow
I appreciate the Wealdstone Motors Clock Tower
I appreciate how foibles like this are found in London
Lunch items from my company's Harrow branch
I appreciate the staff in there who gave me directions
Wandering through Kenton finding further follies
The cashier who opened up a till in Barclays Bank
I appreciate the modernist design of Kenton Library
The sweeping views of NW London from Jubilee Park
Having a well-earned rest in Costa Coffee, Colindale
Lovely hazelnut latte and raspberry/almond bake
The physical feeling of relaxation whilst I was in there
Coming up with further rhyming couplets for stories
I appreciate the chubby-cute Irish girl who came in
The walk back to Kenton station following the sunset
Expressing gratitude for certain areas of my life
Train ride back home gave me a nice further rest
I appreciate being able to get around easily by train
Thoughts about appreciating the magic of life
Not the little things, but the miracle of life itself
Nice takeaway cup of tea bought in Costa Coffee
Bus waiting for me at the stop, then the ride home
Watching selected scenes of Point Break in evening
Brief night walk around local area to get fresh air
Watching certain scenes of Good Will Hunting
I appreciate just how moving some of them are
I appreciate the visceral impact they had on me
I appreciate this latest 'walking day' I have had
Having the money, health and mobility to do all this


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