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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I get to see Grey's Anatomy online!

The sun came out and it was dry most of today.

I slept enough.

I had coffee.

I may lose a little weight easily soon.

Friday 8th March

YouTube song from Lisa Moorish (90's dance)
Dry and sunny morning so I could ride to work
Today was definitely busier than it has been
Delivery to crack on with for the first hour
Brief chat with Bhadresha about Cricket World Cup
Around 5 successful Internet orders during day
Card application #7 fell right into my lap
This was the 3rd Friday running: it's all easy
The customer was also high spending and friendly
Amusement of Ashwin wittering on about beer
Flurry of custom in the middle of the day
Chat with Sidepocket Pat about healthy eating
He gave me some handy hints about food to avoid
I appreciate how nice Big Naomi kooks in civvies
'Group' chat about famous customers in the store
Going to the Apple Store to sort out my phone
After a 20 minute wait, they diagnosed the problem
The master board had gone so I got a new handset
Coming home a different way and avoiding traffic
Gradually installing all of the apps I had on phone
Thankfully, my contacts list had been backed up
I have been paid and it was more than expected
Night walk around local area in mild weather
One more shift and then my staycaction begins

Saturday 9th March

My final shift at work for a little while
Working my normal hours today which was nice
Youtube song from Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Bus to town turned up pretty quickly
Persisted with a suit fit and it was successful
Flurries of custom kept things busy
At work, we are getting a pay rise in April
This is definitely the best-paying job I have had
Transferring extra money to my savings pot
Making fun of Dan getting stuck in denim
I sold several pairs of shoes during the day
Chat with Playful Preeti about London sari shops
Feeling demob happy once I had finished
Brief chat with Lisa on the way home from work
Lots of goals and events in the afternoon's football
England ran in several tries in the rugby against Italy
They are still in with a shout of winning the Six Nations
I had a very healthy dinner including fresh vegetables
Calling into my Mum and she is getting better
A Sainsbury's delivery has been and I am stocked up
Photoshopping and editing my Los Angeles pics
Uploading a whole load more to my Facebook
Plotting myself an extra shift for 3 weeks time
I am now on staycation, with fun things planned

Sunday 10th March

Staycation day #1: lazing around at home
Lie in until 10am having slept pretty well
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
YouTube song from Orson (mid 00's pop-rock)
Playing daft songs on my Alexa smart speaker
Early morning rain dried up leaving sunshine
Walk up to the village to get fresh vegetables
It was pretty windy and blew cobwebs away
The exercise in the fresh air was rather nice
Editing and posting the rest of my LA photos
Stroll around the country park in the sunshine
Liverpool beat Burnley 4-2 in early kick off
They move to within point of Manchester City
There was late drama in Chelsea v Wolves game
The nice snooze I had on the sofa after lunch
Heavy rain shower passed over in late afternoon
Meeting a girl from my brother's year at school
Then being told by her that I haven't aged at all
Jacket potato and vegetables for dinner v. tasty
Commencing my latest stint of creative writing
(Racy story in poem form set during World Cup)
Playing all sorts of fun soul songs at this time
The pint of Guinness I drank as I did all of this
Wisdom: cause of skin could be repressed anger
Night walk around the local area releasing anger
Daytrip to new place tom. with fun stuff planned

Time with my love again last night.

Monday 11th March

Staycation day #2: daytrip to Winchester
YouTube song from the New Vaudeville Band
Lovely sunshine for most of the daytime
Bus was waiting at the stop to take me to town
No queue at the ticket machines in station
Nice cup of tea from the platform vendor
Train to Clapham was quick and uncrowded
Free toilet trip whilst in Clapham Junction
Train to Winchester was quick and uncrowded
Passing through intriguing towns on the way
The comical brag of the people of Basingstoke
All of Winchester's Roman and historical charm
The centre is compact and easy to get around
The neoclassical design of the Theatre Royal
All of the ornamental clocks outside buildings
The pedestrianised High street and its vibe
Lunch items from M&S and use of discount
I appreciate public toilets in shopping centre
The set-piece architecture of its cathedral
Great photos whilst doing a circuit of cathedral
I appreciate the pretty girl outside the knave
The working water mill by the city's riverside
Daffodils and spring flowers in the grounds
Having my mobile charger handy for my phone
Rest stop in Costa Coffee after lots of walking
Very nice hazelnut latte, watching world go by
Thinking up more rhyming couplets for stories
The VERY pretty chubby girl in my line of vision
I appreciate how she reminded me of someone
I appreciate how she just appeared out of nowhere
Feeling pretty contented when I came out of there
Stroll along the riverside in the fresh evening air
The smile I got from a girl on a passing bus
Very nice evening meal in Crown and Anchor pub
The food was served up very quickly for me
Befriending a friendly couple who were also in there
Chats about weather, energy bills and Asperger's
Further chats about music and arty photography
We got on really well and it was all v. amicable
The way everything just flowed really easily
They both said that I had really good energy
The pints of Olde Trip beer I drank whilst in there
Getting the train back home to London on time
Free newspapers to read during the journey
Walking up from the station giving thanks
Having money, health and mobility to do all this
My staycaction week already has some tales to tell

Tuesday 12th March

Staycation day #3: doing good deeds
YouTube song from The Sonic Sisters
I slept well after all the walking I did yesterday
Very nice lie in until around 9.30am
Changes to my hours next week benefit me
I get another lie in and some extra hours
Heavy rain outside for me to listen to
Bus arrived to take me to police station
Handing in a wallet I had found last night
Whole thing took about a minute: no fuss
Very nice latte coffee in the Junction Cafe
I appreciate the busy lunchtime vibe it has
It's also a really nice place with cool music
Thinking up more rhyming couplets for stories
Bus home turned up as I got to the stop
Another book has been delivered from Amazon
Making a start on a book about London music
It's very well-written: I'm going to enjoy reading it
Evening stroll around the local area in the wind
Gillette Soccer Special on Sky Sports in evening
A shock and a great performance in the CL
Did Spring cleaning and the flat now looks better
Some kind of incident has happ in the local area
The police and army have got onto it v. quickly

I’m so grateful for all this extra quality time with my love.

So grateful that we were able to get away for a few days.

So grateful for all the abundance I have in my life.

So grateful for the delicious dinner I get to enjoy later.

So grateful for my health & how much my body loves me.

So grateful for wonderful books that capture the imagination.

So grateful that everything I want is on its way to me now. Thank you.

Today I am thankfull for my job, I am thankful for my car, I am thankful for my apartment, I am thankful for books!!

Wednesday 13th March

Staycation day #3: keeping nephew amused
Nice extended lie in until about 10.45am
Amusing clips of irate airline passengers
'Rescuing' my Mum when she forgot her keys
Going over some posts from last year on Facebook
Nostalgia for World Cup month and all my activities
I feel that this week will have the same effect in future
Playing fun and catchy songs on my Alexa speaker
Visiting my Mum and playing with my nephew
He is coming out with more new words each time
He amused us with his seemingly innocuous antics
He is taking an interest in all sorts of things now
My sis in law reckons that I am low in 'good' fats
Chat with Clumsy Craig about his 'problem magnet' van
Stroll around the local area in the early evening
The strong winds from earlier have died down now
Another fine night for English clubs in the Champions League
Liverpool won 3-1 in Munich in a memorable victory
Four English clubs are now into the quarter finals
It looks like momentum is coming back to English clubs
Finishing off the spring cleaning I started last night
Long-ish night walk around the village and local area
The aroma of apple blossom in the air tonight

I appreciate :

A great working week and weekend!
Beautiful communications converging at the perfect time
Activating networks, outposts, gatekeepers, movers & shakers.
Mobilising quickly! Influencers influencing! Bang on target.
Friends in high places fine tuning arrangements! Thank you!
Relief and relaxation. Knowing all is well!
A gorgeous, gifted girlfriend and a funny, frolicsome cat! :)xx
A lovely, happy home filled with love & laughter, warmth and kindness
And brilliant friends, family really, to share fun stuff with and ...
Excellent colleagues & customers to share growth & prosperity.
Helpers helping, supporters supporting, followers following.
Rock solid! Beautiful! Thank you!
Rolling out big plans wholesale now & counting down.
New, cracking ad and hip 'n' happening PR! Perfect!
Feeling excited, anticipating beautiful and satisfying outcomes!
Noticing what's going on, synchronistic events and happenstance!
Signs and symbols, feeling the magic and seeing it everywhere.
Maintaining sharp focus, communicating, sign language, attracting.
Sticky magnetism, feeling the delicious pull of it, drawing it in. Focus!
Attracting back lost things easily! Changing outcomes! 'Simples'
Repelling mimics and sending damaged, negatives straight back!
Powerful intentions held as one by many, bringing swift & conclusive results!
Bumping into old friends & picking up where we left off!
Getting a whole lot of 'stuck stuff' shifted & moving. Feeling great!

Energised and excited to get things done!
Expecting more & more good things flowing in ever strange & fantastic, new ways!
Love, peace, clarity, serenity, intuition & inspired action.
Floating downstream, doing what I like best and loving it!
Enjoying everything and getting enormous amounts done easily.
Having fun! Playing! Larking about! Lighthearted!
Being present! Showing up! Remembering who I am!
Revelling in being, integrity, true to form, personal values & beliefs
Authenticity... True to self, living from the inside out!
Calm & collected, peaceful and connected. Opening.
Qigong. Rooted, grounded, earthed!
Contemplation & cool deflection ... Redirecting energy.
Feeling steady, whole and complete. Balance.
Powerful, heartfelt communication, the language of the Universe.
Tai Chi on the beach and in the studio this week with great people.
Running along the beach trail most days & counting my blessings!
Noticing how I feel and where it's felt! Focus!
Noticing where I am and where my attention is! Focus!
Noticing the birds in the trees & dewdrops glistening in the early morning light.
Noticing vibrant, new, green shoots appearing everywhere.
Noticing lambs in their new woolly coats & their ragged & tatty Mums!
Noticing the splash of waves collapsing on the seashore.
Noticing my footprints in the sand pointing towards me as I return.
Size five arrows shooting through time and space!
I've been here before ... déjà vu!
I create my own reality step by step!
To & fro! Back & forth! Forwards & backwards! In & out! Tidal!
Up & down, expansion & contraction at the same perfect time!
Equal & opposite! The Moon & The Sun. Light & dark. Good & bad.
Fact or fiction? The Real or The Imaginary?
Symbolic notation, reading between the lines!
Scaling up the echoes of distant sound bytes:
Optical illusions magnified under my scope! Creating!

A trick of the light!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! Ah!
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)

  1. My partner and I had a wonderful little date going for a walk and getting some Irish Cream hot chocolates.
  2. The weather is warming up nicely!  The days are getting warm, while the nights are chily.  My favorite!
  3. Had a fun family dinner last week and tried a codfish sandwich!  I love social food adventures.
  4. Bought a comic sketchbook where I can easily jot down all of my new ideas and little adventures every day!
  5. Got some nice, new paper to do art commissions on!
  6. I'd been craving popcorn and rice cakes, and when we went grocery shopping yesterday, I found kettle corn rice cakes.  It's a pretty fun, unique idea and a tasty one, too!
  7. My hair is finally long enough to do a special hairstyle I've been wanting to do for years!  It makes me feel beautiful.
  8. I'm learning about relationships and how to be more romantic.  I got a book with 1,001+ ideas!  Went to the store today and got some fun supplies for my plans!
  9. I've been feeling so loved and connected to my partner lately.  This upward spiral feels incredible!
  10. Customer service at all the stores I visited today were all very kind and helpful.  Got everything done super easily!


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