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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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My best mate as my partner, cats, fresh air, privacy, games, my new (and old) phone(s), this forum, art supplies...

I appreciate my home, I appreciate my family, I appreciate the knowledge of Law Of Attraction and I appreciate this forum and everybody in it!

Friday 15th March

Staycaction day #6: walking day around London
YouTube song from New Vaudeville Band (again)
I appreciate that my phone keeps its battery charge
I appreciate the bus which took me to the station
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor at the station
Ride on London Overground as far as Wembley
I appreciate the culture and colour of Ealing Road
Wander along the canalside as far as Perivale
The intrigue of the Art Deco Hoover Building
Wander through Pervivale and West Ealing
The hustle and bustle of lunchtime Ealing Broadway
Food items from M&S and use of staff discount
I appreciate fine restoration of Gunnersbury Park
I appreciate the village charms of Kew Green
I always find something serene about Richmond
Walking through Richmond Park gave me fresh air
The same thing could be said for Wimbledon Common
Finally reaching Wimbledon town centre, hours later
Lovely peppermint latte in Starbucks down there
I appreciate the sit down and the rest I had
Composing more rhyming couplets for my story
I appreciate the lovely ladies who came into cafe
Train back from Wimbledon to Waterloo station
Dinner in Subway Salads using discount coupon
After-dinner coffee in cafe along Tottenham Ct Rd
Wander through Soho to Soho Books and around
I appreciate that Soho is a unique part of London
I appreciate that it hasn't become too sanitised either
The two art magazines I got in Soho Books
The can of Budweiser I bought from a mini mart
Listening to my body and making my way home
Getting a seat on a busy train out of Euston
The walk home added to my Fitbit step count
Fitbit facts: 52859 steps. 26.13 miles. 5226 cals
I have broken my personal best for one-day
Having money, health and mobility to do all this

Saturday 16th March

Staycation day #7: lounging around at home
Amusing clips of Best of The Office on YouTube
Bouquet of Mothers Day flowers ordered online
My super team chalked up a win in the FA Cup
Brief stroll to Tesco to get flowers for tomorrow
Found a very suitable bunch of yellow roses
Gillette Soccer Saturday: always worth appreciating
Lots of goals and excitement in the Premiership
Heavy shower passed over in the late afternoon
Swansea v Manchester City was very entertaining
For a while there was a hint of a major upset
Later on Wolverhampton shocked Man Utd 2-1
The business end of the season will be exciting
Getting lots of my poem-story written in evening
The more I wrote, the more ideas came to mind
One more day left with some fun stuff planned

Crummynday but getting through it.i appreciated electricity my phone
Food. Shower

Sunday 17th March

Staycation day #8: dinner at 'Captain' Ranjit's
Drier in the morning with much lighter winds
Mid-cadence riding as far as Starbucks, Chiswell Green
The motorists who stopped to let me cross dual carriageway
It looks pretty stylish in there after its refurbishment
I got the 'people-watching seat' right in the corner
As usual, the parade of lovely ladies was continuous
I even saw three who I recognised from previous jobs
Coming up with more rhyming couplets for my story
I appreciate the barista who comes round touting for business
This saved me from having to leave my seat and go to counter
I got out just in time to get home before a hailstorm
More FA Cup excitement between Millwall and Brighton
Late drama in the game between Fulham and Liverpool
Going for a charity meal at 'Captain' Ranjit's house
After a while, everyone thawed out and it was fun
The food she and her friends cooked was fantastic
Chats about work personalities, managing and spirituality
Her husband gave me a lift back home afterwards
I rather appreciate the fun week off I have just had

Monday 18th March

Back to work and things went pretty well
Nice short shift to ease me back into things
It is definitely getting lighter in the early morning
Plenty of delivery to work for the first part
Cheryl was chatty and asking me about my week
Working in foods for a while to do date checks
The amusement of Kirsty requiring a step ladder
I appreciate being tall and being able to reach
Upsold a pair of stretch jeans late on in shift
Browsing all sorts of websites when I got home
Council Tax bill has come in and no surprises
It has only increased by £5 as I expected
I know that the council will spend the money well
Daily Express scaremongering has proven wrong
Seems that I am fine to travel to Spain post-Brexit
My team have been handed a winnable FA Cup semi
Reading my book about London music later on
Writing more of my poem-story in the evening
Rejigging parts to make it sound and read better

Tuesday 19th March

Nice lie in until around 9.30am having slept well
Watching amusing clips of The Office on YouTube
Writing more of my poem-story and getting into it
Stroll around the country park before I had lunch
I had a nice healthy lunch including salad vegetables
The ride into work was unimpeded by roadworks
Spent most of the day helping CSD for a change
Persevered with order (harder than it should've been)
Fortunately the customer was pretty good humoured
Naomi sorted out a tricky exchange with two orders
Chat with Amy about hobbies and her favourite books
The shift actually passed quickly despite uneventfulness
Watching further clips of The Office on YouTube
Nice night walk around the local area before bed time

Worse migraine like took 4 Advil grateful I had that. Crummy wasted day. Except talked with a friend for few mins and saw a cute neighbors dog. Tmrw I hope will be better

Wednesday 20th March

Later shift so a nice lie in until 9am
Amusing football clips on YouTube
Writing more of my poem-story mid morning
Calming down my nephew when he had a tantrum
One sight of me was all he needed
Livelier afternoon at work than expected
Worked a fair bit of repro from fitting room
Chat with Charlie about her horrible boss
Repricing later on was easier than expected
A lot of the items didn't actually need repricing
Bit of banter with Dangerous Debbie during shift
Sidepocket Pat brought in his Spotify app for music
Drinking in the One Crown afterwards with Crazy Kirsty
Chats about workmates, girlfriends, crime and local area
I rather enjoy the rest and conversation we had
I am getting some extra hours for next week

Thursday 21st March

All in all, it has been a pretty productive day
YouTube song from Faithless (catchy electronica)
Worked a big load of delivery of jeans first thing
I then worked a big load of essentials and got lots done
Previously Frosty Cheryl continues to be friendlier with me
Appreciative customer who I helped with essentials
He actively asked for our feedback mechanism
Successful trips to the stock room to get chinos
Thomas' (bank rep) amusing stories of mad neighbours
Helping a customer with finding/altering jogging bottoms
He had a disability and appreciated the help I gave him
Ranjit overheard them speaking very positively
She also oversaw me doing my first stand-alone alteration
The amusement of Faye and Ceyda giggling as they worked
A&A have really tidied up and organised the stock room
As a result, it will make finding items a whole lot easier
I appreciate the chubby-cute brunette in red and black
Sale for £231 right at the end of the day (biggest one)
I have scooped up a whole load of extra hours next week
Amusing clips of irate airline passengers on YouTube
Northern Ireland eventually beat Estonia 2-0 in Belfast
A whole load of us are going for a Lebanese meal tomorrow
I am anticipating an enjoyable and good day tomorrow

Friday 22nd March

Nice short shift, with early start and early finish
Quite a bit of delivery to work first of all
Time seemed to pass pretty quickly today
Successful suit fit for Clumsy Craig's son
A smarmy, obtuse woman disappeared after a while
Very nice latte coffee in Insomnia Cafe afterwards
Composing more rhyming couplets for stories
Successfully avoiding Mad Victor when he came in
Getting some odds and ends from Wilkinsons
Interesting documentary about the Falklands War
Going to Indu's leaving do at a Lebanese restaurant
The food was lovely and also very plentiful
Chats with Ian about his extensive travels
I appreciate that he is a pretty engaging companion
The amusement of Lee getting pulled up by belly dancer
Lee's amusing list of life goals and other things
(Subject of 'Rush Hour Crush,' Boss Ross themed party etc)
Indu was very complimentary to me when she left
The atmosphere was fun and we all had a good laugh
The walk home burnt off all of the calories I had had


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