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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Worse migraine like took 4 Advil grateful I had that. Crummy wasted day. Except talked with a friend for few mins and saw a cute neighbors dog. Tmrw I hope will be better

Wednesday 20th March

Later shift so a nice lie in until 9am
Amusing football clips on YouTube
Writing more of my poem-story mid morning
Calming down my nephew when he had a tantrum
One sight of me was all he needed
Livelier afternoon at work than expected
Worked a fair bit of repro from fitting room
Chat with Charlie about her horrible boss
Repricing later on was easier than expected
A lot of the items didn't actually need repricing
Bit of banter with Dangerous Debbie during shift
Sidepocket Pat brought in his Spotify app for music
Drinking in the One Crown afterwards with Crazy Kirsty
Chats about workmates, girlfriends, crime and local area
I rather enjoy the rest and conversation we had
I am getting some extra hours for next week

Thursday 21st March

All in all, it has been a pretty productive day
YouTube song from Faithless (catchy electronica)
Worked a big load of delivery of jeans first thing
I then worked a big load of essentials and got lots done
Previously Frosty Cheryl continues to be friendlier with me
Appreciative customer who I helped with essentials
He actively asked for our feedback mechanism
Successful trips to the stock room to get chinos
Thomas' (bank rep) amusing stories of mad neighbours
Helping a customer with finding/altering jogging bottoms
He had a disability and appreciated the help I gave him
Ranjit overheard them speaking very positively
She also oversaw me doing my first stand-alone alteration
The amusement of Faye and Ceyda giggling as they worked
A&A have really tidied up and organised the stock room
As a result, it will make finding items a whole lot easier
I appreciate the chubby-cute brunette in red and black
Sale for £231 right at the end of the day (biggest one)
I have scooped up a whole load of extra hours next week
Amusing clips of irate airline passengers on YouTube
Northern Ireland eventually beat Estonia 2-0 in Belfast
A whole load of us are going for a Lebanese meal tomorrow
I am anticipating an enjoyable and good day tomorrow

Friday 22nd March

Nice short shift, with early start and early finish
Quite a bit of delivery to work first of all
Time seemed to pass pretty quickly today
Successful suit fit for Clumsy Craig's son
A smarmy, obtuse woman disappeared after a while
Very nice latte coffee in Insomnia Cafe afterwards
Composing more rhyming couplets for stories
Successfully avoiding Mad Victor when he came in
Getting some odds and ends from Wilkinsons
Interesting documentary about the Falklands War
Going to Indu's leaving do at a Lebanese restaurant
The food was lovely and also very plentiful
Chats with Ian about his extensive travels
I appreciate that he is a pretty engaging companion
The amusement of Lee getting pulled up by belly dancer
Lee's amusing list of life goals and other things
(Subject of 'Rush Hour Crush,' Boss Ross themed party etc)
Indu was very complimentary to me when she left
The atmosphere was fun and we all had a good laugh
The walk home burnt off all of the calories I had had

I appreciate:

Miss B and Miss C, my best and most beloved! :)xxx
Fun friends, reliable colleagues and loyal customers.
Helpful, fun & kind neighbors.
My warm, cosy and comfortable home.
All Bs lovely potted plants, scented candles and lighting effects!
The red amaryllis that's grown 18" and is in resplendent full bloom!
Finding time to clean out the aquarium and fix the lights.
Ordering a new air pump and some additional stuff for the goldfish.
Ticking lots of jobs off my to do list &feeling really good about that!
Taking inspired action, saving time & money, moving forward quickly!
Helping H replace broken fence posts and making easy work of it
Picking up all the materials & fitting 8'posts in the back of my truck
H reciprocating the favor & helping with shed roof repairs! Thank you!
Calm and mild weather after the gale force winds of last week.
Dry weather forecast good for gardening &outdoor maintenance work
Running along the nature trail most days and TC on the beach.
Speed, strength, stamina, health, fitness, vitality and balance.
TC in the studio too with chilled out, nice, happy people.
Other awesome instruction leading to eye opening observations
Seeing what I want to see and nothing else! Perspective! Focus!
Liberating or limiting dependent on mindset! Perspective! Focus!
Interesting law of attraction in action! Perspective! Awesome!
Only feeling what I want to feel! Conscious attention! Focus!
Embracing integrity, values, authenticity, wholeheartedness!
Thinking about additional projects this week and feeling Gung Ho!
Inspiration. Taking steps! Clear & concise action!
Not letting the grass grow under my feet! Getting lots done easily.
Seeing all the ways these side shoots dovetail into current activities.
Feeling good, planning, thinking, listing, mapping, drawing,having fun
Feeling progression, moving forwards, new, fresh & evolving ideas.
Plenty of energy & new ideas. Plenty of competent helpful people!
Plenty to invest in best solutions!
Plenty of problems to find & fix!!! Easy ways of doing more with less!
Creating! Attracting! Magic! Fun & excitement! Feeling great.
Feeling: 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! AH!
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

I'm going back on Monday to see my lover/sometimes boyfriend?

I may get a filling on my tooth easily on Tuesday.

I got new free purse and travel bag easily yesterday.

I have been getting enough sleep.

Saturday 23rd March

Last night, England beat Czech Republic 5-0 @ Wembley
This got our Euro 2020 qualifiers off to a great start
We played some very cohesive football at times
Our main players are taking club for into England games
We are getting better at bringing the ball our of defence
Players who don't play for big clubs are doing well
I'm cautiously optimistic: the team is going in right direction
Working my normal hours at work today which is nice
It was very busy and as a result, time passed quickly
The department took lots of money and sold sale items
Anupa is back from holiday and up to her usual antics
Brief chat with Charming Chantel about my holiday plans
Upsold three T-shirts including a successful Internet order
Gillette Soccer Saturday later on: always worth appreciating
Nice and welcome snooze on the sofa after lunch
Watching Die Another Day on an Irish TV channel
Listing some places to visit when I'm in Majorca
Palma in particular looks a very plush and lovely place
I am starting to get excited about going there
Nice night walk around local area affirming good
I have bagged myself an extra shift to bump up hours
Two days off now and good weather is forecast

Sunday 24th March

Very nice lie in until around 9.30am
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky
Lovely spring sunshine all day long
Stroll to the cornfields near the country park
The new cafe in the country park which I didn't know about
I now have a trendy cafe about 5 mins from my front door
Finding plenty of places to visit whilst in Majorca
I will also have some lovely daytrips to go on
Stroll around southern half of country park before lunch
Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland all won today
Lovely sunset around 6.20pm in the evening
Very nice tuna risotto and vegetables for dinner
Updating my Spotify playlist with cool songs
Sending out a request to the Universe for something
Day off tomorrow with fun stuff planned in the sunshine

Monday 25th March

Day off #2 spent walking and burning off calories
Nice lie in until 8.20am having slept pretty well
YouTube song from Paton (fun dance anthem)
Fairly sunny and mild spring day out and about
Pleasant aromas of cherry blossom floating around area
Bus to town arrived at the stop as soon as I did
Reading the free newspaper on the journey there
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor at station
Fairly easygoing ride to Harrow on Overground
I appreciate the pretty Indian girl sat opposite me
The colourful flag designs outside Romanian shops
Flicking through interesting Rough Guides in Waterstones
Some places in Morocco look pretty interesting to visit
Sidi Ifni and the painted rocks could be very photogenic
Lunch items from M&S and use of my staff discount
Very pleasant stroll all the way up to Harrow on the Hill
It’s very picturesque and almost pastoral around there
Great views from the top of the hill by the school
I appreciate the colour and vibrancy of South Harrow
Brief excursion to Alexandra Park gave me fresh air
Lovely hazelnut latte in Costa Coffee in South Harrow
Resting here and watching the world go by was pleasant
I appreciate the suburban-pretty blonde girl who came in
Coming up with a better premise for my poem-story
This could well result in life imitating art in a year’s time
Doing this rather shook loose thoughts in my imagination
It cleared over in the afternoon to leave clear blue skies
I appreciate the colour and architecture of Rayners Lane
Finding a quicker way to get all the way up to Pinner
Once there, finding a quicker way to get a train home
Costa Coffee are now selling black cherry lattes
I appreciate Kirby’s heads up on FB about traffic jams
This saved me from getting stuck on a bus ride home
Having the suburban train ride home to fall back on
England won 5-1 in Montenegro in the Euro 2020 qualifier
All of this came after we had conceded the first goal
We scored goals at good times to stop opponents’ play
We showed some real moments of quality during the game
Our game management was once again really good
Young players and debutants showed good maturity
Quality players are coming through who are good technically
We have won our last 5 games and scored 18 goals
Watching England is now a very positive experience
Working out what to rewrite in my poem-story later on
Fitbit stats: 32094 steps. 16.09 miles. 4019 calories.

Tuesday 26th March

Nice lie in until around 9am having slept well
Watching highlights of England's last five wins
Noting down some ideas for my poem-story
Work shift was later reduced by around 2 hours
Priced up 11 rails of sale items back stage
Doing this meant I could just crack on with it
No interruptions and no distractions at all
Chat with Sidepocket Pat about company initiatives
He spoke very positively about the company
Apparently we are all going in the right direction
Getting most of the sale floor pricing items done
Getting home safely despite it being dark

Wednesday 27th March

Working later on so I got to have a lie in for a bit
Watching videos of fan reactions to England goals
The journey into work was absolutely fine for me
Anupa appreciated all of my efforts with repricing
She is planning some kind of night out to say thanks
Feeling tired first up but livened up after first break
Sale for £201.55p, the biggest of the day for me
Sale items are starting to go down and be sold
Daft Debbie has deservedly won a Spotlight Award
Working with Dan the man to do a move on shoes
Excursions to the stock room to get knock-downs
Chats about his former jobs, former wife and Dad
Coming up with another, better rejig of poem-story
Helping Charming Chantel move some tall walls
Excursion to the VM room to find some linings
Dan and me then rejigged the shoe move later on
Chat with John about rugby as he passed through
Got home easily despite supposed heavy traffic
Twice in three days that I have missed it all
Nice snooze on the sofa once I had had dinner
I feel that I am going to sleep well tonight

Thursday 28th March

All in all, a good and encouraging day
Bloodshot eye has been feeling better
YouTube song from The Beautiful South
Working delivery of essentials first thing
This was good and easy and I got lots done
Chat with Ranjit about staff dismissals in store
Successful suit fit early on for a dinner suit
Had my yearly appraisal and it went very well
Anupa is very pleased with the work I do
No negative comments at all, just positive
I have some things to aim for, for next year
The toast I munched on my first tea break
Sale for £255.05p the biggest of the day
Worked through all sorts of sale and repro
Anupa/Ben dealt with a woman with a faulty watch
Working on till in final hour was actually therapeutic
It was a mild and sunny spring afternoon
Getting home safely enough despite heavy traffic
I found a different and quieter way to come home
Reading my reading book about London music
Rejigging certain parts of my poem-story later


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