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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I really appreciate the gift of life above all. 

Friday 29th March

Splendid sunshine and blue skies all day long
The ride into work was rather pleasant
Worked a whole load of essentials delivery
Helped Bad Luck Ben with density checking
The store was busy with lots of sales made
I appreciate my second break, and the rest I had
Chat with Charlie about her energy-inefficient house
Today, I actually appreciate tidying the sale area
The amusement of Daft Debbie being silly with till bells
A mouthy snob didn't get the discount he wanted
I appreciate the cheese twist I got from Tescos
Coming home a different way and avoiding traffic
Nice snooze on the sofa once I got in from work
Feeling better when I woke up as I was pretty tired
The pink and red sunset tonight was quite good
Winding up a moany troll on a Facebook group
Visited my Mum and she is absolutely fine
She enjoyed her outing to IKEA at Neasden
Everything is fine with my family and friends
The Ocado delivery has been and I am stocked up
Rejigging certain passages of my poem-story
One more shift to go and then I get a nice rest

Today I had a good breakfast
A friend gave me a ride to and fro from store I finally got my meds
Than. Some furniture was delivered early
I have a variety of food
So blessed.
A friend is visiting

Saturday 30th March

Slept well, better than the previous night
Feeling a good bit better and more upbeat
More energy than I have had for past few days
Spring sunshine and clear blue skies again
It was quite a busy and flowing day at work
A CSAT came through: my first in a few weeks
Friendly customer talking about presents
She gave me my second CSAT of the day
I came in for praise on group chat thanks to this
Tidying the tables was strangely fulfilling
Lots of beautiful women, a constant stream
Amusement of Daft Debbie being silly (glasses)
Sale for £201, the biggest of the day for me
Journey home was easy as not much traffic
Phone call from Kirsty: better hours for next wk
Drinking in Kings Head with Mr. and Mrs. A later
Meeting some of their friends from old jobs
Chats about old jobs, families, and Brighton
Meeting 'Colin the Constant Cruiser' after that
Chats with him about canals, London and Florence
The several pints of bitter I drank whilst in there
Plotting myself some good shifts on the app
Eventually getting Mrs. A. awoken and home
The stroll home through the village in the fresh air
I now have two days off to do as I please in the sun

Sunday 31st March

Nice lie in until around 10.30am having slept well
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
Stroll around the top half of the country park
My Mum really liked her Mothers' Day flowers
Finding out about Balearic Islands and Majorca
Wander around the bottom half of the country park
Liverpool dug out a last-minute win over Tottenham
Nice snooze on the sofa once I had had lunch
British Summer Time has officially begun here
Nice rest on sofa to let my evening meal digest
Thoughts of gratitude for all sorts of things in life
Working out format of my fictional World Cup
Planning an interesting walking day for tomorrow

I have a comfortable sofa now. My apartment is coming together
Grateful for waking up in time to check out a church. I got there on time had a lovely uber person. I had a nice time at church. It's a good church for me.thani went grocery shopping and it wasnt crowded like normally it was so nice to have a mellow shopping experience. It was so nice. I am blessed I had the money yo pay for everything. Than went home by a nice under who took my groceries to the stairs. Had a nice lunch. And relaxing day

I appreciate:

Lovely blue sky, sunny and warm spring days.
Running, Tai Chi, netball and some fun shuffling  this week!
Feeling fit, vibrant and full of the joys of spring!
Getting plenty of jobs done and underway in the garden!
Painting all the fences, the wood stores and starting on the sheds.
Scarifying, aerating and dressing the lawn.
Pressure washing the yard, paths and stepping stones.
Moving & dividing some large, well established plants in the borders.
Taking time out to relax on the swing seat with my best girls.
Enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass & a symphony of birdsong.
The chirpy, dapper, little Robin following me digging, collecting worms.
Shopping for some new garden furniture and parasols.
Enjoying wandering around the recently expanded garden centre.
B's brilliant spring clean and rearrangement of furniture and pictures.
Reorganised cupboard space & a box of things to go to the charity shop.
Easily fixing some broken stuff, new picture hanging wire and hooks!
New sea horses, jelly fish and bubble curtains added to the aquarium.
B batch cooking and topping up the freezer with delicious home made dinners!
B making another, fantastic apple strudel yesterday! Yum!
Getting some neat ideas for a new series of paintings.
Reorganising paint and materials today ... Moving outside!
Feeling upbeat, Gung Ho and renewed in the warm, Spring sunshine!
Getting vast amounts wiped off my 'to do' list and feeling great!
Feeling really satisfied & happy with everything accomplished so far!
Enjoying each and every aspect as it reveals itself 'in the unfolding'.
Moving towards a deadline that closes one project and heralds in the start of something altogether different, new, exciting, magical & fun!
WVH the little acorn which grew into a mighty oak! Thank you!
And all my customers paying their invoices on time! Thank you!
I appreciate my reliable, competant, loyal & diligent colleagues.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)
And mostly I appreciate my gorgeous, clever, kind & loving girlfriend B! :)xxx
And my gorgeous, cute and cuddly cat C! :)xxx
Feeling: Happy!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! AH! ;)
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

And I appreciate:

Sun is out s little, some decent sleep, stopping spending time with Mr. Wrong! Free food, free internet, schedule is on my own terms, I got my cell phone battery and cable back, library, free clothes, feeling safe, my love should have had his surgery today.

Monday 1st April

Day off #2 spent exploring in the sunshine
YouTube song from Joe Walsh (anthemic)
Mild sunshine and clear blue skies all day
Bus to town was waiting for me at stop
Nice cup of tea from station platform vendor
First ride was free thanks to broken barrier
I appreciate the immigrant colour of Wembley
I appreciate the development of Wembley Park
Views of stadium from Preston Road park
All of the affluence around Preston Road
The Art Deco glass tower at Sainsbury's
Lunch items from M&S using staff discount
Negotiating the back doubles of West Harrow
Eventually getting tube to Ruislip after getting lost
I appreciate the cute brunette girl on tube train
Realising in time that I was on the wrong train
The alternative journey was actually fine
Exploring a little bit around Northwood Hills
Peaceful stroll across Ruislip Common and wood
Eventually finding the famous Lido and park
I appreciate the subtropical look of its beach
The palm trees there made it look exotic
The amusingly deceptive pictures I got there
The village atmosphere of Ruislip once I found it
Its main parade of shops (in suburban Art Deco)
Lovely latte coffee in peaceful Costa Coffee there
Composing more rhymes for my poem-story
Finding out about train delays well in advance
Having the Underground as a back up choice
Getting the tube home which made a change
The rolling stock here has improved a whole lot
Strolling through the main park in the sunshine
Resting at home and watching Harry's Heroes
Then composing further rhymes for poem-story
I keep coming up with really good ideas for this
Fitbit stats: 37145 steps. 18.4 miles. 4303 calories
This has burnt off the beer I had on Saturday night
Having money, health and mobility to do all this

Tuesday 2nd April

Nice lie in until around 9.30am
Interesting Wikitravel articles about Chile
Composing more rhymes for poem-story
Making fun of Clumsy Craig resembling a fat footballer
Bus to town soon arrived when I got to stop
Chat with Toothless John about local social clubs
Practical activity during the shift
Tidied all of sale and dress walls of socks
Amusing Daft Debbie with rude memes
I appreciate finishing at 10pm instead of 11
Nattering with Crazy Kirsty on the way home
My nephew's birthday present has been delivered
My super team chalked up a good victory


Wednesday 3rd April

I appreciate:

Waking up healthy 

The House I live in 

My Dog 

The People who love and support me

The rain

Not having to worry About Money 

Having enough to eat and drink every day 

The education I am able to receive

Being mentally free of unhealthy relationships

The horses I am allowed to Train with 

The more I focus on the idea that my romantic interest is a good man, the better he acts lately.

I got some sleep last night.

I'm taking it pretty easy today.

I'm staying here where I am right now, and am not traveling until at least a week from today.

I can charge my phone again easily.

I'm getting the time I want with the man I care most about right now.


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