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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I appreciate:

My health, fitness and vitality!
Strength, stamina, coordination and balance!
Running and TC on the beach most days, feeling energised & well.
Great friends, colleagues, neighbors and family.
A beautiful, loving girlfriend and a bumptious, cuddly cat! :)xxx
Engaging in & enjoying interesting, cerebral, academic debate,
Insightful comment, ideas and get togethers!
Enjoying the wild Spring tides this week! Awesome!
Beach combing along the mid mark &finding real treasure!
Collecting and cataloguing, taking notes, noticing, tagging.
Getting ready, preparing, organising & restocking the beach hut.
Protective coatings, coverings and enhanced security. New antennas!
New bunting, flags and objects d'art too! New color schemes.
Gearing up for brighter days ... Summer is coming! Whoop! Whoop!
Three new, exotic looking, fragrant &lovely floribunda roses on offer.
Time to plant these after work, enjoying longer days now the clocks have changed!
Sunshine and clear blue skies this week, getting out and about!
Visiting T&T & enjoying the artworks, hospitality & lively, informed chatter.
Dashing from one fixture to the next! Stopping at The Village en route.
Fun evening event with 'The Three Stooges'!
Less involvement this week and focusing on improvements.
Counting down! Getting things done! Feeling focused & satisfied.
Purchasing tools & materials in advance & further preparation.
Noticing a great feeling of making progress in stagnated areas.
Building momentum and feeling unstoppable!
Heading time wasters and wet blankets off at the pass!
Plans working extremely well. Enjoying being at the helm navigating.
Taking the best course and really enjoying the view.
Releasing all resistance and dancing with the Cobra. Balance.
Moving freely & smoothly, walking like a cat ... Intention & outcome!
Creating neutral environments for elimination of toxic release.
Successful cultures, growing my own reality! Ha! Ha!
Deflection! Bumping off the hard edges of resistance.
Co opting free energy! Like soap bubbles in the breeze floating.
Full spectrum. Widening horizons. All at once, in a moment, NOW!
Clear sightedness! Clarity! Seeing! Knowing! Feeling! Flowing! Chi!
Heartfelt communication. Bliss!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on' AH ;)
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

Sunny weather, great nights sleep, free food, free rides, computer access, and watching TV online easily, safety, ginger tea, free coffee, Ways to get an apartment in NC.

Thursday 11th April

Holidays day #5: another fine Majorcan day
YouTube song from Lemon Jelly (v. childlike)
I was up and doing a bit sooner than yesterday
Day trip to Soller: lovely town on the west coast
Getting the tram all the way so I could visit the port
All of the distinctive features of the tram ride there
The colour of the lemon and orange citrus groves
The abundance of the endless almond plantations
Lovely aromas as we chugged through pine forests
The engineering which allowed us to pass mountains
The scenic walk from the town down to the port
This gave me exercise and helped sense of direction
Using GPS and Google maps to help me get there
This burnt off all of the calories consumed last night
The beautiful town of Port de Soller and horseshoe bay
I appreciate the chubby-cute Swedish girl on the beach
The photos I got of its bay and photogenic headlands
The food I bought from one of the eateries on seafront
The nostalgic tram which chugs along between the towns
The photos I took of its palm-lined seafront and shops
All of the bustling bars, cafes and restaurants doing well
The walk back to Soller town and being able to find my way
Lovely cups of latte macchiato in the main town square
All of the hustle and bustle and things to watch in main sq
The really photogenic church and ceramic fountain
In fact all of Soller seemed to be picture book pretty
Getting a seat on the very busy train back to Palma
I appreciate all of the scenery I saw on the journey back
Chat with friendly American girl in the dormitory later
Dinner is Es Rebost eatery by the main railway station
Walk around the back doubles locating the cafe from yest
Walk along the seafront making intentions for tomorrow
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of this

Friday 12th April

All of the things I intended yesterday happened today
Interesting and positive people checked into dorm
I slept a good bit better than over previous nights
YouTube songs from Alex Cameron (memories of 1 year ago)
Chats with American girl and Indian lads in my dorm
I didn't have to rush around to get anything done
I was able to shore my case in the left luggage room
Final wander around the old town area of Palma
Nice latte coffee in Starbucks and writing travel journal
The stop for the airport bus was pretty near the hostel
The journey to the airport didn't take long at all
I was able to check in for my flight straight away
Just like Monday, there were no post-Brexit hassles
I didn't have to wait in the check in queue at all
Getting through security was also pretty easy
Nice healthy lunch in one of the airside eateries
The flight took off bang on time once again
I was in a window seat and could make out features
The flight didn't seem to take too long at all
I was able to take a very convenient coach back home
I got the journey for free thanks to my bus pass
My Mum was waiting at the stop to give me a lift
She has taken care of things really well over the week
It's nice to go away but it's also nice to come home
An Ocado delivery has been and I am nicely stocked up
Long-ish night walk around the local area to get fresh air
I still have 3 days until I go back to work again
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of this

Well, I had a good bike ride.  It being fine enough for that.  Last night, getting to sing 13 songs at karaoke - 13! 

Nice text chat I guess with a friend. 

Saturday 13th April

Holidays day #7: spent lolling around at home
Nice lie in until around 9.30am having slept well
YouTube song from Biz Markie (sad rap song)
Getting a good bit more of my travel journal written
Watching Gillette Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports
Nice wander around the country park before lunch
Quite a few goals in the day's football matches
Watching Gazza's Italian Diaries as I ate later on
Got all of my unpacking done and put away
Writing a good bit more of my poem-story later
Watching David Icke's Wogan interview on YT
I am planning another good walking day tomorrow

Clear, bright, sunny days!
Long weekends, kicking back and relaxing!
Watching funny Melissa McCarthy movies Friday night with B & C! :)x
Out for a fantastic dinner last night with H&M at new local restaurant.
Having a laugh and getting a bit tipsy!
Picking up bacon sandwiches & cups of tea from the cafe, early this morning for breakfast at the beach hut! More talk & further hilarity!
Bumping into Carl & sorting out which spaces we can park the dinghies on! Brilliant! :)
Marking out an area for new hard standing in the garden & finding we already have enough antique, salvaged bricks for the project! Sweet!
Starting a whole bunch of seeds off in the greenhouse & planting cuttings.
Miss C helping by stretching out on the staging, in the sun, purring!
Listening to a really great, funny book on Audible while potting up.
Enjoying being out in the fresh air, watching birds on the feeders & a silly pigeon in the bird bath!
Counting my blessings and feeling very peaceful.
Upcycling a mirror for the kitchen, repainting the frame & decorating.
Finding the glass paint & lead at the back of the shed for B's fun project.
TC & running most days on the beach, never tiring of the view.
Practicing TC out on the patio too, now the weather is nicer, and feeling very calm & relaxed.
I appreciate Spring, better weather, new green shoots and leaves,
Birds busy building nests, a sense of renewal and rebirth.
Night walk planned for tonight into the heart of owl territory! WooHoo!
Walking in ancient, English woodland amongst solid, great, mighty oaks, deep rooted and connected. Magic!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! AH
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

Wow, I manifested/allowed running into a cop in the US but from the UK. They do exist!

Sunday 14th April

Holidays #8: exploring and burning off calories
A bus unexpectedly pulled up at the stop as I passed
A delay on the train to Wembley Central benefited me
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor at Harrow station
Strolling around the stadium reading the snippets
Wondering what future moments England could create
Feeling grateful for having a lovely home to live in
Stroll through Preston expressing gratitude for the job I now have
I appreciate public toilets in the Kenton branch of Sainsbury's
Getting lunch items at M&S and using staff discount
Getting a very suitable birthday card for my nephew
Pleasant wander through the back doubles of West Harrow
I appreciate the underrated style around Rayners Lane
The colourful funfair taking place in Alexandra Park
Lovely hazlenut latte in Costa Coffee, South Harrow
Writing numerous rhyming couplets for my poem-story
Lovely stroll through pastoral Harrow-on-the-Hill
By now the sun was coming out and it was warmer
Rumours of warm sunny weather for the Easter weekend
Getting the train back home from Harrow station on time
Another bus unexpectedly arrived at the station
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had my tea
Making further inroads with my poem-story later on
Updating my Spotify playlists with wonderful songs

I traveled the way I wanted to today and fixed my bank issue too.

The weather is going to be GLORIOUS for the next several days while I visit the town I'm in temporarily.

I got enough sleep last night.

I might see the man I love tonight/tomorrow.

All my basic needs are met right now.

I made a very cool pink bunny image for Easter!

I'm continuing to research moving to the east coast and finding many articles and info. on line about my chosen goal likely state.

I appreciate - having the ability to read, movies, music, a smile, kindness and mutual respect.

I am completely letting go of the man I was involved with last year for a few months and more recently again.

I will leave the state at the first opportunity!

The rain is over today.

I rested some last night.

I can leave this town again tomorrow for sure.


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