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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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A great day out in Southend. Met lots of birmingham fans having a day at the sea side, before travelling to Reading tomorrow to watch the super blues

I have friends and family to text. My break y

Up somehow lesson teaching for one or both of us and there is still a slim chance that someday we could get back together. The weather is good. I have decided to dye my roots soon. I slept enough last n ght.

Saturday 4th May

YouTube song from Hard-Fi (2000's indie dance)
Sale for £247, the biggest of the day at work
Processed over 100 transactions easily enough
The feeling of relief when I finally got away
Getting home just before some April showers passed
Newcastle v Liverpool was a very entertaining game
As usual, there was some drama late on in the game
Writing further rhyming couplets for poem-story
Night walk around the local area thinking good thoughts
I have bagged myself a pretty good extra shift on 30th
Day off tomorrow and I am just going to lounge around

I appreciate:

Health, fitness, strength and stamina.
Wit, intelligence and humor.
Running, shuffling, TC and Qigong on the beach this week!
Feeling fit and vital. Feeling limber and supple. Expansive.
Moving forward and nearly completing a challenging but rewarding project.
Digging out determined, focused persistence, one step at a time!
I appreciate very nearly completing the difficult building of something foundational upon which, a lot of easy, fun, exciting and abundant stuff will rest!
I appreciate help from colleagues and customers, friends and family!
And my two very best, beloved girls B&C! :)xxx
Playing with and tweaking systems to find perfect the balance!
Knock on effects, fractal. Integration.
Prescribed interference transforming projections while the reel's in motion!
Soft focus, zooming in from different points of view. Perceptions. Prismatic. Sliding up and down the scale. Integration.
Tangled up! Communication. Integration.
Moving the goal posts AND changing the playing field all at once!
Remote control! Hands free! A trick of the light! Smoke & mirrors!
Paradigm shift. A Brave New World!
Feeling: Satisfied, competent & on a roll!
Feeling: Loved, happy & on the right track!
Feeling: 'Tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! AH
Thank you Universe inside and out :)x

Sunday 5th May

An enjoyable day off pootling around at home
Nice lie in until 10am having slept well
YouTube songs from Chas and Dave
Interesting documentary about Jimmy Glass
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
Finding some interesting posts on here to reply to
Some of them were very thought-provoking
Nice wander around the country park before lunch
Arsenal v Brighton was a fairly absorbing 1-1 draw
Nice wander around the local area in early evening
I have eaten and drunk very healthily today
My Mum and Aunty had a safe journey to Belgium
Interesting documentary about Temple Mount
Writing up my poem-story later on in the evening
Night walk around local area affirming self-esteem
I am anticipating an easy and enjoyable day tomorrow

I appreciate that I've been very lucky so far when it comes to money. I appreciate that God has helped me through thick and thin, especially those days I thought I couldn't make it. I appreciate God! I appreciate the fact that I'm healing day by day.... I appreciate that alot of kindness from people in daily life... I appreciate my education... I appreciate my ability to workout on daily basis which makes me feel great!... I appreciate the daily inspiration I receive to work harder... 

Monday 6th May

Nice short shift at work, yet time and a half pay
Avoiding injury when a stupid bitch cut across me
I appreciate that the Universe protected me here
Anupa has been singing my praises to head office
Suit fit for an appreciative father and son early on
Successful click and collect for a pair of shoes
Chat with Janette about RHS gardens in the UK
Successful suit fit right at the end of the day
Sidepocket Pat will be working until late tomorrow
Nice cup of coffee in Pret a Manger after finishing
Writing more rhyming couplets for my poem-story
Giving a straight answer to a snotty little madam
Getting home without meeting any careless drivers
My Mum and Aunty are absolutely fine in Belgium
Reading my Lonely Planet Guide to Israel as I ate
Wander around the country park in the early evening
The Premiership title race will go right to the last day
Writing out some intentions in form of a calendar plan
Long night walk, getting round to positive thoughts again

Tuesday 7th May

All things considered, a much better day than yesterday
I have felt in better spirits and have had more energy
YouTube song from The Who (legendary 60's fare)
Finding another possible Dead Sea daytrip to go on
Nice wander around the country park before lunch
Bus was waiting at the stop to take me into town
A fairly good shift for a fairly quiet Tuesday afternoon
Successful click and collect for micro skin briefs
I have won another workplace prize to add to collection
This one is for best-quality CSAT over the weekend
Colleagues have also been praising my conduct
At work, I do feel that I am cooking on gas at the moment
I tried on a skinny fit suit jacket and it fitted me fine
Barbara gave me some tips on doing suit alterations
Amusing Debbie and Preeti with impressions of Mad Victor
Chat with Caroline about Wembley and NW London
This organically moved on to up and coming areas
This then moved on to 1980's music and Live Aid
I appreciate the bus ride home and the sit down I had
My Mum and Aunty had a nice day out to Kukenhof
Liverpool produced a real shock in the Champions League
They beat Barcelona 4-0 in a most extraordinary game
All of this was done despite injuries and being under strength
They will be red hot favourites for next month's final
I appreciate how football can throw up surprises like this
There have been some amazing matches in the last year
Long night walk around the area affirming self-esteem

Last year's World Cup was fantastic
We have an amazing title race in the English Premiership
England are in the Nation's League semi final
There has already been some great weather this year
My super team are in the FA Cup Final
There have been some extraordinary games in the Champions League
We will now have an all-English final
There could still be an all-English Europa League Final too
I am performing really well at work

What a time of life this is.

Wednesday 8th May

Day off spent dodging heavy rain showers
Nice lie in until around 9.20am having slept well
Watching 93:20 and Live Aid on YouTube
YouTube song from Ocean Colour Scene
Got a bit wet going to St. Albans but dried off
Very nice latte coffee in Costa Coffee, the Maltings
Worked out a plan for final part of my poem-story
Pleasant wander around the city centre for a bit
Pleasant browse around in Waterstones for a bit
Getting home just before showers started again
My Mum and Aunty are doing fine in Belgium
Reading about Israeli society and people in pm
Ajax v Tottenham later was another extraordinary game
At one stage, Tottenham looked dead and buried
A predictable first half gave way to a mad second half
A Tottenham goal changed the entire game
The second half was an extravaganza of attacks
Tottenham scored the winner in the 96th minute
We will now have an all-English Champions League final
Something wonderfully strange is going on at the moment

I appreciate:

Health, fitness and vitality. Chi!
Running everyday along awesome, coastal paths & beaches.
Getting close to nature, enjoying wide horizons, looking out to sea.
Qigong & Tai Chi on the beach and in the studio. Chi!
Q&TC friends, old and new, I appreciate balanced, upbeat, happy people.
Invitations, this week, to several gatherings, a party and a wedding.
Saving several days actually! Ha! Ha!
And planning an excursion out in August which will be perfect.
Sorting out quite a few mundane chores before the weather warms up and we're on the beach.
I appreciate the time I've had to paint so far, this month.
And time gardening, getting ready for the main growing season.
Getting lots done really easily and quickly. Feeling mega productive.
B's new, lovely crystals & object d'art scattered about the house.
New arrangements, Feng Shui cures, shifting things! Chi!
And 'powerful intentions'!!! Synchronicity, drawing stuff in, palpable attraction!
Getting some great pics printed of: K&L and E&P's bash,
Our recent BBQ party and The Netballers in action ... pre, mid & post match! Ha!Ha!
A lovely, new Tee shirt and fleece for me & a funky, new bed & Cat Nip mouse for Miss C ... Thanks B :)xxx
Miss C taking a liking to her new bed instantly!!! Zzzzzzzzzzz! :)x
New music and books.
Bededas bubble bath and exotic face cream! Awesome!
Borrowing Dave's metal detector for a treasure hunting excursion out with H&M along the coast this weekend.
We appreciate gold & silver ... Thank you in advance Universe! ;)x
Powerful intentions! 'Yes indeed!'
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on' AH
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

Thursday 9th May

Early start but early finish at work today
A delayed bus showed up as I got to stop
Quite a bit of delivery to work first thing
A fire drill was conducted easily enough
This created a bit of excitement early on
The amusement of Kirsty eating messily
Bit of laughing and joking at tea break
I have been the King of selling tracksuits
Getting some biscuits as a special prize
(Petticoat tails for best CSAT of weekend)
My Mum and Aunty got back from Belgium
Got my haircut and it looks smart and tidy
Once again, got home just before showers
Reading my good book about London music
Fish and chips for dinner tonight: very tasty
A fan park is being created for FA Cup Final
Valencia v Arsenal was another fine game
(They won 4-2 and it was really entertaining)
Chelsea v Eintracht Frankfurt also had drama
(Penalty shoot out and a bizarre penalty miss)
4 English teams in 2 finals is unprecedented
It shows that the English game is in fine fettle
Night walk around local area making intentions
Heavy rain is giving me something to listen to


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