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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Thursday 23rd May

Getting to work despite slow puncture on bike
I managed to find things to crack on with all day
Sale for luxury suit jacket and shirts to grateful couple
Chat with Captain Ranjit about her Californian holidays
When the Honeywell didn't work, the customer understood
Brief chat with Snooty Janice about Cyprus etc
The rest and read of the paper I had when finished
Dropping my bike off at the shop to get some repairs
Interesting Wikitravel articles about New York City
Being able to vote in the European Parliamentary election
Writing rhyming couplets about matches, for poem-story
I am intending a good night's sleep and energy tomorrow

Friday 24th May

Generally speaking, today has been a good deal better
I slept quite well last night and I have had more energy
A bus to town was waiting at the stop when I got there
On the sales floor, the day had much more flow to it
Working through lots of delivery and repro first of all
Going to the cascade meeting and training session
This took up a good 90 minutes of the working day
Lee took the session and it was fun and informative
He gave us some insights into the company's strategy
Lots of positive things are going on despite bad news
I got to go for my first tea break straight afterwards
Helping an appreciative couple with pairs of jeans
When I got scammed at the till, my back was covered
Amusement of Charlie getting chatted up by a shoplifter
Amusement of Debbie getting chatted up by a magician
Sale for £216 (luxury suit and tie) biggest of the day
Upselling two pairs of suede shoes coming to £79
This was unexpected and rather made up for the scam
Gum protection mouthwash is still half price in Boots
Collecting my bike from the bike shop with work done
The puncture has been fixed and the brakes work well
Reading my book about London music as I had lunch
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had my lunch
Nice stroll around the country park in the mid evening
Plans are being made to go out on Monday afternoon
Plans are being made to go out tomorrow evening too
Cracking on with my poem-story later on (Argentina)

I appreciate:

A three day, Bank Holiday weekend! Woohoo!
Warm, sunny weather and clear, blue skies,
Time spent gardening, tidying up the front yesterday before we went out!
The roses in magnificent full bloom, looking good!
Chatting with my funny neighbors who live across the lane & passers by!
Having a laugh & swapping Offshore & Shipping News!
Tips on growing Bamboo & keeping marauding Pandas at bay!
Running most days and feeling fighting fit!
Plenty of Tai Chi and Qigong with regulars and newbies.
Attracting helpful people, friendly, affectionate dogs, goodwill & fun.
Returning to the drumming circle and enjoying the journey, awesome.
B getting right into it and banging her drum! :)x
B's painting request for power animals! ;)x
More time spent with kind hearted & generous spirited friends.
Smiley, happy faces! Calm, balanced, happy people!
Delicious tea & cake!
Gathering of the clan last night and getting ready for August event!
Work all ticking along very nicely.
Adjusting unworkable timeframes. Acceptance and lightening up!
Allowing for a natural unfolding of an important project is already beginning to pay dividends. Feeling good.
Feeling relaxed about stuff and feeling pleased with progress.
Noticing all this good stuff and counting my lucky stars each day.
And most of all I appreciate Miss B & Miss C! :)xxx
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on' AH
Thank you Universe inside and out :)x

Cheap citrus drink concentrate.

A new used free ideal purse.

A boyfriend that is doting on me often.

A boyfriend that loves me obviously each and every day.

Dollar tree.

Free random food.

The river.

Wild birds hanging around with me.

Free internet.

Abraham Hicks on youtube.com

Quit time alone.

A supportive and helpful medical doctor.

Chocolate Chip Cookies for 1 dollar each.

Sexy kisses from my BF.

Saturday 25th May

Working a nice 'middle of the day' shift at work
Being able to cycle into work feeling safe
As it was Saturday, the store was quite busy
Chat with Lucia about contactless payments
She is coming out of her shell and being more talkative
Sorting out a customer with a suit for an interview
Successful jaunt to stock room to find a pair of jeans
Helping a lady with jeans which she appreciated
Thanks to this, she gave me a very nice CSAT later
Suiting sales have increased today and yesterday
It was quite busy when it was my hour on the tills
Ashwin's hair brained scheme (a mobile van selling beer)
Anupa was very pleased with the CSAT which I got
Drinking in the Kings Head with Mr. and Mrs. A. later
The random conversation with two drunk girls in the park
That said, it acted as a message from the Universe for me
They told me I was a beautiful soul and to believe in myself
The beer festival going on in the pub and the vibrancy
It was definitely warm enough to sit out by the canalside
The pints of Eton Boatman which I drank during the night
Chats about dogs, funerals, afflictions, stain glass windows
The long walk home through the village to burn off calories
I have the day off tomorrow with numerous fun things planned

Free Food, waking up with my partner, planning on moving south for sure, dry weather, some decent sleep, attention from my partner, time online, friends/acquaintances to talk to, taking time for myself, cats around me often, free shirt and coat, watching shows online.

Sunday 26th May

A fairly fun and easygoing day off
Eventually getting to sleep despite having a cold
Interesting Wikipedia articles about football club seasons
YouTube songs from The Scissor Sisters (campy fun)
Getting the train to St. Albans for a nice jaunt
The train turned up on time as it always does
The ride there through the suburban villages was pleasant
The whole journey there and back was for free
Nice hazelnut latte in Costa Coffee in the Maltings
I got an ideal people-watching seat and could watch the world go by
Writing lots more rhyming couplets for my poem-story
Came up with a changed idea for a storyline
Showers passed over whilst I was in there so I stayed dry
Leafing through the books in Waterstones bookshop
Bibliomancy session using a spirituality book
(Forgiveness will heal energetic blocks in a certain area)
Reading the Rough Guide to India and Bangalore
Pondicherry looks a fairly interesting place to visit
Reading my book about London music when I got in
It really is very well-researched and written
Excursion to Tesco to get a healing 'war chest'
Wander around the country park in the mid evening
There was late drama in the League One play-off final
Very interesting documentary about a legendary football manager
I have found a couple of other documentaries from the same maker
Giving the flat a good clean and tidy later on
Writing up ideas for the changed story arc
Finalising plans for an afternoon out tomorrow

our new home

my daughter

my health

my ability to get things done

my impending wealth

I appreciate that I have a job interview on Friday! I appreciate that I feel so good today. I appreciate how easily I manifested this new job opportunity. I appreciate all the abundance that surrounds me on a daily basis. I appreciate that my health is getting better and better. I appreciate that I get to have a relaxing evening this evening. I appreciate that my eyes are adjusting well to my glasses. I appreciate that life is so much fun. I appreciate my lovely partner and our relationship. I appreciate how great everything is. How can it get better than this?

Thank you universe.

Monday 27th May

Early shift, working on Bank Holiday pay
Uber taxi to town showed up pretty quickly
The driver was friendly, and we chatted about Ramadan
Quiet first of all, enabling delivery to get done
Time seemed to go quite quickly and the shift was soon done
We had plenty of staff in today including three suit fitters
The amusement of Bad Luck Ben's random life
Going on an away day with my brother and sister in law
We chose Rickmansworth Aquadrome which is v nice
Straight paths allowed my nephew to practice on his scooter
Again, he is developing well and he did quite well with it
He only got tired towards the end of the circular path
The Aquadrome itself is very scenic and pretty
Coffee and cake in the cafeteria area by the main lake
Lovely ladies everywhere (including Chelsea the Blue)
My nephew cheered up once he had had some food
He is now pretty used to me and tried to chat
He is taking an interest in Buddhas and ornaments
We played for a while on the grass by the cafeteria
Aston Villa v Derby was a pretty engrossing play-off final
Interesting documentary about the science of penalty shoot outs
Nice wander around the country park before dinner
I have found out how to play whole albums on my Alexa
Writing a lot of rhyming couplets for my poem-story
Realisation of his forgiveness can right negative memories

Supportive people around me when they find out my situation today.

Nice sunny day.

Some decent sleep.

Knowing I'm safe.

Time online.

I can sleep alone and be at peace from now on.


plans for travel, seeing family, and maybe a new home that will become permanent.

Tuesday 28th May

YouTube song from Steel Panthers (pop metal)
Nice lie in until around 9.15am having slept ok
Interesting YouTube documentary about Spain 2010
Getting some of my poem-story written up
Nice wander around the country park before lunch
Bus arrived pretty soon after I got to the stop
Sluggish first half of shift which improved later on
Highlight: friendly couple talking about holidays in Malta
I felt better once I have had some coffee during my break
Turning point: getting involved in a floor move
Moving slippers and nightwear with Anna helping me
She is quite a pleasant and engaging companion to have
Chats about football, Liverpool, her homesickness
This passed the final 90 minutes fairly quickly
I rather appreciated the burst of physical activity too
Finding out source of smokey smell in my flat
It's due to faulty wiring, but I have been protected so far
Once again, it seems that the Universe is keeping me safe
I have an electrician coming tomorrow evening to fix it
Writing up more of poem-story later in the evening


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