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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Sunday 9th June

Feeling fine when I woke up, not too groggy
I appreciate the big bottle of water I drunk last night
Nice lie in until around 10am having slept well
YouTube song from Sam and Dave (from last night)
Further rest on my bed once I had had breakfast
Writing more rhyming couplets for poem-story
Getting some plasters from my Mum's first aid kit
Watching England v Switzerland in Nations League
Despite finishing 0-0 England had far more of the play
We then won 6-5 on penalties to take 3rd place
We have now won two penalty shoot-outs on the trot
We also scored with all six of our penalty kicks
Long walk around Lemonfield and the nature reserve
Numerous thoughts about being blessed by Universe
Portugal beat the Holland 1-0 in the Nations League Final
I appreciate how they have overachieved in 21st century
Writing some more rhyming couplets for poem-story
Night walk around local area and around Studioland
I am now booked in for both of my Tel Aviv flights
I have another day off tomorrow to do my own thing

Completing my morning errands. Decent sleep. Dets Hing and taking time away from romance 

Giant cup cake. Leaving an unhealthy acquaintance behind.

Monday 10th June

Day off #2 spent lounging around at home
YouTube song from Del Amitri (Scottish Indie)
Interesting documentary about the Brixton riot
Stayed dry despite heavy morning showers
Nice latte coffee in the Coffee House in village
Wrote up some more rhyming couplets for story
Got home just before another heavy shower
Reading my book about London music as I ate
Nice snooze on settee once I had had lunch
Intriguing dream which merits further analysis
Pleasant stroll round country park in drier interlude
Added rhyming couplets to poem-story later on
Playing some songs from my 'young love' playlist
Night walk around the local area before bedtime
It's raining heavily outside for me to listen to

Big strong smoothie for lunch, free starbucks coffee, air conditioned places, Free dinner, good frosted cake for dessert,

Watching tv online, preparing to leave the area in just under a month, talking to my love on messenger.

Tuesday 11th June

Nice lie in until 9.45am having slept well
Reading through old entries on the appreciation thread
Writing up lots of rhyming couplets for poem-story
I am now pretty much ready to start on the denouement
Stroll around the country park before having lunch
The £1 coin I found on the ground outside Tescos
The ride to work was pretty pleasant and brisk
The amusement of Hamza and Preeti being cheeky
Kirsty complimented how tidy the coats area looked
Me, Debbie and Khalifa stopped a theft between us
Interesting clips of post-match analysis on YouTube
Night walk around the local area before going to bed
Day off tomorrow to get some shopping done

Wednesday 12th June

Day off getting some pre-holiday shopping done
YouTube songs from Dire Straits (memories of youth)
It has been a pleasantly showery day today
Bus to town soon turned up at the stop
Getting some Israeli shekels at my work
Brief chat with Geoff about my Israel holiday
Finding cargo shorts in my size easily enough
When I tried them both on and they fit me fine
I also got a sun hat and some factor 50 cream
The sun cream is on special offer at the moment
Nice latte coffee at Costa Coffee franchise in Next
Watching the world go by whilst I was in there
Writing more rhyming couplets for my poem-story
Getting a couple of other things in Super Savers
Getting a seat on a busy bus ride back home
The antics of a learning difficulties lad who gets on
Finishing my reading book about London music
Starting another one about the world's trouble spots
Heavy rain in the afternoon gave the gardens a drink
Stroll around the country park in a drier interlude
Rest on settee and mental gratitude session after dinner
Researching famous attractions in Jerusalem later on
Finding some helpful info about visiting Temple Mount
Listening to the Dire Straits album Love Over Gold

i m grateful that i finally took a break from work today and pampered myself. went to a parlor. and got a looonnng due message. took dad to a doctor. rested at home. i m really happy.

When your eyes are open you begin to see how everything seems to line up to bring the best into your life!

things that seemed awful at the time actually working out in your favor.....in a very BIG way!

even the weather and things I had not anticipated end up lining up to bring the best circumstances I could hope for!

Ive got to say I’m truly excited about my future and all the joy and abundance it will bring!!

we’re moving on Friday and this new apartment will be the be the start of a wonderful new chapter in my life! I’m so grateful for all that has come my way!!

I'm truly grateful I found the LOA.....but honestly in retrospect I think I always had an feeling that this was the way things worked in our universe.  With a bible thumping Christian mother I was familiar with the Bible and the Christian belief system

it always seemed contradictory to me.....I’ve always believed in a greater intelligence that I choose to call god

this intelligence has always taken good care of me.......I feel that LOA has allowed me to understand this intelligence so much better without beating myself up in the process. 

Being a woman of science I’ve also noticed how the laws of physics and the laws that govern how energy works in the universe are right in line with LOA.....loving life

learning everyday

moving forward

receiving joy, abundance, prosperity, and fulfillment  so very grateful 

Thursday 13th June

Further heavy rain to keep this land green and pleasant
Lack of buses but I was able to get a taxi to work
Despite cutting it a bit fine, I still swiped in on time
Bit of a quiet day but I had lots of shoe delivery to work
The amusement of Anna being daft (singing Elton John songs)
The amusement of Bhadresha getting progressively madder
Sale for £367, biggest of the day (two luxury suits)
Nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee, WH Smith after work
Gave some thought towards a possible Autumn holiday
Ordering a new pair of glasses at Specsavers afterwards
I got some money off thanks to my Mum's OAP discount
Bus ride home saved us both getting wet in the rain
Interesting YouTube clips of past World Cup games
Nice evening stroll around the local area giving thanks
Good visualisation session once I had had my dinner
Researching Jerusalem tourist attractions in the evening
Nice early start and early finish at work tomorrow

I appreciate:

A really nice light working week, mostly at home, " out of office"!
Spending time together with B doing all the stuff we enjoy:
Cycling, running, swimming, sailing, shopping (!!! :O )
drumming, drinking, cooking, eating, picnicking, driving, walking,
Tai chi-ing, Qigong-ing, mooching, 'owling', snoozing, singing and dancing!
And just a tiny bit of DIYing too, to good affect.
Fletch came and cleaned the carpets and upholstery on Tuesday and did a fantastic job whilst we were away.
Miss C enjoyed her long weekend at H&M's eating roast chicken dinners, on demand, and the occasional sardine!
Miss C giving us the cold shoulder for five minutes once she arrived home! Awww! ;)xxx
Miss B in fine form and very funny with it! :)xxx
Laughing all week long .
Catching up with D&N and G&P and having a feast!
Shopping with B! OMG! It's an art form!!! And ...
Getting a really good, new mitre block and perfect kiln dried

wood to make canvas stretchers for new artworks arriving this weekend.
Miss B rejigging some Feng Shui cures to attract more good stuff.
Candles, ornaments, plants, flowers, furniture and picture swaps ...
It's like living in a different house every week! ! Bring it on B! xxx
Wild camping tomorrow night with H&M, on the cliffs, if the weather stays dry!
I appreciate fine weather for camping and Powerful Intentions!

Feeling refreshed,relaxed and rejuvenated.  Feeling expansive, happy & free.
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on' AH. Thank you Universe inside out! :)x

I appreciate:

Preparing all the camping gear and bringing plans forward to tonight.

Packing the tarps, loading up the Swedish Cookset and finding the meths to refill it.

B bringing back necessary vittles, beer, tea cakes & bug spray, amongst other stuff, for the trip

K&L are joining us now too! 

We appreciate fair weather! 

Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

My relationship is off completely again. And I feel ok. I bought favorite candy. I got decent sleep. I am about to get a ticket to visit MN. Things are peaceful in my life. I feel safe and sane. I will look for online graduate school programs gladly.


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