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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I appreciate:

Blue sky, baking hot sunshine perfect beach weather!
Calm conditions just right for paddle boarding.
Swimming most days and Qigong & TC in the shallows.
Chilling out with laid back Tai chi friends old and new, young and old.
Visiting T&T and enjoying the art, excellent company, wine & nibbles.
Cheering on my favourite team & post match celebrations with B&co!
It was a really funny night out!
Finalising transport plans to Liverpool and everyone getting excited
Netball World Cup 2019 ... 'Come on you Roses!'
The occasional rain shower cooling things down & freshening things up.
Getting a strange rattling noise on my truck fixed at short notice at the garage. Thanks guys!
I appreciate my dear, old, lovely neighbor who decided to move to the non physical earlier this week, she'll be greatly missed by us & many more besides :(x
Everything growing well in the garden, flowers, fruit and veg.
Pots and hanging baskets all appreciating a little bit of Miracle Grow!
Miss C sleeping under the zucchini leaves thinking she's completely hidden!
Miss C sleeping in the lavender, the woodstore and on the swing seat!
New month, new credits, new brilliant books from Audible.
Bees all doing well and keeping themselves busy down at the farm!
Seeing L's ten day old foal for the first time on Wednesday, so sweet! Aww!
Catching up with Pete's dad on hydroponic news!
Getting some loose ends tied up at work and feeling pleased
And everything moving in the right direction.
Finishing off the last few things on the To Do list and ...
Some time to paint this weekend! Whoop! Whoop!
Long rambling walks along the beach & cliffs yesterday
And a lovely gastro pub lunch out with H&M & Charlie the Lab.
Plenty of time to relax and chill out with my favourite grrrrls this weekend!
Appreciating: Clarity, intuition, balance and non resistance.
Abundance, health, prosperity and love.
Thank you Universe inside and out!

I saw my mom today impromptu.
I got her and my brother free carpet too. I got great deals on food. I get some quiet time alone tonight. My x and I are texting some but I have really let go of a desire to be in a relationship with him again. I have a lot of internet access.

Tuesday 9th July

Working all night, so a nice sleep in
Change in my hours for tomorrow suited me
Getting some more of my travel journal written
Nice wander around country park before lunch
Not having to work until 6 in the evening
Bus was waiting at the stop to take me to town
Nice cup of tea in Cafe Nero before starting shift
Text conversation with Anupa about spirituality
I reckon I may have 'solved' the quandary of her hearing
She was delighted with this and called me a genius
A fairly good through-the-night shift
I had Kirsty, Leo and Molly for company
The entertainment of an argument between shop fitters
Two of them walked out but disruption didn't affect us
Chat with Molly about mobile phone credit and data roaming
She appreciated me helping her to move a tall wall
Finding the parts for and then building a knock-down kit
Intellectual chat with Leo about playlists
Chat at tea break about the office politics of kidswear
I am actually pretty glad I don't work on that department
Molly's conversation about Rhys' summerhouse and bar
The chatter then moved on to sleeping patterns
Not feeling as tired in the last hour as I did on Friday
I got through a whole 12 hours without eating sweets
Bus home arrived soon after I finished the shift
I appreciate all the money I earned from this

Wednesday 10th July

A reasonably good rest once I got in from work
I appreciate the cereal I ate when I got up
Finding some lovely pictures of Brighton in the summer
YouTube song from Justice and Sebastian
I have been paid and it was more than expected
Going back to bed mid-morning to rest again
Pleasant stroll round the country park before lunch
Riding into work and not having to catch the bus
Nice cup of tea in Cafe Nero before starting shift
Listing numerous things to do in Brighton when I go there
Only working until midnight tonight and things went well
Repriced the whole of sale with Sidepocket Pat to help
The printers and the Honeywells generally worked
We had help from one of the new starters
Most of the time I felt astute and competent in my work
No arguments tonight between the shop fitters
Once again, Molly appreciated when I helped her
Getting out at midnight and not feeling too tired
Avoiding a fight in the town centre on the way home
Getting home from work safely in the dark
Having tomorrow off to sleep in for a while

Thursday 11th July

Day off work, recovering from various recent activities
Nice lie in until 10am having slept pretty well
Youtube song from Dave Stewart (underrated 90's)
Thought provoking clips of Good Will Hunting
Conversation with my neighbour about mutual neighbours
Venturing into town to get a few things done
Bus soon turned up at the stop to get me there
Paying my first visit to the unique Board Game Cafe
This is a very novel concept and does as the name suggests
It is far bigger inside than it looks on the outside
They have so many board games to choose from
You can though, just sit in there and drink coffee
Lovely large latte for me and writing more of poem-story
The decor in the cafe is also really cool
The place attracts a pretty intellectual crowd
I appreciate that my home town still has such places
It is located in a place I wouldn't normally go to
Getting my new glasses tweaked and they are better
I got a whole job lot of cash bags at the bank
Bus home was waiting at the High Street stop
Reading my reading book about dodgy places
Nice snooze on my bed in the early evening
Wander around the country park before dinner
Jacket potato and chilli con carne for dinner
Good visualisation session once I had eaten
Continuing with my Jerusalem travel blog
A good travel missive is starting to take shape
Night walk around the local area later on
I have booked an overnight stay in Brighton soon

I appreciate:

Where I live, my house, my home, my neighborhood.
Miss B and Miss C and our peaceful, cosy household!
Living on the coast and our funky, beach hut hangout!
Get togethers with our funny friends and families.
Swimming, sailing, yachting,SUPing, kite surfing & 'nautical netball'!
Running, Qigong & TC. Balance.
Feeling fit, energetic, radiant and vital.
Enjoying fair weather & taking every opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.
Camping on the beach Tuesday night and building a Dakota fire pit.
Talking and laughing late into the night about anything & everything!
Sleeping out, under the stars in a remote, secluded cove.
H&M and K&L joining me and B. Great company.
Full, English breakfast after a bracing swim at dawn before packing up and heading off back to 'civilisation' and to work!
Making plans to do it again when we get back.
B's interesting idea gaining traction leading to more in depth research.
Niche, interesting, lively forums and really helpful people.
Deciding to dish out our £154.00 TV License fee ( stealth tax)
to our favourite You Tubers:Vloggers, reporters & researchers instead and feeling the LOVE! Ha! Ha!
Feeling really good about supporting great, analytical, entertaining & instructional content makers.
Feeling absolutely delighted about depriving the deplorable British Bolshevik Company and its collective of paedophiles & Commies of its revenue. Bye bye Auntie! :D :D:D ... Bye Bye!!!
Changing perspective and taking a different angle on things
Enjoying all the resultant possibilities revealing themselves.
Feeling excited, upbeat and enthusiastic.
Plenty of instances of LOA in action so far this week with things unfolding perfectly!
Feeling calm & relaxed, riding the current downstream easily.
Feeling present and creating my future now!
FOP feeling the magic too. Awesome!
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on'! AH
Thank you Universe inside and out :)x

Friday 12th July

Back to normal shifts after a few irregular ones
Riding into work was safe and all was well
There has been plenty to be getting on with
Calm reaction to news that Anupa is changing BU's
The managers we're getting may well be good
I am trusting in the flow of life that all is well
Sale for £381, the biggest of the day (full price too)
The appreciative elderly couple I helped with items
Successful click and collect for some grey trousers
Later on, a successful click and collect for some chinos
I have bagged myself some extra hours for next week
Chat with Anupa, Angelina and Fatou in canteen
I have found out the name of one of the pretty girls
Warm afternoon, but with a tempering breeze
Watching amusing clips of Dragons Den on YouTube
Chance meeting with Clumsy Craig led to a night out
Drinking with him and Flat Nose Tom in an Irish bar
The enjoyable walk there in the late evening sunshine
Chats about my trips, football, rugby, and famous women
There was a good bit of banter between all three of us
Further chats about DIY, my home, and social media
Repairing back to Clumsy Craig's house afterwards
Sitting out in the garden, ganging up on him with his wife
The pints of John Smith's and Old Speckled Hen I drank
It was good to see everyone again after this hiatus

Saturday 13th July

Summery YouTube song from Junkie XL
Sale has driven up customer footfall a bit
Got quite a lot of repro done and put out
Kirsty sorted out a pretty tricky refund
Successful click and collect for trousers
Ian dealt with an argumentative customer
Chat with Kayla about summer festivals
Managed to quickly do a suit fit at the end
Chat with Old Man Dan in the canteen
The sheer number of sports tournaments
More clips of Dragons Den on YouTube
Got more of my Jerusalem travel blog done
Night walk around the local area later on
I have bagged extra hours for 4 weeks time

Time on my own, a pizza pub date, internet access. Plenty of sleep.

Sunday 14th July

Day off and a nice lie in until 10am
YouTube song from Alizee (Euro dance)
Interesting episodes of Behind The Lines
Cracking on with my Jerusalem travel blog
Nice stroll around the country park before lunch
I am noticing more and more new sculptures
These will make a great photography concept
Dropping in on my mum and aunty and all is well
They are looking forward to their week away
I was also given some cans of John Smiths
Finishing my reading book about dodgy travel
Nice snooze on the settee after having lunch
Long evening walk around the village etc
Affirming Divine help and protection as I did
England won the Cricket World Cup in drama
(They won by 1 run after an exciting super-over)
This is my country's first win in this competition
The second time I have seen my country win sth.
Interesting clips of Dragons Den after that
Finishing the first draft of Jerusalem travel blog

I appreciate the people, opportunities, ideas, family, friends, peace of mind, health and true expression in my life.

Monday 15th July

Not the best day ever, but not the worst either
YouTube song from Bob Marley (v. funky)
When bus didn't come, I still had time to ride
Lots of delivery to be getting on with first of all
Sukrithi the new starter is a very good worker
I appreciate my breakfast of toast and marmalade
A big fuss is being made of England's win yesterday
Charming Chantel (new manager) eventually appeared
She brought news of a change to my work circumstances
(I am being moved to the homeware department)
(Other people are being moved too, so not just me)
My fairly calm reaction to this underwhelming news
(The positive is that Anupa will be my manager again)
I feel that this may be the starting gun of a process
A process which takes me to where I want to be
It is certainly going to crystallise and focus my thoughts
Reading emailed articles about Divine guidance
Feeling a bit better and calmer because of this
Amy gave me a job later which took up final 2 hours
Relaid two tables worth of polo shirts according to plan
Arguably my first ever piece of solo mass merchandising
I got the whole lot done even if I didn't think I would
Charming Chantel enquired about my well-being later
She also appreciated my calm reaction to the news
(I was understanding but others had been argumentative)
I appreciate finishing at 4pm and getting home
Interesting articles about terra nullis places in world
Sunflower's helpful thoughts about today's developments
Nice stroll around the country park before dinner
Rather welcome snooze on my bed in mid-evening
First part of my Jerusalem travel blog proof-read and sent

Tuesday 16th July

Long and hectic day but I got through it
Splendid warm sun and blue skies all day
These made for very nice riding conditions
Numerous colleagues don't want me to go
All day long I had plenty of things to do
Lighthearted exchanges lifted the gloom
I appreciate Dan's work and efforts today
Chat with Fatou about moving departments
Managing to do a couple of alterations
Chat with friendly customer from town hall
Worked through a whole stack of T-shirts
Friendly customer who praised my patience
Helping Caroline merchandise essentials
Sending a reassuring message to Anupa
Getting through 3 rails of repro at the end
I appreciate that Caroline worked well too
In fact, the two of us both worked like stink
The satisfaction of swiping out at the end
My Mum and Aunty are fine in Co. Durham
Sending Anupa a msg. about Divine help
Writing a list of worries to give to Universe
Burning said worry list beneath the full moon
They are now in the hands of Higher Power


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