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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Cheap suckers, internet, Crayola markers , cheap travel tickets, enough sleep, dreaming of businesses I wish to build, air conditioning, friends and acquaintances.

Saturday 10th August

Getting a bus to town due to unseasonably high winds
Nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee before starting shift
Sketching out some intentions for great London day out
Chat with Posh Anne about menswear by swipe-in box
The BU is going downhill: I have had a lucky 'escape'
Lack of managers, so a relaxed atmosphere prevailed
Chat with Hassan about the weekend's football
Charity collecting on Foods for a while for a change
People were very generous with the money they gave
Getting bus home and staying dry in heavy showers
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had lunch
Gillette Soccer Saturday: always worth appreciating
Drinking with Clumsy Craig and his family later on
Barbecuing in the garden and under the gazebo
Chats about local incidents, neighbours and antics
Doing my scheduling and things have worked out well
I am now on the homeware system which really helps
My hours have stayed the same which was a concern
I bagged some pretty handy shifts for myself soon
I now have two days off work with fun stuff planned

Sunday 11th August

Day off #1 spent pootling around at home
Nice lie in until 10.15am having slept well
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
YouTube songs from The Corrs (2000's pop rock)
Finding numerous posts on here to reply to
Heavy showers during day but I stayed dry
Stroll around the country park before lunch
Manchester Utd v Chelsea was a pretty good game
Numerous English players got game time today
Evening walk around the local area for 30 mins
Bright rainbow appeared in the skies after rain
Cracking on with my poem-story later on

I can change my plans if I want.

I got enough sleep.

I am in air conditioning all day.

I have internet access.

I can leave easily in the morning since I have a ticket.

Monday 12th August

Day off #2 getting some steps in
Rainbow which appeared in skies yesterday
YouTube songs from Manic Street Preachers
Bus to town was waiting at the stop
Nice cup of tea from platform vendor
Overground train to Harrow and Wealdstone
I appreciate the chubby-cute girl opposite me
Stroll to St. Ann's got blood flowing again
When a heavy shower passed over, I was inside
Lunch items from M&S and staff discount
Continued walking up to Harrow School
Love the peaceful atmosphere up there
The views from the top are also very impressive
The bustling High St of South Harrow
Peaceful Alexandra Park in Rayners Lane
Lovely latte coffee in Costa Coffee, South Harrow
I like the size of that particular branch
I also appreciate the sense of space in there
Writing more couplets for my poem-story
This part has greater emotional depth
Enjoyable long walk to Headstone Lane stn.
The bucolic looking Yeading Brook stream
Knowing where to go and not getting lost
Getting to Headstone Lane in time for train
Getting some sundry items in town centre
Text from Anupa offering extra hours
I bagged a few for this week which is handy
I am also getting the day off on my birthday
Things seem to be working out for me now
Interesting YouTube documentaries on geopolitics
Playing classic 90's indie songs on my Alexa
Fitbit facts: 33427 steps. 16.65 miles. 4006 cals
Having money, health and mobility to do all this

Making cool art daily. Free computer and internet access. Time to myself. Coffee, markers, cats, chocolate, the color orange, clean hair, beans, lemon meringue pie

Tuesday 13th August

Early start but an early finish at work
YouTube song from Pavement (US Indie)
Riding to work was safe this morning
Worked all sorts of delivery first thing
Merchandised fragrances, glasses and crockery
I kept on finding things to do and time went quickly
Sorted out a snotty woman and she became grateful
Sold a ceramic platter, deep-fitted sheet and duvet
Sale for £131.05p the biggest of the day
Not having to work later on in the day
However, getting extra hours for next 2 days
Socialising plans are being made for birthday week
My Mum and me are going out for dinner this week
I'm going out with M&S workmates on Tuesday
I now have the day off on my actual birthday
Adding Los Angeles pics to the colourful thread
I appreciate just how colourful that city is
Reading my book about late 2000's recession
I appreciate how well the government did then
I have got an appointment at the chiropodist's
Evening stroll around country park's northern half
League Cup action to watch on Gillette Soccer Special
There were one or two shock results tonight
The calendar is filling up with events over next 2 weeks
Long night walk giving thanks in advance for a big order

Wednesday 14th August

Not an overly good day, but with some positives
YouTube song from The Charlatans (90's indie)
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Getting the bus meant that I stayed dry all day
I appreciate having a big delivery to work today
Being of help to the occasional asking customer
Brief chat with Naomi about working on homeware
I appreciate my lunch because I was hungry
Working on foods later cheered me up a little bit
Reading my book about geopolitics when I got in
My Mum had left me some dinner in the kitchen
Liverpool v Chelsea was a pretty entertaining game
Writing some more of my poem-story in the evening

Thursday 15th August

A somewhat better day than yesterday
Dry and sunny, so a big improvement
I was able to ride into work this morning
Customer interaction when on the till
Angel number 555 came up on a receipt
Another big load of delivery to put away
This kept me occupied for rest of day
I had Freda helping and guiding me
Chats about football, families and sport
Fiona's mid-morning sarcastic comment
This lightened my mood somewhat
Helping a customer with mattress toppers
This was my first bit of homeware upselling
Riding home in the warm evening sunshine
Car number plate with 999 DRO on it
(Message from the Universe there for me)
Channelled conversation which was inspiring
(Universe taking care of certain situations)
Dining out with my Mum a bit later on
Chats about family, neighbours and locals
The food arrived fast and was very tasty
Walking back burnt off the calories
I have booked a week away next month
Barcelona for 7 nights: great fun to be had
Long night walk around the local area

I met with someone whom is in the grad school I have been considering. I got to do that much, succeeded in my goal of coming into the area for 3 nights!

I have lots of protein to eat for the next couple of days. I  will take it very easy now for the next 24 hours before I'm on two busses into my next state of travel.

I'm prepaving to have a good time, and have exciting offers creatively and to become a very successful artist where I'm going next.

Friday 16th August

Back to working short morning shifts
YouTube song from Oasis (2000's indie)
Bus was waiting at the stop when I got there
Once again had plenty of delivery to work
Gradually, the large delivery is going down
I am getting to know where things are now
Training Di to do an order and feeling useful
Doing a small move on bedding later on
Finishing early and then going to chiropodist
Nice cup of tea in the Junction Cafe before
Writing out some intentions for Barcelona hols
Train departed bang on time as it usually does
Getting to the chiropodists largely in the dry
She resculpted my wayward toenails easily
They are now well and good for a few months
The rain had stopped and I got home in dry
Reading book about geopolitics as I had lunch
Stroll around the country park before dinner
Huddersfield v Fulham was entertaining enough


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