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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I'm getting my needs met right where I'm staying right now.

I sleep pretty well lately, I'm so glad!

I've had new friend/acquaintances to chat with a lot around me today.

I'm learning a lot lately about my new temp area where I'm living.

I should be moving again very soon.

I have made fantastic HORSE imagery while I've been visiting Georgia.

Saturday 24th August

Day off #1 and quite enjoyable too
Nice lie in until 9.30am having slept ok
Interesting documentary about hidden countries
Finding some interesting posts on here to reply to
YouTube song from Crosby, Stills and Nash
Cycling as far as Radlett to get fitness up
Didn't feel all that hot outside during the day
My old work site is finally being put to use
I appreciate all the Jewish lovely ladies out and about
Lovely amoretto latte in Cafe Nero in Radlett
Listing numerous instances of holiday spirituality
This will attract more and more of them to me
Riding home safely despite busy arterial roads
Plenty of goals and drama in the day's football
Liverpool v Arsenal was a good game, finishing 3-1
Fiona was fairly pleasant when she phoned up
Stroll around the county park before having dinner
Chilli con carne and veg for dinner which was tasty
The philosophical content of the first Superman film
Writing up more of my poem-story later on
Night walk around local area practicing forgiveness
Day out tomorrow with fun stuff planned in sunshine

my X's sister is helping encourage him to get serious mental health help.

I got a little good for breakfast.

Sunday 25th August

Day off #2 my fun day in London
YouTube song from Ziggy Marley (quite apt)
Football and rugby videos on YouTube
Really good weather forecast for the day
Peaceful stroll to the suburban railway station
Train cancelled but it didn’t affect me much
Stroll to the main line station did me some good
Nice cup of tea from the concourse vendor
Colourful photography along Tottenham Court Road
Colourful hanging baskets outside all of the pubs
I appreciate London Underground and how efficient it is
Wisely deciding not to get off at Notting Hill Gate
Notting Hill Carnival: London’s prize street party
Always busy and always keeps its Caribbean character
Plenty of fun and vibrancy along the parade route
Plenty of colourful costumes and distinctive artwork
Fun music pumping out of the sound systems
The atmosphere of peace, happiness and acceptance
Half a million people just getting along with each other
Despite being very busy, it wasn’t all that crowded
I managed to find my way through it and not get stuck
I appreciate the quirky boutique shops in Notting Hill
Lunch items from Sainsbury’s on Kensington Church St
Nice wander through Kensington to Earl’s Court
The intriguing mural of an angel replenishing a dry font
Message from the Universe for me (as per 7 years ago)
By now the clouds had melted away and it was clear
Tube train all the way down to Wimbledon Broadway
This is fast becoming one of my favourite parts of London
I appreciate the lovely lady in white dress on broadway
Very nice latte coffee in Costa Coffee, Centre Court
I appreciate the thickset pretty Asian girl opposite
Sending out intentions for a holiday heart activator
Very sunny late afternoon ideal for photography
I appr the picturesque suburbia of Wimbledon village
The lovely and peaceful oasis of Wimbledon Park etc
People barbecuing, flying kites, drinking beer etc
The beautiful pictures I got around Elizabeth Pool
Tube ride back to the centre was easy enough
Dinner in Subway Salads was rather welcome
Glorious sunset picture from Westminster Bridge
I also got another fine picture of the London Eye
Welcome pint of beer in the Lord Moon of the Mall
What’s App convo with Aaron about his current job
I appr that I work where I do and not in Sainsbury’s
His experiences make me appreciate the job I now have
Listing some arty photographs to take in Barcelona
These will work as a kind of intention to the Universe
The chavvy but pretty girl sat in Euston station
Managing to get a train back home despite cancellations
I even got a seat even though the train was very busy
Long walk up expressing gratitude for my current job
Sending out intention for 15-page piece of creative writing
I have eaten and drink pretty healthily all day today
Fitbit facts: 49549 steps. 24.68 miles. 5176 calories
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of this

I talked to my potential future sister in law again today!

I should sleep like a baby yonight for sure.

I got a decent dinner.

I could get a free greyhounf ticket! Yay!!

I got a great bakery cupcake today free.

The weather has been dry all night lately.

I slept more solid last night than the night before.

I'm reconsidering staying right where I am until I have more info. and decided to go elsewhere.

My basic needs are being met.

I just figured out a new way to make my art look fantastic and beautiful.

Monday 26th August

Day off #3 spent lounging around at home
Nice lie in until around 9.30 having slept ok
Not feeling too tired despite yesterday's walking
Channelled conversation about my special orchestration
(I need to manifest guidance, and forgive the past)
Working out some places to photograph tomorrow
Hot and sunny weather today with clear blue skies
The heat will abate for when I get back to work though
Stroll around the country park before having lunch
Listening to and appreciating Tubular Bells II
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had lunch
Nice stroll in the evening as far as the cornfields
Focusing on what I wanted improved my mood
The effectiveness of reaching for better-feeling thoughts
Drinking later on with Clumsy Craig and his wife
Sitting out in garden, stargazing and watching satellites
Chats about work, school, fights, and Jerusalem
The bottles of Estrella Dam we drank during this time
One more day off with fun things planned in sunshine

Tuesday 27th August

Day off #4 and a pretty good one too
Nice lie in until 9.30am having slept well
Not sunny enough for photography
However, I still had other things to do
YouTube songs from The Magic Numbers
Amusing clips of Grange Hill episodes
Chelsea's cute comment about my pictures
Artificial flowers have been added to my bldg
This gives it a certain air of homeliness
Bus to town was waiting at the stop for me
The vibrant atmosphere in town centre
Getting a new foil for my electric shaver
This will make that task a lot quicker
Nice latte coffee in Starbucks on High St
The tall and pretty Asian girl in there
Writing more couplets for my poem-story
The lovely lady count in there was high
The pretty redhead girl with plaited pigtails
Phone call from Andy P: visiting tomorrow
We are going to go out for beer in evening
Bus home was waiting for me at the stop
Reading my book about credit crunch later
My credit card bill is now all paid off
The 'argument' on FB between my 2 cousins
A heavy thundershower cleared the air
Good visualisation session in late afternoon
Nice wander around the country park
Gillette Soccer Special: EFL Cup games
There were one or two stocks tonight
My super team chalked up a 3-0 victory
That is our first win of the new season
Chelsea's FB post about Divine protection
Long night walk giving thanks for guidance
I appreciate the 4-day break I have had
I appreciate getting my birthday off work
I appreciate having the whole weekend off
I appreciate all of the sunshine we have had
I appreciate avoiding working in the heat
I appreciate having my cake and eating it
Thank you Source for orchestrating things

Making art online, sleeping very soundly, cookies for breakfast, chicken, a ride to a new home area to live on Monday.

Time alone, time to relax, listening to music and tv online, chatting with other extended researchers and relatives that do genealogy on my family surnames.

Wednesday 28th August

Not the best of days, but not the worst either
There was a fair bit of delivery to work in the daytime
I upsold two all seasons duvets in mid morning
This was my first piece of upselling for a good while
Successful online order for a deep-fitted bedsheet
Getting stuck on the till mid day gave me something to do
A leaking air conditioner creating some unfortunate amusement
I was actually pretty glad to get finished today
The attractive chunky bird who appeared when I got off bus
Drinking in the pub with Andy and Bald Rodney later
Chats about Brexit, music, history, geopolitics, and upbringing
The four pints of Ascot Gold Cup I drank at this time
The burst of intellectuality we all had (and which I needed)

Thursday 29th August

Rather a better day than yesterday
Sunny weather, nice for riding in to work
I had plenty of delivery to do all day
The picture of the Divine in a lady's purse
Fiona was in a better mood than yest
Rumour has it she may be stepping down
Excursion to the 3rd floor to get shelves
Helping Freda do a small move on menswear
Cheryl helped me sort out a tricky refund
A solution to when I forgot my bank cards
Freda leant me £5 so I could get some lunch
This was very kind of her and unexpected
Kirsty and me shared a fond (daft) embrace
Plans are being made to go out tomorrow night
Time went quite quickly in the last two hours
Got quite a bit of delivery done in that time
My Amazon Firestick subscription is renewed
My new watch arrived from Amazon as well
It's blue and gold and also petty stylish
A new watch also symbolises a new era
Everything worked fine on my TV in evening
Chelsea's FB post about Divine provision
Intentions made for a fun night out very soon
I am definitely feeling more upbeat tonight

I have a lot of time online easily today. I am also making really cool looking art for the first time too.

People are greeting me daily where I am now. I'm sure I can be safe during this big storm that is to hit the state I'm in right now on Mon-Tues.

I have a new male friend.

I got some decent solid sleep last night.

I am able to keep in touch with my loved ones.


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