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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I Am in FLORIDA!!!!

Monday 9th September

Day off #2 spent pottering around at home
YouTube song from Sacred Spirit (Native American song)
Creating a whole picture album of beautiful Barcelona
Image stimulus which will help create experiences
Phoning DVLA and renewing my driving licence
Nice wander to post office in mid-afternoon showers
Eventually ordering a satire about backpacking to read
This was after finding several novels set in Barcelona
Nice snooze/visualising session as I lay on the settee
Lengthy evening stroll around the local area after that
Northern Ireland v Germany was an absorbing game
Writing some more of my poem-story afterwards

I got to ride a bus, I could afford it today.

I can see an art gallery free this afternoon.

I found a tent camp that may take me in?

The weather is dry and clear.

I got some decent sleep last night.

I have candy to eat today.

I have friends to chat with online and by text.

I'm doing research online.

I can be only many hours today.

Tuesday 10th September

Reading through old satires I wrote years ago
Rampage of appreciation for my life now
Nice wander around the country park mid morn
Watching clips of Rugby World Cup on YouTube
At work, we had lots of delivery to work a.p.u.
We had help from Chloe who knows her stuff
We also had help from a bloke from Head Office
Chat with Louisa about my new role and wellbeing
England beat Kosovo 5-3 in a splendidly crazy game
(Goals, penalties, missed penalties and chances)
Another 5 goals, yet we also had a tougher test
Identifying lots of the best Rugby World Cup games

My comfortable bed,
My family and friends listening to me and giving me advice, 
All the time I am having to get things together, 
The movie I saw yesterday, 
The fact that I cleared my mind, 
The forgiveness I am feeling for myself and other people, 

I am switching locations quickly and easily. I had a decent day today. I am taking the evening easy and slow. I have my night all planned

Wednesday 11th September

Day off and a pretty enjoyable one too
YouTube song from Cliff Richard (80's pop)
Interesting Guardian articles about last night's game
Mid-cadence riding to Hemel Hempstead
This got my fitness up and burnt off calories
Got there safely despite some narrow main roads
In parts, the ride there was quite scenic
Went a different way and avoided steep hills
I appreciate Hemel Hempstead's riverside area
Getting two good quality notebooks in The Works
They were both a pretty good price too of £1.50p
Lovely pumpkin spice latte in Starbucks
First one of the year and it went down a treat
I appreciate that the lovely lady count was quite high
(This is slightly unusual in Hemel Hempstead)
The pretty, brown-haired girl in the red sweater
Listing places to visit whilst I'm in Barcelona
The guide book suggests attractions I didn't know
I appreciate the walking tours it also suggests
Getting home safely despite the same narrow roads
Magical Love's helpful reply to one of my threads
Chat on FB with Naughty Ami about Barcelona
Nice snooze on my bed once I had had lunch
A cloudy morning cleared over into a nice afternoon
Stroll around the country park before evening meal
Writing up lots of my poem-story in the evening
Playing all sorts of fun songs as I did so

Today has gone pretty well so far. I am starting to have thoughts to prepave a decent satisfying life for me 

Thursday 12th September

Feeling quite positive first thing in morning
Once again dry and sunny: good for riding
Poor start to shift, but things improved a bit
Freda was whining, but I stayed calm, peaceful
Working on the till for a few hours first of all
This got me away from the whinging and whining
Giving a straight response to a snooty woman
Successful order for women's underwear
Anita covered the till during my breaktime
I got through quite a bit of delivery afterwards
Chat with Hannah CSAT about my activities
Thinking of a possible slight rejig of poem-story
Chloe's amusing story of London-Brighton bike ride
YouTube clip of interview with two footballers
Finishing my list of Barcelona attractions
Chelsea's FB post about God answering prayers

Friday 13th September

An altogether better day than yesterday
Rather better feelings than yesterday too
Plenty of warm sunshine and clear blue skies
I have felt a bit calmer at work today
Excursions to the CSD area to merchandise suitcases
Chat with Samina about Pakistan and the partition
Upsold dipped glaze mugs to a friendly customer
Found an aromatherapy candle straight away
Had a bit more chat and banter with customers than I have
Sorting out a pretty demanding customer mid-morning
(A somewhat mad old woman with malfunctioning credit card)
She went from being fairly irate to quite grateful
Merchandising fragrances and household accessories
Last half hour spent on the till was quite therapeutic
Sorted out a slightly tricky refund for a grateful customer
She was also pleased that she could get some more points
Cycling home in the warm autumn sunshine was very pleasant
Finishing my reading book about the 2000’s financial crisis
My fit redhead neighbour is now showing up on the radar
Listing and realising what God can take care of for me
Lovely evening stroll around the village in the autumn sun
Dropping in on my Mum and she is absolutely fine
Hugo the dog amused us with his scampish antics
My brother, sis in law and nephew got to Germany safely
Doing a second desire list for the ideal job for me now
I shall be launching this to the Universe very soon
I am intending a good and serene day at work tomorrow

Saturday 14th September

Reordered some of the bedspreads first of all
This made them tidier and a lot more shop able
No delivery, but there was still quite a lot to do
Neda, Ashwin and me sorted out a tricky sale
I turned a grumpy woman into a fairly happy one
Helped an elderly/infirm customer with bedding
It took a while but it was worth it in the end
I managed to upsell a fair bit of new bedding
He appreciated me escorting him to taxi rank
This interaction cheered me up a little bit
A lovely warm and sunny autumnal afternoon
Plenty of goals and excitement in the football
English players scored quite a few of the goals
Manchester City lost a lively game at Norwich
They aren't as invincible as they have seemed
Rejigging part of poem-story to be up to date
I had been feeling down but this cheered me up

Sunday 15th September

A pretty enjoyable day off has been had
Warm sun and blue skies all day long
YouTube song from The Four Seasons
Going on a walking day round Metroland
Nice enough stroll to suburban train station
All train connections were punctual today
Harrow station to St. Ann's was a nice wander
My feeling point improved as the day went on
Chance meeting with Priyan outside Tescos
Nice cup of tea from Costa Coffee in there
The steel band performing in St. Ann's
Getting food items and a new belt from M&S
Reading The Power whilst in Waterstones
The passage about loving something into being
Strolling around peaceful Harrow on the Hill
Got some good blue sky shots of the village
Mindscape improved as I began giving gratitude
Bonfire spice latte in Costa Coffee Sth. Harrow
Writing up a changed part of my poem-story
Shazaming fun songs whilst I was in there
I had a fantastic CSAT at work yesterday
The festivity of a circus in Alexandra Park
The peaceful and affluent part of Rayners Lane
I appreciate the efficient train rides home
Walking home affirming all sorts of things
My super team dug out a draw after 0-2 down
They played really well in the second half
This is something they haven't yet done this year
Clips of espionage films on YouTube as I ate
Good visualisation session once I had finished
Playing fun disco songs on my Alexa later on
I am feeling a lot better than I was 24 hours ago


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