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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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I slept well. I have coffee. I got new clothes and will get more in Monday too. I have aquaintances where I am living now. I expect the universe to continue to take good care of me!

Friday 4th October

Poor night's sleep and woke up feeling groggy
Changes to the day's plans suited me just fine
YouTube song from Mason Williams (60's loungecore)
YouTube footage of Australia v France (1987 RWC)
Feeling a bit livelier once I had been in the shower
South Africa v Italy was eventually quite entertaining
Writing up more of my travel journal mid-morning
Nice stroll around the country park mid-afternoon
Visiting my Mum and playing with my nephew
He was in quite a silly and livewire mood today
The amusement of him 'marching' around lounge
Winding up Clumsy Craig about being in Portsmouth
Interesting articles about the Rugby World Cup
Nice snooze on settee watching the sun go down
Thoughts about previous autumns and Christmases
Lovely walk around the local area in late afternoon sun
It had cleared over into a fine and mild evening
Fleshing out positive thoughts inspired by dreams
Getting all sorts of intentions for rest of year written
I am intending the best Autumn and Christmas ever
Feeling pretty upbeat and optimistic as I did this
My thinking was dynamic and expansive at this point
Enjoyable night walk around the village and local area
Breathing in the mild night fresh air did me some good
I am intending a busy and positive day tomorrow


Saturday 5th October

Holidays day #14 (and a pretty eventful one)
Winding up Clumsy Craig about Portsmouth sailors
YouTube song from Real 2 Real and Mad Stuntman
YouTube footage of England v Australia (2007 RWC)
England chalked up a fine 39-10 win over Argentina
We were helped by an early red card for an opponent
We coped with in the Japanese heat and humidity
We got a bonus point for scoring 6 tries in the game
Our game management and decision making was v good
We now have momentum going into a big game with France
Japan beat Samoa and are in course for the quarters
Visiting Chelsea the blue at her house at lunchtime
I was warmly welcomed and plugged with coffee and cake
Chats about religion, spirituality, LOA and her upbringing
Her daughter kept us amused with her various antics
Further chats about gratitude, forgiveness, and visualisation
I got to explain all sorts of things she wanted to know
She rather appreciated my input, and really took things in
Watching Gillette Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports later
As usual, there were lots of goals and a shock result
Drinking in the lively town centre with Daz later on
Moving on from the One Crown once it got too busy
Avoiding any attitude and aggro along the High Street
Getting a table in Weatherspoons although it was busy
Chats about money, gay culture, and mutual friends
The pints of Doombar I drank whilst we were in there
Beer prices in Weatherspoons are always very cheap
Further chats about dating, and personal qualities
Getting an Uber taxi and avoiding a walk home in rain
The driver was a nice bloke and we chatted about sport

Sunday 6th October

Fairly easy morning to write: I was hungover
Started to feel better once I had showered
The hangover didn't last all day long
YouTube song from Freda Payne (70's Motown)
YouTube footage of Fiji v Wales (2007 RWC)
RWC: Namibia gave New Zealand s go in first half
Visiting my Mum and playing with my nephew for a while
He seemed to liven up when I came round
Nice walk around the country park before lunch
Forecasted heavy rain didn't materialise at all
Man City slumped to a surprise home defeat
A cancellation of night out plans suited me fine
Continuing with my intentions list for Autumn/Christmas
I appreciate the 2 weeks off work I have had
I appreciate all of the things I have done
I appreciate being able to travel abroad
I appreciate all of the places I have been to
Having the money, health and mobility to do them

Monday 7th October

The cold from last week is starting to shift now
I am definitely feeling less groggy than yesterday
YouTube song from U2 (1980's fare)
YouTube footage of France v Tonga (2011 RWC)
I appreciate that shocks are the lifeblood of sport
Dropping off some birthday presents at my Mum's
Playing with my nephew for a while
He was entertainingly boisterous today
YouTube video of England's RWC win in 2003
Back to work and the shift went fairly well
Bus waiting for me at the stop when I got there
Doing this meant that I stayed dry later on
Nobody else from my department was in today
I added value to the business just by going in
Workmates appreciated the Quality Street I took in
Beauty section has now been moved up to my floor
This gives me some new and chatty companions
Helping Mad Margaret deal with an uppity woman
She didn't actually turn out to be that rude to me
She also bought a bedset which was in the sale
Chat with Willem trainee manager about his career
He comes across as very personable and on the level
A very messy night move gave me plenty to do
By and large my mindscape was fairly positive
The amusement of Simon and Josh's 'bromance'
Chat with Bad Luck Ben about his labour scheduling
Chat with Nicky about spirit guides and afterlife
I appreciate that she is a very chatty companion
Remembering that TV licence will be paid by DD
Watching the rest of the rugby documentary
Reading through old entries on appreciation thread
Long-ish night walk around the local area (30 mins)

Tuesday 8th October

Working later shift so a nice lie in until 9am
YouTube footage of Australia v Namibia (2003 RWC)
YouTube footage of England v Wales (2003 RWC)
It was quite a sunny daytime, making up for yesterday
Naughty Ami's reply to my birthday message
South Africa blew Canada away in the RWC 66-7
Finding some threads on here to reply to
Making a whole load of intentions for a new job role
Rode in safely despite it being quite windy
Willem had tidied up the towels which helped
Chats with Lucy and Di about my holiday
Merchandised the pillows and worked stock
Khadija minded the till, freeing up everyone else
Getting home safely despite lacking a front light
I appreciate my bike and not having to use buses
Nice snooze on the settee once I had eaten
Stroll around the local area before bedtime
It's quite nippy and that should bring out colours

I am getting plenty of restful sleep and food lately. I can do my sdi court hearing long distance and possibly very soon.

Wednesday 9th October

Day off, and a nice lie in until 10am
YouTube footage of Ireland v Australia (1991 RWC)
A largely mild and sunny daytime
Going to lovely St. Albans for a nice jaunt
I appreciate the fairly quick bus ride there
I didn't have to wait too long in the bank
Lovely pumpkin spice latte in Starbucks
Writing more of my poem-story whilst in there
The first draft is nearly finished, 2 more verses to
RWC: Scotland blitzed Russia and Wales edged Fiji
I appreciate that both games had moments of quality
Having a browse through the books in Waterstones
Finding an interesting book about Yugoslav wars
This will do nicely for me to read for a while
Meeting Nutty Slacks the figure of fun on way home
Chat with her about family, Christmas and our old boss
Walk up from the bus stop in the afternoon sunshine
Reading my reading book as I had my lunch
It's going to be a pretty interesting one to read too
Nice evening stroll around the local area at sunset
Visiting Clumsy Craig to drop off his wife's birthday present
In the evening, made a definitive list of intentions for Autumn and Christmas
Post on Chelsea's FB about giving worries to God
Night walk around the local area before going to bed

Thursday 10th October

Back to working my normal hours which was nice
YouTube footage of Australia v France (1999 RWC)
I had a bit more customer interaction today
Upsold a bath mat to an appreciative customer
Fiona left me alone today and hardly said a word
Merchandised towels today and improved the area
Excursions to 3rd floor in order to get stock
Going on thieving missions to get metal works
The amusement of Claudia being surreptitious
Chats about her birthday and her concussion
In the end, I got quite a bit of stock delivered
Christmas stock coming in is quite colourful
Feeling a degree of job satisfaction when done
Nice stroll around the local area in the evening sun
The first draft of my poem-story is now finished
My intentions have pretty much manifested today

Friday 11th October

Working later again today and a nice lie in until 9am
YouTube footage of Scotland v Samoa (2015 RWC)
RWC: Australia v Georgia was more competitive than expected
And it was a game which actually went ahead
It hadn't been cancelled due to the striking typhoon
Nice stroll to Tesco in the mild morning air
Once again, I added value to the business just by going in
Chat with Debbie and Bhadresha as I was passing through
The extended menswear is starting to look impressive
Brief chat with Lucy about Christmas breaks
The towel department is straight and I am getting there with bedding
Realisation that I haven't been asked to do any night moves
Chat with Joanna and Claudia about world geography
Claudia also explained some things about Christmas stock
A bus turned up pretty quickly to take me home
Fairly long night walk around the local area in the mild air
I appreciate all of the fresh air I got at that time
Heavy rain outside is giving me something to listen to

Today is my 7th anniversary of being a member of this site.   I appreciate this site, everything I have learned, and everything I have been able to share. 


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