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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Saturday 12th October

Back to working my normal hours which was nice
YouTube footage of South Africa v Fiji (2007 RWC)
Bus was waiting for me at the stop when I got there
Nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee before starting
Listing some intentions for a pre-festive get away
Relaid the bedding wall and got it looking straight
Successful online order for a mulberry bed throw
I appreciate the bus ride home and the rest I had
Nice pepperoni pizza and salad veg for tea later
Drinking in town with M&S workmates in evening
I got completely free train ride into town from here
It helped that Kirsty and Claudia were on time
We got a really good table in Weatherspoons
Probably the only spare table in a very busy pub
Bad Luck Ben and Ant meant I wasn't only bloke
Various others soon arrived to make a big group
There were some who I hadn't drunk with before
Interesting chats about workplace personalities
Kirsty's amusing stories of teenage mischief
Bad Luck Ben's story of lovemaking up a tree
Jade VM's 'argument' with an old git at the bar
The amusing episode of revealing one's ID card
Kirsty became more scatterbrained with shots
Bad Luck Ben gave me some more towards shots
His amusing stories of all his painful mishaps
Claudia's Weatherspoons app to get table service
As usual beer prices in there were very reasonable
There was a fun and raucous atmosphere in group
Repairing to the Slug and Lettuce for a bit longer
Not overly good in there so I didn't stay too long
However, lovely ladies were all around in that bar
Uber taxi back home saving me from getting wet
The driver was a nice guy and we chatted his work
Being involved in a fun, cosmopolitan night out

Sunday 13th October

Feeling happy with my better-than-expected night
Nice lie in until 10am having slept pretty well
Crazy Kirsty's text messages asking how I was
An informative edition of Sunday Supplement
YouTube footage of England v Scotland (1991 RWC)
Japan beat Scotland 28-21 in Rugby World Cup
It was a pulsating game, really well-contested
The atmosphere in the Tokyo stadium was electric
Celebrity X Factor was surprisingly entertaining
Nice brisk stroll around country park before lunch
Reading my book about the breakup of Yugoslavia
It blew over to become a lovely clear afternoon
Long stroll around the village affirming life progress
There was a lovely sunset and I was facing west
There was also a pretty spectacular full moon
Writing up and rejigging more of my poem-story
I have tomorrow off with some fun stuff planned

Today was a bit tricky but there are still definitely things to appreciate!  

Another fabulous lunch from the lunch truck.  Being told again how much the work I am doing is appreciated :-) & thanked for it.  A ride home! with Z. Which of course saved me time (plus she's good company) 

Another week at that wonderful job, before I move on. 

Monday 14th October

All in all, a pretty enjoyable day off work
Nice lie in until 9.30am having slept well
YouTube footage of Australia v NZ (2003)
Forecasted thunderstorms held off today
Nice jaunt as far as Hatch End and Pinner
When the bus broke down, I could get the train
Put my foot down when my schedule was changed
May have been done sneakily but I'm not working shift
Train connections to Hatch End were pretty good
Nice stroll along the Broadway in Autumn winds
I stayed dry when a squally shower passed over
Exploring the villagey charms of Pinner town centre
Nice pumpkin spice latte in Starbucks by church
Writing some extra parts of poem-story
Got the train back from Hatch End in plenty of time
Reminder from Univ. to keep on visualising
Reading book about Yugoslav wars during lunch
Nice snooze on settee once I had eaten lunch
Nice wander around local area and country park
Jacket potato and chilli con carne for dinner
England got back to winning ways against Bulgaria
A UEFA protocol against racial abuse was activated
This forced stadium authorities to chuck perpetrators out
On the pitch, England won 6-0 with well-crafted goals
It was satisfying that we didn't concede any goals
We were able to play some promising youngsters
We continue to show ruthlessness against poor teams
One more point and we will qualify for Euro 2020
Continuing with my list of pre-Christmas intentions
Night walk around local area getting fresh air

I am contemplating taking a new quite handsome younger lover!

I had great doughnuts for breakfast. I got some decent sleep last night. I am listening to U2 right now!

Tuesday 15th October

Working late shift, so a nice lie in until 9am
I had slept pretty well overnight and had energy
Reading over old entries of the appreciation thread
YouTube footage of England v Wales (2015 RWC)
Stroll to the chemist due to an eye infection
The pharmacist was very helpful and gave me drops
I think these have started working quite fast
Writing up yesterday's writings for poem-story
I have also divided it into manageable chapters
It has actually been rain free and quite sunny today
All in all, a fairly good shift at work today
I had a bit more customer interaction than usual
Persisted in reserving a bed sheet at the Oxford store
The customer was very appreciative of my efforts
Chat with Willem about his dog (and other things)
I still don't have to work tomorrow afternoon and eve
Carried on tidying the bedding wall and it's better
Claudia has made a start on rearranging the towels
I felt like I had a fair bit to do at work this afternoon
Chats with Di about MOR songs and Rugby World Cup
We solved the mystery of a self-locking toilet door
Getting home safely despite not having front light
Long night walk around the local area in fresh air
I have tomorrow off work to get some things done

Wednesday 16th October

An enjoyable day off work, lie in until around 9am
Heavy morning rain eased off to leave a bright day
YouTube footage of Wales v Samoa (1991 RWC)
Mid-cadence riding as far as Radlett to get fitness up
I got a powerful new front light for my bike
Now I will be visible in morning and evenings
Nice latte coffee in Cafe Nero along the High St
Writing up more extra verses for poem-story
Making a list of magic moments from past few years
By doing this, I'm attracting some others to me
A slight change to my shift tomorrow benefits me
Got home safely despite having to go another way
Reading my book about the Yugoslav wars later
I appreciate my lunch as I was pretty hungry
Making some pre-Christmas intentions to send out
Nice long evening stroll around the local area
By then it had fully cleared into a lovely evening
Jacket potato and chilli con carne for dinner again
Good visualisation session once I had had dinner
Playing fun disco songs on my Alexa smart speaker
Pruning my Facebook friend list of unresponsives
It's a bit nippy outside and that will help with colours

Thursday 17th October

Early start and an early finish at work
YouTube song from The Divine Comedy
YouTube footage of New Zealand v France (2015)
Bus soon arrived at the stop as I got there
I actually had quite a bit to do during the day
Louisa and then Lee gave me some direction
This meant that I (kind of) knew what I was doing
Rejigged the bedding after last night's move
Fiona left me well alone for the last hour
The Friends and Family event made it busy
As a result, I did a lot more upselling than usual
I also had a fair bit more customer interaction
Going for a nice coffee in Cafe Insomnia after
Making plans for a potential 2020 calendar
Finishing my list of magic moments and ruminating
I appreciate the chubby-cute girl on table next to me
Bus home which kept me dry during heavy shower
A Waitrose delivery has been and I am stocked up
Finding an excellent online article by Anita Briggs
It explained the power of gratitude really well
A very MECE article about appreciating '-what is'
It answered things which I have been very puzzled by
Finding my 2007 diary in drawer and having a read
I appreciate how well I chronicled things back then
I appreciate how my life has moved on since then
Charming Molly appreciated my birthday message
Stroll around the country park before having dinner
Good visualisation session once I had eaten
Noting key points of afore-mentioned article

Drinking a mocha right now.

Getting online much of the end of the late afternoon peacefully and easily. Easy access to cheap groceries, mc Donald's, all basic needs, food.

Easy faxing to communicate with an important person that affects my life through their job. 

I slept pretty well last night. Time to think, relax. And hot my medication easily. 

Friday 18th October

YouTube footage of South Africa v England (2007 RWC)
Bus was waiting at the stop for me when I got there
A fairly productive day at work on the sales floor
Sorted out a whole load of signage ahead of a visit
Friends and Family event made the store busy again
Moving the till across the floor is a much better idea
I again had more customer interaction than usual
Helping an elderly customer locate some items
She could have been moany but was actually v nice
She gave me some glowing praise right in front of Willem
She left feeling happy and was very appreciative
Another customer praised me in exactly the same way
A run on the till gave me things to do in the last hour
Once again I avoided all of the heavy afternoon showers
Reading through the rest of my 2007 diary later on
I appreciate having my own home and living independently
I appreciate that that year had a fairytale ending to it
Long-ish evening stroll around the local area and park
Writing up more of my poem-story later on in evening
Sending out some likes on Guardian Soulmates website
Doing this may elicit some interest instead of lack
My resolution to ask the Universe for help and solutions
This will create movement where I can't create any

I appreciate:
Health, wealth and happiness:
Running along the beach & through the woods, Tai Chi & QiGong.
Balance, non resistant yielding, deflecting & transforming. Powering up.
Energy arts, wellbeing, rejuvenating, realigning, regenerating. Magic!
Netball, dancing, sailing, cycling, skating and SUPing!
Hiking and climbing. Wide horizons
Clear vistas. Big sky and space. All is well! All Right!
Bright, vibrant light, supersized palettes loaded with color.
Plenty of time for painting and experimenting with new brush strokes.
Working on fun projects, symbolic notations, transcriptions, transformations.
Spectacle. Evolution. Ch ... Ch... Ch... Changes!
Natural habitat, enjoying the wildlife and falling into step with the season.
Ancient woodland, stony, saw toothed, jagged mountains & wooded hillsides.
Ancient tribal territories, safe harbours, estuaries, inlets & creeks, clear, crystal mountain lakes.
And the great, wide, blue, briny sea.
Super moons.
Clear starry nights, hooting owls and other critters!
Blinking satellites, moonlight, moon bounce and moonshine!
New territories superimposed on old topographies, far from the madding crowd!
Fresh air! Wild and free! Right time! Right place! All Right!
Twelve gold stars, left behind, turn Scarlet Lily Beetle red.
Blighted! Brittle & broken, invaded, waiting for the three sixty on the Far Side!
Water lilies going with the flow. Easy.
Bright new horizons between the margins on our map!
Point to point, clear and direct communication.
OMchants in continuous waves, awesome chance!
Scaling up mountain sides and right back down again, plotting a course.
Realising more and more and feeling great! Adventuring!
Gorgeous, lovely and delicious Miss B! :)xxx
English roses, celebrations & dancing into the night!
Miss C and her best, purrrrfect purrrrs wearing her best bow! :)xxx
Ben, Peter & Rolo, our best Boys Are Back In Town!:)xxx

Fantastic friends and family from far and wide.
Feeling 'tuned in, tapped in, turned on' AH!
Thank you Universe inside and out! :)x

Saturday 19th October

A good and enjoyable day with good spirits
YouTube song from Oasis (from their 2002 album)
YouTube footage of Ireland v France (2015 RWC)
Dry and sunny all day, so I could ride into work
RWC: England beat Australia 40-16 in quarter final
We played well and scored well-crafted tries
Our game management once again was excellent
We also defended really well when we needed
Two quick-fire tries gave us the momentum needed
Our goal-kicking was very accurate once again
Tactically we were also very sharp and astute
New Zealand breezed past Ireland 46-14 later
They too played really well and were v entertaining
As a result, both teams powered through to semis
Di on the lingerie dept. has been taking an interest
Once again, the sales floor was pretty busy
My back is covered regarding the empty bedding
Further moves are going to be done next weekend
I had quite a bit of customer interaction and upselling
Upsold bed set, two pillows and a duvet cover
Luckily, the right-sized bedset was on the shelf
Worked a whole cage of bathroom stuff first up
Chat and banter with the customers when on till
Tiba the new temp keeps giggling at things I say
The amusement of Willem shopping instead of work
Rearranged the bed throws to fill and empty shelf
Watching the NZ v Ireland game whilst on break
Chat with Harry CSD about the day's rugby games
Excursion to 3rd floor to find more bed throws
Chat with Willem about the US and banking crisis
Lots of goals and VAR moments in the day's football
The misfiring work scheduling app is now working again
Writing up extra parts of poem-story in the evening
Long-ish night walk around the local area before bed
I have bagged myself extra hours for 3 weeks' time
I now have 2 days off to lounge and do my own thing


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