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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Wednesday 6th November

Not feeling too tired or groggy when I woke up
It was dry outside so I could ride into work
Traffic flow in the town centre is better now
I had a fair bit of delivery to do at work
Anupa is wangling things so I can have 3 days off
She was pleased that I offered to do sth. in return
Giving a straight answer to a snooty woman
Finishing early and going for a nice coffee
As usual, the Insomnia Cafe was the place to be
Making some intentions for a trip to Paris soon
Calling in to my Mum's and playing with my nephew
He was very lively today and played with toy trucks
He appreciated it when I read him a story too
Embryonic plans with sis-in-law for a daytrip
She dropped hints about an intriguing Xmas present
Creating a good iPad picture album for visualisation
Good visualisation session once I had had dinner
Writing more couplets for my poem-story later on

❤️Floating downstream! Easy! ❤️

❤️Timetable review, ringing the changes!❤️

❤️Eyes down, look in for a full house!❤️

❤️Reverberation, refraction, Doppler Effect and Pink Floyd song title!❤️

Thursday 7th November

A late bus turned up at the stop as I got there
Nice enough journey into work with no delays
Fairly good morning at work, tidying first of all
Things got livelier throughout the morning
The store is getting busier now with more custom
Tidied up the whole of bedding and made it good
I then pulled and worked, plenty of stock
Brief snippets of chatter with Frisky Freda
Patient customers when technology didn't work
Fairly successful trip to the dentist later on
A troublesome filling is getting repaired soon
Everything else in my mouth was quite good
Good visualisation in the afternoon after lunch
It turned out to be a fine, sunny, and mild day
Eventually clearing a period of travel indecision
Later on, doing some housework around flat
Booking up my pre-Christmas getaway to Paris

Friday 8th November

Once again, a positive and productive day
Working pretty good hours at work with a nice finish
Cold morning but not frosty, so I could ride in
I worked well today and got a fair bit done
I have felt pretty easygoing and happy today
Worked plenty of stock and filled areas all up
I was largely left to my own devices all shift
Excursions to the 3rd floor and the Christmas shop
Winding up Simon about his bromance with Josh
The amusement of him and Ant being cloddish
(Working like the Keystone Cops or Chuckle Vision)
Dove shower oil and deodorant are on offer
Renewing my electric toothbrush brush heads
Reading my reading book as I had my lunch
Sorting out a night out with Clumsy Craig
Finding some colourful pics of festive Paris
Wander around the country park before dinner
Good visualisation session once I had eaten
My super team chalked up a 2-0 win, away
This was largely helped by a goal in the 1st min
I was very pleased with the clean sheet and defence
I have sorted out travel insurance for my Paris trip
I have also booked a night in a London hostel

❤️Brilliant night out last night and terrific Indian! 

❤️Refreshing Kingfisher beer! 

❤️Harry & Mog!

❤️'Making waves!' Quantum projection! 


❤️Running & fitness!  ❤️Individualism!

❤️Standing out from the crowd and connection! 

Saturday 9th November

Once again, a pretty productive day at work
Playing semi-festive songs to psyche myself up
Bus to town waiting at the stop when I got there
Nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee before work
I appreciate the happy atmosphere in there
I appreciate their cheery looking festive decor
Making intentions for day out in festive London
The store was pretty busy and lively today
Managed to work some delivery when not on till
Sorting out enquiries for things I know little about
Using my initiative in this way and doing well
The mother and daughter who spent £223.55p
Heavy rain on the way home but I stayed dry
More excitement in the day's Premiership fixtures
Drinking in the pub with Clumsy Craig in evening
Chats about Las Vegas, guns and his nephews
He reignited a desire for me to go to Las Vegas
His wit and wisdom didn't diminish several pints on
I now have 2 days off work with fun stuff planned

Sunday 10th November

Enjoyable day off spent getting fit in sunshine
Woke up around 9.30am having slept well
Watching Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
Chat with Old Boy Bob about our neighbours
Cycling to Borehamwood in the autumn sun
Lovely mild day with pretty much clear blue skies
The autumn colours, though late, have come out well
The hills and inclines got my heart rate going
Borehamwood had a semi-festive feel to it
The park, stream and fountain along Brook Road
It has various pleasures both olfactory and optical
It's palm-lined high street looked almost subtropical
Nice latte coffee in Costa Coffee in Debenhams
Getting a seat and table although it was busy
Sending out some intentions for a fit new neighbour
Sending out intentions for Christmas activities
Making plans with sis-in-law to go to Greenwich
Some lovely ladies along Shenley Road afterwards
Getting home safely despite the odd erratic driver
Giving the finger to an arsy prat in Radlett
Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-1 in big game
This should help their quest to win the title
Both sides played positive attacking football
Fish and chips for dinner tonight were lovely
Good visualisation session once I had eaten
Finding out about London magic lantern shows
An appealing light show is at Wembley Park
A January lantern show is at Chiswick House
Researching Paris Christmas lights and markets
I am now rather looking forward to going there
My mindset has been pretty positive today

❤️Tai Chi❤️Qigong❤️Balance❤️Rejuvenation❤️

❤️Energy Arts❤️Connection❤️

  1. Things are going really great with my new relationship! I just soooo cannot complain.
  2. 2 I have sorted out s transportation issue so easily.
  3. 3. I think I am safely staying put living where I am for at least the holidays and early into next year if all stays very smooth.
  4. 4. My housing improved very effortlessly on the whole!
  5. 5. I saw the cutest chameleon today!

Monday 11th November

Easygoing day off pootling around at home
Got off to a good start with a fantastic CSAT
YouTube song from All Saints (William Orbit sound)
Footage of previous World Cup finals etc
Altering and writing more of my poem-story
Playing fun disco hits of the Average White Band
I have drunk plenty of water today (5 pints)
Nice stroll to the bank in the breezy sunshine
Reading my book about the Kosovo War later
I have got onto a more interesting part now
Finding some festive Instagram places in Paris
I have also found some nice-looking cafés
Called in to see my Mum later and she is fine
It's free to visit the Wembley Park light show
Some festive events are starting to take shape
Nice long night walk around the local area

Tuesday 12th November

Nice lie in until 10am having slept pretty well
YouTube song from Os Mutantes (Brazilian Tropicalia)
Watching clips of great European Championship moments
Photoshopping pictures ready for my calendar
Playing happy and semi-festive songs on Alexa
Nice wander around the country park before lunch
Bus to town soon turned up as I reached the stop
Nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee before starting shift
Making some day-by-day intentions for Paris trip
I appreciate the well-formed girl who works in Smiggle
All in all, a pretty good and active later shift
I had Frisky Freda for company and she can chat
Helped her to merchandise all the photo frames
Doing this made them look a great deal better
She also knows what she's doing and merchandises well
She created a colourful display of tea lights and lanterns
Linda is now back after two months off work sick
She is very astute and also knows what she is doing
This is like having an entirely new member of staff
Merchandised all the clocks so they're on wall shelves
This made the display of them look much better
Lisa is working back in our store having left 8 months ago
This is definitely a step in the right direction
Merchandised the fragrances so they face same way
Chats about Freda's somewhat dysfunctional family
Excursions to 3rd floor and basement to get things
The amusement of Freda trying to walk with foot cramp
We then attacked bedding and towels and tided them up
Thanks to all of this activity, time passed really quickly
Chat with Old Man Dan about various football happenings
I appreciate the chubby-cute girl on the bus ride home
Plans are being made to go out on Saturday night
Making plans to go out with my Mum the following Thursday
Pleasant enough night walk around the local area
In fact, I am feeling pretty contented about things today

Wednesday 13th November

Working a nice short shift in the morning
YouTube song from Anjali (Brazillian tinged song)
Cold but dry so I could ride in first thing
Feeling quite upbeat when I got to work
I once again had Frisky Freda for company
Surveying all of the work we did yesterday
The department is starting to look good again
Our efforts got praise from other colleagues
I worked a whole load of delivery first thing
Excursions to other parts of the store as well
Found a processed a number of RTW items
The amusement of Lee wearing a black beret
We have a new, younger female colleague on the floor
Chat with Freda about healthy lifestyles
Finishing at midday and going to Insomnia Cafe
Continued with my detailed list of Paris intentions
Sending out all sorts of positive energy this way
Chat with an old boy about Wine Gum Steve
There were one or two lovely ladies in there
Visiting my Mum and playing with my nephew
Making him laugh as we were clowning around
Plans have been made now for Christmas Day
A certain cool website is back up and running
Nice snooze on the settee once I had had lunch
The forecast for the weekend is improving
Fairly long night walk around the local area
Heavy rain outside giving me something to listen to


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